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  1. (12:02:16 AM) Chaos: So.
    (12:02:26 AM) Diana: Balls!
    (12:03:22 AM) Chaos: Hmmmm...
    (12:03:31 AM) Chaos: I have no prepared retort.
    (12:03:54 AM) Diana: Gotta work on your Diana-convo skills... D:
    (12:04:24 AM) Chaos: It seems I have grown rusty.
    (12:05:07 AM) Diana: You would say something OMG and i would innocent retort that I was suggesting a Ball for the Halloween roleplay or perhaps a Christmas roleplay. :3
    (12:06:31 AM) Chaos: Hrm...
    (12:07:10 AM) Diana: Balls make good settings for quickie roleplays.. Cause they can be any genre or style. >:D
    (12:07:36 AM) Chaos: >:/
    (12:07:49 AM) Chaos: I need to learn to speak "Diana" or are you really that far in the gutter?
    (12:08:14 AM) Diana: I'm talking about PARTIES. You know... balls. ;__; Jeeze! How could you think such dirty things about me?
    (12:08:30 AM) Chaos: Cuz you're a dirty dirty girl.
    (12:09:03 AM) Diana: I mean, really.. we couldn't do a mass rp that's all porny. It'd go horribly wrong... c___c
    (12:11:24 AM) Chaos: Nope.
    (12:15:39 AM) Diana: I like Balls. u__u tis always a good setup.
    (12:16:36 AM) Chaos: >:/ I really REALLY need to learn to speak "Diana".
    (12:16:50 AM) Chaos has gone away.
    (12:16:51 AM) Chaos is no longer away.
    (12:17:06 AM) Diana: stop thinking porn! D:<
    (12:21:08 AM) Chaos: Well then explain the term to me.
    (12:21:51 AM) Diana: Balls! Parties! like you know... Cinderella went to the Ball...?
    (12:22:02 AM) Chaos: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
    (12:22:10 AM) Chaos: WOW. I feel like a fucking idiot!
    (12:22:31 AM) Diana: Jeeze! XD
    (12:22:55 AM) Chaos: Jesus of these days I need to rewatch a Disney move.
    (12:22:59 AM) Chaos: movie*
    (12:23:21 AM) Diana: Or anything that calls a fancy party a Ball? >>; That's why there's Ballrooms...
    (12:23:34 AM) Chaos: *snerk*
    (12:24:10 AM) Diana: Well, you've officially given me the giggles. Here I thought you were just being pesky!
  2. lolface of epic lols. Misintepretation for the win balls. Balls I wanna go to a ball. Come Di we shall go to the ball while Chaos laughs and snickers about it.