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  1. Hello! I had this idea, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining a group roleplay?
    Please tell me what you think of my idea!

    The Future Like a Wolfpack Waits

    It has been over two hundred years since the United Continents of Europe and Asia and the American Alliance fell, leaving the world in chaos and filth. Biological, chemical, nuclear and particle weapons have torn the entire world, leaving newer generations to cope with the dangerous lands. From the grey remains of Poland to the dirty snows of Alaska to the cracked, fruitless land of Spain, the world is damaged beyond all repair.

    Those who have money or a particularly useful skill to offer live in old silos or bunkers now designated as "Cities" with slums growing around them to house all those barred from entering. The largest Cities are XI (Gdansk, Poland), V (Lyon, France), III (the Lake District, Cumbria, England), XXI (Arkhangelsk, Russia), X (the Mongolian Steppes) and VII (Marrakesh, Morocco). There are 25 Cities in all in what was the UCEA (Europe, north Asia, north Africa). Other places in the world have similar areas with other names.

    There are, of course, inhabited ruins of towns and the old type of cities, but these tend to be unorganised and run by unsavoury sorts at the best of times. At least the slums have the security from the Cities to give some sort of order. And furthest removed from 'civil' human society are the tribes. Although many are well organised and give their citizens rights, the wild appearance and law of the mutants living there scares many people.

    This roleplay will take place in the slums on the outskirts of City XI - the people living in these slums are generally poor and uneducated. Some are richer traders, and some are those who simply dislike the idea of living underground in a sprawling metropolis which seems to be run by many argumentative, middle-aged scientists. There are rumours, however. Some mention something escaping the City which shouldn't have, others mention 'clean-up' operations of the slums, other mention vicious and frightening experiments down there in the cold artificial light.

    General Setting

    City XI is a massive underground city. Once it was simply a large bunker; since the war, it has been expanded and linked up with subway stations which were already underground. The City is actually a protectorate of the Hunter Knights, an organisation rising from the old Hunters, a para-military organisation. Being descendent of the sorts who already lived in the bunkers, they tend to control a lot of resources. City XI has a fair few sectors - there are thirteen laboratories, an 'arena' where bloodsport is played, residential and shopping districts. The most 'important' laboratories are Labs 2 and 13. 2 is owned by Dr. Soren Pike and does chemical weapons testing. 13 is owned by Dr. Rainer T. Lack, and does... well, maybe you'll find out.

    Outside the bunker are the slums. The nearer you live to the bunker, the better your housing. There are all sorts of houses - from wooden shacks to RVs to tents to places made of scrap metal. If you can afford it, you can have a generator to run electricity when you need it. Most folks cook stuff on camping stoves or naked flames, rarely wash, and just go about their lives as best as they can. People have rather simple, hands-on jobs - 'doctors', hunters, repairmen, guards, teachers, carpenters, etc. There is no social aid, so if you are starving and homeless, you will have to rely on people who either have enough to give away or are willing to help. Most people in the area are somewhat suspicious of newcomers, but they will doubtless be accepted into the folds of this rather odd 'town'.

    City XI and the associated slum housing is in Poland, near Gdansk, but the lingua franca is English. Many people live there - they come from all over, and people don't tend to pry and ask questions as it can get them into trouble with their neighbours and 'friends'. People don't tend to be judgemental or bigoted about race, sexuality, gender identity, etc., as working together and respecting each other is vital. They do, however, mistrust mutants and people from inside City XI, oddly enough.
  2. Interested.

    Can I get more info about the Hunter Knights?
  3. Of course!

    Hunter Knights are like... well, Hunters were kind-of the UCEA's version of the SS or Soviet Internal Troops, I suppose. So, after their leader died and when the war started, a lot of them were in the bunkers which would become Cities. They taught their kids and grandkids about the old leadership and the old world, and eventually it began to twist into something more like a fairytale or religion or something. Technically, now they're meant to be trying to restore the old world, but they aren't having much luck with that, as it's such a mess. Still, they control most of the resources, and tend to be very aggressive. Cities tend to be ruled under their rules, despite what the owners would like, and they also rove around the wastelands, trying to "keep the peace", ie., kill roving bands of people they think look suspicious (or alternatively, roving bands of people who are genuinely suspicious!).

    They tend to go around in small teams, which consist of a leader, a medic, riflemen/women, an engineer or mechanic and a plasma cannoneer (the latter two may cross over).

    The ranks go like:
    Lady/Lord Paladin
    Knight Captain
    Knight Brother/Sister
    'Regular' military ranks are hyphenated onto the end, like "Knight Sister-Sergeant". When it reaches "Knight Captain" however, the Captain just changes to regular ranks up to Lieutenant General, which is what a Commander is, really.
  4. I am very interested. but what is the main plot?
  5. I put it up there - they'll start to hear various rumours pertaining to the city. I don't want to give too much away, though ):
  6. I am interested~! Something rare for a group roleplay for me nowadays! Congratulations, mein freud! I want in ^^
  7. This sounds particularly intriguing, though I have no idea what kind of character I might like to play: just in the minutes it took me to finish reading I had a million ideas but you have definitely peaked my interest with this one!
  8. I'm definitely intrested in this was hoping to find out more on the mutants and if there could be the possiblity of making a lone survivor character who makes his way into city XI
  9. Thanks everyone for the interest! I will make the sign up thread soon and link it here.

    @MohawkMan - your hair is fantastic jjssdf. I have a mohawk, but it's very short and not as colourful (blond). I used to have a blue mullethawk, which was the worst thing ever, ahahaha!

    @bi_O-Has/rd - of course you can make a lone survivor type. I will PM you the info about mutants later. I'm currently a bit busy, but I'll do it as soon as I can.
  10. I still can't make my mind up about a character for this XD and thanks! It's not green anymore though, unfortunately =[ had to change it for work =/ might talk to my manager about maybe dying it again though, not sure ;)

    I mean, I work with food so I have to wear a hat with attached hairnet anyway XD
  11. If it's any help, I'm going to be playing white trash kind of characters at first, and then scientists. If you want to know about the scientists, just PM me. As for the white trash, one of them has a little 'gang'. Feel free to ask me about that as well!

    Damn, that sucks. I got rid of my blue because I ended up with a blue mane and it was stupid.
    Haha, it'd be cool if you could, though!
  12. im actually looking at a few other rp's right now might now be able to add this one in along with the others but it does sound good