London Dyed Crimson

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    London Dyed Crimson

    London at night is dark and peaceful, so peaceful it almost appears to be dead. However, every night is filled with the struggles and remnants of a waging war that has been going on for centuries. It is silent and violently deadly warfare kept secret from the public eye. Like most conflicts, this one began with a threat to the way of life most would consider relatively peaceful and simple. A threat called Vampire.
    They became a threat to human lives and were very good at keeping it secret, at least until a human named Oliver Kelsier escaped their grasp. He was very determined to expose them and to fight them back. With time, he gathered a group of people that not only believed him, but also possessed the courage to follow him. They were the first Vampire Hunters. While most humans are still unaware, some of their descendants still secretly roam London trying to eliminate the threat.

    However, this war is not so black and white. There is a third group caught in the middle, much like the unknowing humans. They are the imperfect vampires whose transformation was not complete or somehow went wrong. Complete and perfect Vampires consider them weak, pathetic, vermin-like outsiders they call Leeches. However, among the meek crawlers walk proud and strong of heart imperfect vampires. “Leeches” who seek not to leech off of others, but to complete themselves and finish what their makers failed to do; to give themselves an equal start in the world of the damned.

    While V.Hunters attempt to overthrow Vampires, Vampires resolve to maintain their way of life, and Leeches aspire to drink Vampire blood and remedy, to some extent, their failed transformation.

    The bloodshed stands on a delicate balance, and the London covenant, known for their ruthlessness against Leeches and V.Hunters, is at its core.

    The city boils with the tension. Every night vampires attack vampires and hunters set up their traps in one of London's parks which marks the most commonly known entrance to the city covenant.

    Lazzaro Fibonacci (open)

    ║▌Lazzaro Fibonacci
    ◉ 46 / Male / Leech

    ◉ Imperfection: Has trouble digesting blood and the only thing keeping him together and alive is his whole-body tattoo imbued with Celtic magic. His healing is slow because of his digestion problem, but he has very keen senses and fast reflexes although he’s not that much stronger or faster than a well trained adult human.

    ◉ Origin: Italian

    ◉ Auburn short straight hair / Lime Green Eyes shaped in a way that implies cleverness / Tattooed skin
    Age he became a vampire: 16

    ◉ He’s a little wicked, ambitious, and in search for power. He takes full advantage of his eternally young and innocent handsome looks. He has no problem pretending to be the most pathetic creature if it’ll save him from pain or earn him a meal. He's cynical enough to laughs at the righteousness and pride filled speeches of others. He doesn’t interact much with humans given his tattoos unless he can get away with being fully covered. He often pretends to be a pathetic creature so that a weak vampire will lower his guard until he’s no longer useful to Lazzaro. He is backhanded and ruthless. He absolutely hates feeding though he knows very well he desperately needs it.

    ◉ As a human Lazzaro was in a well placed family. Being the youngest of 4 males made him a very spoiled teenager longing for the power and benefits of a first-born. His hard work and ambitious nature was already getting him results at the young age of 16, so much so that his brothers felt threatened enough to secretly sell him. What they didn’t know was that the buyer was a young vampire looking for a guinea pig. Blindfolded and stuffed into an old trunk Lazzaro was taken to a remote part of Ireland. He was taken out of the trunk to find himself surrounded by green at his feet and dark night all around him and before he knew it, it all went black again. He woke up with excruciating pain on the grass already darkened with his blood; his blood was leaving him out of every orifice in his body. All he could do was scream and cry until he saw a hooded figure just before it all went black again. He woke in a cave and found his entire body covered with tattoos and became the Druid’s little henchman hoping they could fix him. It was much later that he figured out what had happened, and that they had done all they could. He was eternally indebted to them but he had to leave. He had to go back home.
    And home he went and drank his brothers with malice. His ruthless nature helped him survive long enough for revenge. It wasn’t until he turned 30 that he managed to find and drink his maker to death gaining the final revenge and little bit of strength but it was not enough for him. Not nearly enough.​
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  2. Ramza Absence (open)
    ║▌Name Ramza Absence
    ◉ 29 / Male / Imperfect Leech

    ◉ Imperfections - Ramza is significantly weaker than other Leeches. Physically he is stronger than most humans. His venom will cause intense pain, nausea, vomiting, and a transformation, but the couple of survivors have transformed into the worst Leeches in town, with fangs fit for a peach or a plum.

    ◉ Origin: Esher

    ◉ Brown hair, thick, subtle waves / Brown-Hazel eyes, intense almond shape and pillowy eyelids / Defined, slightly sloped, aesthetic nose / Wide, plump, yet masculine lips / Beautiful after transition.
    Age he became a vampire: 21

    ◉ Quiet, with a medium-deep voice. Ladies call it cute, angelic, and say makes them want to kiss him all over. Human Ramza was used to doing chores without complaining, but the new version wouldn't clean up a dead body to save his life. Often leaves thick blood trails to the site of the corpse. As a young leech, he doesn't pay much attention to status and hasn't figured out how to alleviate his grief of having an eternal life. Usually spends time obsessing over beautiful women, then going out to eat. Slaughters 7 women a week and leaves them to fertilize the grass. So far has kept himself in good condition since the morning of his birth. Hasn't missed one feeding session. Blood thirsty.

    ◉ Has two best friends from town, one was a girl named Lady and another was his best guy friend, Remone. He visits them once in a while, but will only say hello from a distance.
    Ramza was always rebellious. If anyone told him not to try something, he insisted on trying it at least once and was known as a casual drug user by friends and school mates. Was arrested once for accidentally setting half of a park on fire and then became known as the druggie idiot who set a park on fire.
    Ramza lives in an abandoned apartment building in a poor area. He protects his domain with his fists and other blunt objects. Apartment reeks of blood and women.

    ◉ OTHER: On his 21st birthday, Lady and Remone took him to a nightclub. A beautiful, ghostly woman drew him away from his friends easily and assured them she intended on showing Ramza a good time. The night eclipsed into numb minds, belly sloshing and liver tingling.
    Ramza woke up in a hotel room the next morning without his beautiful date, feeling cold and in pain. The floor, bed, and walls were covered in blood. His body took 6 sets of bites, all of his veins devoured. As Ramza cleaned himself up and examined the gaping pores she'd kissed him goodbye with, he couldn't focus on the negatives. His mind was already reeling with an intense thirst for sex and blood.
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