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  1. Have a few Marvel Cinematic Universe oriented plots

    What I'm looking for
    • Must be 18+ (as I intend to have it take a NSFW direction)
    • Must be interested in one of the ships/pairings listed below
    • Active to highly active (at least one reply a day)
    • Somewhere in between intermediate and advanced
    Other details
    • I will write in first or third person (I prefer first)
    • Private or public (though I strongly prefer messages)
    • I am only familiar with the Marvel movies and some Norse mythology so my characterization will follow that.
    • I want to play Loki in any of the plots

    Note: The checked off boxes are only stating that they're all possibilities. We can use those themes in the plots if we so choose.

    LokiXTony- AU plot where instead of allowing the frost giants into Asgard Loki simply chooses to leave Asgard and come to Earth. He sneaks in through a crack in the worlds during the celebration of Thor's coronation so none of them know where he went. S.H.I.E.L.D discovers him and interrogates him but they find out nothing and are forced to release him. Loki bides his time learning about Earth and enjoying how differently he is treated there. He still plans to take over Earth and S.H.I.E.L.D is suspicious, but has no actual evidence so Stark is sent to god-sit periodically.

    LokiXThor- 1). Same as above, but they do finally find him and Thor is sent to retrieve and question him. Loki refuses.

    2). Post Avengers: Wanting answers about why Loki did what he did Thor visits to question him. Loki gives no answers and Thor becomes angry and aggressive. (Short rp mostly mature content)

    3). Pre-Thor AU: Odin falls into unexpected Odin sleep prior to Thor's coronation and Frigga is left to make the decision. She declares both her sons be crowned king and that they will work together. As they have had a drastic decline in contact over the years it leads to more contact, confessions come out and apologizes are made.

    I'm open to suggestions as long it fits one these four pairings (TonyXLoki ThorXLoki FandralXLoki NatashaXLoki).
    (Also open to mpreg, AUs and pure smut threads.)

    Please state which pairing and plot you are interested in when messaging/replying.

    Thank you. ^_^
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  2. I'm interested!

    I love all options, which one do you like the most out of them?
  3. How about...3?
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