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There is a trend in being LOLSORANDOM for some reason! People want to do wild and crazy things to be weird and stand out and get attention and all that jazz.

Have you ever licked the chalk off a blackboard? Yay/nay? Well, what LOLSORANDOM things have you done that are just wtf, and you have no idea why you did them?
uh...there was this one time I spontaneously asked for an extra elastic band to the girl next to me, and donned two pigtails instead of the one ponytail I was sporting at the time. Later that night police stopped me on my bike, asking how much I had to drink >.>

then there was the time I went to a party and decided to not speak for the remainder of the night, I had a blast trying to make clear to my friends what exactly I meant with my gestures.

Or maybe the time I decided to do a "office-chair grand-prix" Rolling myself around a beerbottle on the floor while sitting in an office chair... get the point.

There are times when I'm a total and utter attention-whore, I just need to get it out of my system and generally I can assume proper decorum after it.

What can I say? I love attention...Aside from that, sometimes things are just too stuffy and boring...a good shake-up is a nice remedy for boring...
I'm not so LOLRANDOM as I am just... kind of a free spirit, at times?

I'm the guy that, if tired, will just sit or lie down wherever looks comfortable. I'll take my shoes off, turn my shirt into a makeshift hat if I need to. I'll sing and dance randomly without a care. Little tidbits like that.

Actually, now that I think about it, I think I look crazy to people... NO WONDER!