Long-Term Fix in Roleplaying.

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  1. Me

    • Writes over Threads or PM depending on the situation.
    • Couple of posts per week, schedule can be hectic sometimes.
    • Detailed, Plot-Driven, Paragraphs. No one liners here. Nope.
    • Fantasy, Modern, Medieval, Comedy, Horror, Science-Fiction, Historical Fantasy.
    • Can play either Female or Male characters.
    • I don't mind Mature settings. I put detail in my mature by the way.
    • FxM, MxF, MxM. No FxF, sorry, I have nothing against it.
    • No limits other than Scat, Vore, Watersports, Mind Control.
    • Best way to contact me? Here or a PM. If something interests you let me know as well as give me some possible ideas you may have for that particular interest.
    • I make mistakes sometimes when typing fast. Don't hold it against me as I definitely won't hold it against you. It happens.
    • There are times when I come online to look not to roleplay, please take no offense to it.

    • No one liners.
    • Have fun when roleplaying.
    • There is no post length. As long as you can do what you need to do for a response it is all good.
    • Help me with the plot. I want to hear your ideas too. We can create something pretty great.
    • Talk to me about the story, all I ask.
    • No controlling my characters please.


    -=Ehhh...can still search up a plot
    Fandoms, only, with original characters and story of our own making. Example, Inuyasha universe with no Inuyasha. I don't do canon characters well.

    Vampires/werewolves -
    Pure Elves/Drow ++

    Bandit/princess ++
    Bandit/bandit -
    Prince/princess ++
    Assassin/royal heir ++
    Elves/elves ++
    Rebel/Rebel ++
    Humans/Aliens -
    Humans/zombies ++
    Slave/slave/captor(Normal) ++
    Captor/slave(Sadistic) ++
    Slave/slave/captor(Sadistic) ++
    Human/mermaid ++
    Pirate/Pirate -
    Pirate/Human treasure ++
    Mermaid/pirate ++
    Heroes/Villains -
    Heroes/Heroes ++
    Arranged marriage(normal) ++
    Arranged marriage(sadistic) ++
    Ghost/Living ++
    Ghost/Ghost ++
    Student/Slacker -
    Slacker/Slacker(angst) ++
    Student/slacker/teacher ++
    Romantic comedy ++
    Doll/doll maker ++
    Doll/doll ++
    Drow/Drow -
    World disaster
    Survivor/survivor ++
    Soldier/rescuer -
    Bodyguard/employer ++
    Whore/Beast ++
    Vampire/human(no Twilight please) -
    Innocence/Darkness ++
    Anti-hero/hero -
    Barbaric Hunter/Maiden ++

    Drow/High Elf ++

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  2. Assassin M(yc) and Royal heir F(mc)?
  3. Ideas.
    Will be updated.

    (Need either a male of female character. Warning, a sadistic setting, proceed at your own caution)

    They come cloaked within the night, unseen bandits, set to pillage both the wealthy as well as the poor. It does not matter about social class, if it can be obtained, sold, they want it. This includes people. Throughout the lands rumors have spread about a mysterious group invading towns, villages, cities, taking everything they can get their hands on even people. Due to this alarming factor, many territories have heightened their defenses. Nearly all except a single village nearby to the ocean. It is here that your character(and my own) reside whether neighbors, friends, etc oblivious to the real danger looming. During the night, nightmares become reality, for the bandit group tears into the village taking what they will. Our characters among the valuables, others too. Now taken against their will, it will be up to them to either accept their fate or escape.

    The One and Only.
    (Seeking either a male of female character. You will find my character's profile below)
    Looking for a detective to take on a job most wouldn't? Schius is your man. There is no job too big or too small he won't take on, simply give him a call, see what happens.

    [Name]: Schius
    [Age]: Appears to be in his mid-twenties, maybe twenty-four. Not big on revealing his age to people he doesn't know.

    [Birthplace. Distoria.]: It is said to be Distoria according to him. [Distoria]: A rather large city lying in the Northern most continent of the world. From afar, it appears like a metropolis giving birth to what some known as the steampunk industry. It is home to many criminal and honest worker alike.

    [Gender]: Male

    [Hair Color. Style.]: Black, short, comes around his ears as well as neck and forehead. If left alone, it can grow down to his shoulders at least.

    [Eye Color. Glasses.]: Bright green. Glasses are black, a bit thin. Truthfully he does not need to wear glasses but it seems he may be hiding or trying to cover something up. They are a shield to him.


    [Weight]: 190 lbs

    [Personality]: Warm initially, distant to those attempting to dwell deeper than he's obligated to allow them. Not that he enjoys it but he wants to keep people at a distance for reasons he feels they are safer that way.

    [Relationship Status]: Single, enjoys a date or two when work does not completely bind his time.

    [Likes]: Animals, particularly cats as he has one named Momo whom shares the same green eyes as he does. FYI, the cat does not like loud noises, to get on their(unknown currently whether they are male or female)good graces have something for them to eat. This one will warm right up...

    Tea, good wine, even better sex with wine, being poured on the body to be licked off, historical articles, otherworldly relics, past relics, antique swords, bread with butter, teasing, touching, kissing, music, watching people-attempting to know what they think, how they feel, very cold weather such as snow or violent weather aka thunderstorms. Sushi, home cooked meals, dining out, any books on the past-bring one to him, see what he does. Authentic however. The truth. Chocolate. Cameras.

    [Dislikes]: Authority preventing him from doing his job. Failure, abrupt death, bitchy whiny clients or people in general never satisfied with life, anything for that matter. Broken trust, you break his it will be a hard road to gain it back, promises not to be kept. Talkative people. Muscle heads boasting about how strong they are, what damage they can do, it sounds like a drum being beaten to him. Overcooked food. Having a cold, extremely warm weather aka humid climates, being in a desert during the day. You would not catch him venturing to Lumina, a desert city, any time soon. Liver as a food. The strong preying on the weak. Saying goodbye. When his glasses are broken. His past...

    [Clothing]: Usually business-like suits around clients, all black as it is his liked color. When out it can vary with jeans, plain shirts or turtlenecks, low shoes or boots.

    [Occupation]: Detective, not like the police(They don't like him actually as people go to him first)He does the dirty work not even the cops won't think to do such as explore dangerous ruins, seek out missing loved ones, and even do battle with monsters(yes, they do exist)all for the greater good. Clients seek him out in his humble home in Distoria by reputation. It is not about money, rather to discover answers to mysteries otherwise left unsolved, and to understand his true purpose.


    [Ray gun]

    Originally a simple weapon used for mediocre shots, he customized it to carry both a heat signature as well as that as water to be malicious in attack. Don't ask him how he did it either unless you manage to seduce him into telling.

    [Clockwork Blade]

    [Family]: None to be mentioned, perhaps somewhere?

    [How to contact him]: First call his office: XXX-32-7643, depending on what he tells you, you'll most likely either make a visit to the office, in Distoria, on Wellington street or he'll come to you. Remember, give him directions as to where you are. Don't try to trick him either.

    [What's to tell?]: Up until a certain point, there is little to no information regarding Schius Stahn. If you ask former clients, all will say the same thing: they do not know much about him aside his loyalty to helping them. If you ask him anything he'll just laugh, give you a concrete smile, and inquire whether there are services you need. It is as though he appeared out of no where.

    (Seeking a male character)

    Despise isn't the word to describe how our characters feel about one another. A first encounter on a cruise(any reason will do) has them to loathe one another vowing to never see each other again. While enjoying the aspects of the cruise, a sudden storm plunges the entire ship where only your character and my own lie adrift towards an unknown island. Pride and hatred may slowly turn to something else when two people must rely on each other in order to survive.

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  4. Good evening. I would like to express interest in the Detective roleplay you mentioned.
  5. I'm honestly feeling the sadistic settings atm, send me a PM and we can discuss the details :)
  6. I really like the setting to Escape.. If you still need a partner I'm open ^-^
  7. I would be interested in playing a Bandit to your princess, if you still have some room!
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  8. Sending PMs shortly. Funny, I never got any alerts of responses to this thread.
  9. Iwaku has been doing strange things as of late.
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