Lonely Newbie Looking for a Partner.

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  1. Hiya,
    So I just joined this site recently, because I wanted to get back in to Roleplaying. So far I have not had the nerve to just jump on in to one, instead I have decided to search for a partner.

    So here are some plots I like
    - Marriages of Convenience .
    (such as arranged marriages)
    - Fanbased Harry Potter.
    - Any kind of Fantasy.
    - I also can do Realistic.

    I tend to like playing a female role, but I prefer to double up on One X Ones.
    So ummm yeah XD
  2. Hey I'm new myself. Wanna PM me and maybe we can try to work something out?
  3. I'm dying for a harry potter role play, but typically, I like to play an OC, and be a female.