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    • Foxtrot/ Whimsicott/ Male/ Solo Explorer: Born to postal workers in the port city of Gyarados Landing, Foxtrot knew his parents expected him to become a postal worker as well. However, in his youth he met a retired explorer in the outskirts of town and began to take an intrest in exploring. It turned out his friend was a wanted outlaw, and was taken as a prisoner by the Royal Guard. Today, Foxtrot is one of the kingdom's leading iconic explorers, the Whimsicott Who Slays Dragons. Though he hasn't actually killed any dragon types or any other pokemon for that matter, he appreciates the nickname. Foxtrot is a little klutzy and isn't one to take things particularly seriously, and while he sometimes has company on his adventures, he is for the most part a lone explorer.
      -Leech Seed
      -Dazzling Gleam

      Gira/ Pawiniard/ Male/ Explorer/ The Waiting: Gira is one among many members of The Waiting, a secret organization that is waiting for the overthrow of the problematic monarchy. Gira is an explorer-for-hire, though he is also one of the many Waiting Spies, the most vast spy network in thew kingdom. Though there are rumors that The Waiting is trying to summon the dark lord Giratina, Gira is against this entire idea- but there is still a lot about The Waiting that he doesn't know. Gia is still a rookie explorer, and while he is a little sharp-tongued, he means well and helps pokemon in need.
      -Fury Cutter
      -Sucker Punch

    • Rumbling Kingdom
      A kingdom near the center of the world. It has a vast landscape and is the world's hub of exploration, with legendary dungeons dotting the landscape. The royal family is vastly unpopular among the people.

      Mystery Dungeons have different landscapes with every visit. Uncivilized pokemon live in dungeons, where they attack adventurers.

      All civilized pokemon live in cities. Some cities have explorer guilds in them, where explorers can accept jobs. All cities in the Rumbling Kingdom swore fealty to the royal family, though they are all governed independently.

      Gyarados Landing / Oligarchy
      To the south is the ocean, and Gyarados Landing is the kingdom's main export and import center. It is a very important city to traders and merchants alike. The city is ruled by a council of the most powerful merchants who despise the king for his involvement in domestic trade. The Milotic Guild House exists here.

    • Church of Arceus: The dominant religion of the world is of the savior, Arceus. Followers occupy some of the most powerful positions, such as the monarchy and many governors. The church of Arceus has recently come into conflict with the king.

      The Waiting: Rumored to be a cult waiting to summon Giratina the dark lord to destroy the world, the Waiting is simply a group plotting the overthrow of the monarchy. Not much is known of them, but there are said to be spies everywhere. Not even organization members could identify each other, because they deposit information in rendezvous locations that consistently change. It's said they have already penetrated the Kingsguard...
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  1. Characters

    Zero/ Zangoose/ Male/ Outlaw+Vigilante: An older shiny Zangoose with a checkered past and a vicious scar on his back, which sometimes slows him down. Starting out as an avid explorer who became disillusioned with his own guild, in his younger years he was an infamous outlaw and master thief. He's most famous for a murder, in which he fought another infamous outlaw, a Seviper, to the death after the Seviper struck the first blow. This is the same battle in which he earned the distinctive scar on his back, courtesy of a Seviper bite that did not poison him. While he began his career of crime as an explorer he quickly realized life in an explorer guild, which was really the only way to become an explorer at that time, simply wasn't for him. He didn't want to share his profits with his greedy Guildmaster. Instead he took to a life of crime, stealing from the greedy and more fortunate to give to the less fortunate. It was only after he committed that murder that he went into hiding in a dark, desolate forest, which the local townsfolk avoided. He spent many years in hiding there, until an adolescent from town stumbled upon them. The two went on adventures together, with Zero teaching the youngster the ropes without revealing his true identity. The youngster ignited Zero's love for exploring again, and even as his true identity was revealed and he was carted away in cuffs, the passion remained. He's recently been released from prison, but to his disdain he can't find the youngster that ignited that spark for exploring. So he quickly slips back into his old life, this time determined to dethrone the corrupt monarch residing over his kingdom by any means necessary.

    Oswald/ Pangoro/ Male/ Mercenary: An intimidating beast of a Pokemon. Strong and fearless with a notoriously volatile temper, he is one of the most sought-after mercenaries in the entire kingdom. He's willing to do just about anything to make a pretty penny--even commit heinous and repulsive crimes. He deliberately doesn't talk about himself or his past with clients or partners, making him seem standoffish and unfriendly. Despite being a favorite mercenary of the king for his willingness to do all kinds of dirty work to make a quick buck, Oswald's disdain for the royal family runs deep. Though no one knows for sure because he's so tight-lipped, it's widely suspected that there are sour grapes there and something happened between Oswald and the king in the past. He has far-fetched ambitions of taking the king and his monarchy down, but unlike Zero he prefers the idea of anarchy to the idea of democracy. Despite his foul temperament he strongly dislikes bullying, especially the strong picking on the weak, and will fight tooth and nail to defend the weak and vulnerable from bullies. He has an intrinsic knack for exploring, but will only do so if there's something in it for him; like a vast sea of treasure waiting at the bottom of a treacherous cave.
  2. The capital city was so different than the dungeons and frontier towns that Foxtrot had grown accustomed to on his travels. He half-expected the pokemon he saw wandering the streets to up and attack him, though he knew that unless he offended anyone that would hardly be the case. He had most of his things in Kangaskhan Storage, so there was no need to worry about being swindled out of his inventory. That always happened when he spoke to some shifty street vendors, but he just didn't have the heart to turn down those poor impoverished, down-on-their-luck pokemon. He was in no mood to turn down offers- he wasn't known for refusing many offers at all. No matter his client, if Foxtrot thought that it would be a fun adventure, he generally was in favor of it. There were hardly any exceptions, though he supposed that the king should definitely be one of them.

    Foxtrot was far from an enemy to the king, as the king directly funded the guilds where he accepted work from. One small good deed hardly made up for the atrocities that the king had committed against his own people. Foxtrot knew firsthand, when the citizens of Gyarados Landing were held under a curfew because there were rumored to be rebels in the city. That was a particularly mild event, as well. The king had raised taxes many times, and it was even rumored that the royal dungeons were hundreds of miles into the ground, because he had so many prisoners. Walking in a way that looked like skipping, the whimsicott saw the castle come into view. It was a big hassle to walk inside.

    The city itself looked to made out of bricks the color of the sun and clouds, with cobblestone streets and tightly-packed clay buildings. The castle was in the center of the city, in the center of the country, in the center of the world. That was like everyone liked to say, but it was all probably a myth. The castle rose in the city, covered in a shimmering light yellow material that wasn't gold. Foxtrot had seen enough gold in his relatively short lifetime that he could tell where some was from miles away. He smiled easily to the guards stationed around him as he ascended the many-stepped staircase that led to the castle gates. They were wide open, stark contrast to the king's actual policies. He had only seen the royal family in pictures and never once in person, even though he was an esteemed explorer. Plus, he thought as he observed the opulent interior of the castle, it wasn't nice to judge someone before you meet them. To hate or to love someone, you have to at the very least know the person.

    As he sat in the Grand Hall, on a seat with more comfort than most of the homes in the kingdom, Foxtrot was only a little worried about what could possibly go wrong. It wasn't every day that a swanna descends from the sky and gives you a note from its beak before cryptically flying away. The message was from the king, and he just thought about how it would have been useful to actually have brought it. The guards nevertheless seemed to know who he was, but it was a little scatterbrained of him. All the note said was the the king needed his help on a very important mission. He grabbed the chair and wrinkled his face in thought. He had heard rumors from clients and companions that the king liked to get rid of his enemies. But he wasn't the pokemon for the job if killing was the objective. No, there were mercenaries for that.
  3. Barely two minutes after the Whimsicott took his seat, an ominous thumping sound echoed throughout the halls. As the sound drew closer and closer, more sounds joined it. The guards, who were mostly armored Pokemon like Aggron, Rhydon, and Rhyperior, could be heard noisily shuffling out of the way and apologizing profusely. The doors that led into the Grand Hall were suddenly thrown open with very little care, and the paint was chipped somewhat in the process.

    Standing in the doorway and blotting out all light from the hallway was a massive and broad-shouldered Pokemon. He very much resembled a bear standing on its hind legs, with thick white and black fur covering his entire body. His legs were as wide and thick as tree trunks, and his arms were only marginally smaller. Situated at the end of each finger and toe sat a viciously curled black talon, sharpened to a dangerous point. Small rounded black ears twitched from the top of his head. His eyes were black as night. Those abysmally dark eyes swept across the expansive room, taking in each and every detail.

    He was a Pangoro, a Dark and Fighting-type Pokemon. Pangoro were notorious for their quick and volatile tempers and well-known for their physical prowess. They didn't have the best reputation by any means, like many Dark-type Pokemon.

    Those inky black eyes eventually settled on the unfamiliar Whimsicott, a sort of Pokemon he wasn't accustomed to dealing with. Even though it was common knowledge that Whimscott were part Fairy type, this Pangoro didn't even so much as flinch. Pangoro were Dark and Fighting-type Pokemon. Both of those types were terribly weak against the Fairy type, putting him at a definite type disadvantage. Most Pokemon were understandably a little bit wary around Pokemon whose types clashed with their own in a bad way, but this Pangoro just didn't seem to care. Instead he treated the stranger as if he wasn't even there.

    The hulking Pokemon stepped into the Grand Hall, shifting the stick in his mouth from the right to the left. He didn't bother taking a seat, instead clomping his way toward the throne itself. He came to a halt just a stone's throw away from the throne and stood there at his full and intimidating height, thick arms folded across his chest. Wound around his waist was a peculiar-looking belt with several different pockets and such attached to it--a utility belt of sorts. A familiar-looking bag was slung across his shoulder and back. It very much resembled the treasure bag most guild explorers were entrusted with.

    But this Pangoro didn't look like much of an explorer. He appeared to be a little rough around the edges and well-stocked, just like an explorer...but he wasn't traveling as light as a simple explorer might. The current king, a fearsome Tyranitar named Balthazar, was fond of mercenaries. He often hired the most efficient mercenaries in the kingdom to complete unsavory tasks that he himself couldn't be seen doing.
  4. The Grand Hall was the summoning chambers of all of the king's entourage. The cushy life of an aristocrat was enticing to most, and Foxtrot would be lying if he said that living with the knowledge that he'd never have to be hungry or in danger would be a nice change of pace. But being alone in the wild, or even with a few traveling companions made his heart race with feelings he could describe but couldn't live without. There was nothing like the waves of water against the shore, or mountains made of shiny metal. He couldn't picture himself caged inside a home, even if it was a castle. Yet here he was, in the biggest castle for hundreds of miles, being invited to an audience with the king. He wondered exactly what kinds of souls graced these king's chambers. After all, he considered himself a decent pokemon...

    A great pangoro lumbered down the halls, his footsteps reverberated around the whimsicott. He had half the mind to begin to drift away with his lightweight fluff, but he was already in the castle. Did he come because he was afraid of the king? Not particularly. Foxtrot knew he was in no shape to anger anyone in a position of power, especially the king, but he began to realize he was curious what kind of job that the king would need him for. His reputation did speak for him, but... Were they meant to walk up to the king's throne?

    It was funny; he could usually get an aerial view of dungeons to navigate through them just fine, but a royal court was an entirely new ordeal. Everything shone and was carefully orchestrated, and smelled of heated metal- all but the pangoro, who was a force of nature more than anything else. The way the other carried himself made it apparent that he held strength. If Foxtrot didn't have the assured type advantage, he might have been scared. Still, he elected not to walk up to the throne until he was called- this pangoro might know his way around the castle and its social rules, but Foxtrot definitely did not.

    Balthazar's adviser, a wiry delphox called Sprig, waved his flaming branch, a gesture good for diverting attention. Oswald had never seemed to be one for court policy, but Balthazar didn't care so long as he received what was his- usually some form of security or a treasure to accumulate to the treasury. "Alright, that's close enough," He murmured to the pangoro, not at all in a threatening way, though he couldn't shake the snooty tone from his voice. "Your majesty, I believe these pokemon are here as response to your summons," He pointed out, wanting the riffraff out of the Grand Hall as soon as possible.
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