London: The Omen of Farsted

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    The day is December 13th. The city is bustling with people of all shapes and sizes.
    In their homes they have fires lit, and have heavy coats upon their backs.
    All through the city children run through the snow, and make snow angels.
    The days seem short but the nights on the other hand... seem endless.
    Since the start of the mysterious murders in the city many have had to buy new locks on their doors.
    At eight P.M. everyone shuffles into their households and doesn't come out until dawn.
    Everyone in the city is scared and no one is able to do anything about the mysterious murders.
    The first murder occurred in early November, the victim's name is Miss Elizabeth Oswat.
    Her body was hung from a chandelier in her house, with two stab wounds in her chest.
    There was also a faint smell of oil, and perfume at the scene, so there may have been two who committed this murder.
    After the sixth or seventh murder Judge Turpin issued the one thousand pound reward and no one had shown up.
    It seemed as though these murders would continue until the end of time.
    Days went on end until a man came and said he would do it but he would need some companions.
    His name was Edgar Poe, a man who didn't seem to have anything to his name.
    Edgar wrote a small note to those who would join in his adventure.

    To those who wish to join me.
    I guarantee the reward will exceed the thousand pound amount.

    If you wish to join ,come see me at the Blackened Pea, down by 7th street.
    Meet me around eight P.M.
    If you can bring a weapon, and some money.

    ~ Edgar Allen Poe.

  2. Raven walked in to the bar knowing the bartender. "whats up sherlocks usual" the bartender said. she shock her head "nope not to day I'm here to see edgar" every one when silent. the bartender was like a dad she wish she had "so you saw that i just want you to becare full you still little." she rolled her eyes and he laughed. the bartender pounted to the back room where everyone has meetings. she walked in with a sigh.
  3. The clock read 8 as Nexass walked into the Blackened Pea. He looked around to see if anyone he new was there. Unfortunately there was no one. He walked to the bar, "S'cuse me?" he said. The bartender turned around, his hands busy cleaning a glass. "Hello good sir, how may I help you?" the bartender asked. "I'm looking for an Edgar Poe" he said. The bartender looked surprised at his words. "This way then" The bartender said gesturing to a door at the back of the bar. Nexass walked slowly to the door and opened it.
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