Lonely Newbi >_<

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  1. I..I'm obviously new at this s-so.. (Not to roleplaying just to the site)
    I need friends. Guys if any
    Or g-girls?(Bi or lesbian)
    Anyone who will roleplay with me.

    If I'm busy ill probbly roleplay in pms.
    So If your interested...
    M-Message me please!!

    R-Read my resume and seeif your compatible!
    Message me even if you aren't >-<

    Btw You guys can call me Amy-, Sky, Or Mizu!!^^(Chan or other suffixes are optional)
  2. I'm going to call you Amy-chan! Welcome to Iwaku. *Gives Amy-chan a sweet smile* My name (right now) is Italy, but most call me Chrona and I'll be your friend. I like making new friends. I was a lonely newbi once...then I have no idea what happened and I made friends with some of the nice people here at Iwaku.

    I'm tempted to give you a hug since the others are taking so long in greeting you...
  3. *She blushed* C-Chrona..You seem nice!*She smiled and ran to hug you tightly*

    I'm really nervous about meeting new people >-<
  4. *She hugs her tightly as well* I seem nice? ... Why thank you very much. Hopefully you'll see me as nice sometime soon. *She smiled*

    And don't worry about feeling nervous meeting new people. It's natural for most of us. *Pats her back reassuringly* I was like that before.
  5. *She nodded and let out a slight purr*
  6. . . . This could get awkward for us if someone just walks in.
  7. *She quickly backed away*

    S-Sorry I didn't think of that..
  8. Don't worry about it. *She smiles and gives Amy a gentle pat on the head*
  9. a newb.. a cute newb... a really cute newb..
    Amy-chan wa KAWAIIIIII :D

    Btw I stalked you chrona so I saw eeeeeeeeeeeeveryyyything xD heheh
  10. Hello. If you have any questions or need help with anything, feel free to ask myself, another member or a staff member. But, I would like to point out [Based on that you said you were looking for guy friends and asked for bisexual/lesbian women] that Iwaku isn't a hook up/dating site.

    A lot of people here are friendly and helpful. You don't necessary need a gender bias for friends.
  11. *She gulped and her knees buckled from the sudden hug* H-Hi miss..
  12. *Slams her head into the wall countless times in frustration and embarrassment*
  13. Aww Chrona.. Y-You have a stalker *She giggled*
  14. Thank you^^
  15. Yeah...red stalks me sometimes.
  16. Aww.. S-So cute!
  17. and have surprise sex sometimes ^^
    It's just you chrona I promise :D and Roku-tenchi and that person from that time... and that person.. and.. *mumbles*
    As I said it's just you chrona ^^

    btw here's a chocolate cookie Amy-chan ^^
  18. Chocolate...*Eyes the cookie*
  19. o.O should have brought more... ..
    Buuut I didn't so, chrona you don't get any ^^
  20. I wouldn't steal from Amy-chan, so I'll just go chocolate hunting later.