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  1. Was told by SoulSerenity20 to make this post.

    I am trying to edit a CS I posted to update it but it asks me to login every time I've hit the edit option?

    And its only that post because this is an edit.
  2. Which post was it? Can you link it here? Let us try editing it and see if the same problem pops up.
  3. I can't copy and past it, but it is th 3rd page of the Be Prepared sign ups.
  4. Nope. It signed me out again and told me I needed to be logged to edit. Its strange that is the only post that happens to.

    But it does the same thing on my phone; I click edit it auto signs me out and tells me I need to be signed into edit.

    P.S I edited this pst to demonstrate Ican edit other posts. @Izurich
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  5. I looked at your raw code and can't find any error cluttered bbcodes, everything seemed fine. Hmmm, strange yes.

    Calling @jared555 , why is this happening? I have linked the post above.
  6. Well I edited my former post here and I can make new posts.
  7. @Diana are there any messed up permissions on that forum?

    @Kross , are you checking the "stay logged in" box when you sign in?
  8. I am on this source. My computers out for repairs. I mainly use my phone or my xbox. As for any computer thats not mine I dont, I don't even save the password on my sisters lap top when I get to use it.
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  9. Nope everything seems 100% square. o__o Even the post itself looks totally fine, so there shouldn't be ANY reason why he can't edit this one. @__@

    It's possible that because he's on a phone, there's a conflict with how MUCH content is in the edit box, since it's such a large post and he's not had any issues editing other posts. The phone might be having trouble with that one.

    D: but that's a long shot guess. @Kross try going to your Preferences and turning OFF the "Rich Text Editor" on mobile option and see if that lets you edit the post.
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  10. @Diana That was a no go. It even kicked me whenI tried to edit using my grandmothers laptop. I also tried remaking the CS using it. I could make it, even added to it but once I got home and on my xbox it kicked me off there too, and I'll wager once I get to my library--it'll kick me off. But somethings not right. It keeps delting only one picture--the very top one. to me it comes up as an enclosed x with a single [ bracket nex to it.
  11. Okay, post that completed post (the way you want it to be posted) here in this thread, and put ALL of the code inside of the CODE bbcode.

    [code]code here[/code]

    I am thinking something about that might be the problem
  12. @Diana I'll try once I get to a computer and ca copy and paste it all.

    In the meanwhile, I had posted the CS with no pics and only B/I B+U Codes, it kicks me off still when I use my phone or xbox to try and edit.
  13. RedArmyShogun said:
    Its been an on off thing for me years now. The last, almost two weeks now I've slept maybe 3 hours or less a night. Also whenever I try and edit my old bio, to grab its contents for this rp, the site keeps logging me out. :/


    I'm not the only one having issue with this thread: OPEN SIGNUPS - Be "Prepared" (Signups).

    The owner has made a new one, but I'm not sure if everyone's had a chance to transition.
  14. [​IMG]


    Name: Aaron James Cross

    Nicknames: "Black Jack"

    Titles: 'Captain'

    Age: 28

    Birthday: July 4th 1992

    Blood Type: O+

    Gender: Male

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual



    Personality before abduction: Aaron was always a very driven individual. Strong willed and highly responsible. He's a natural born leader with a respect for structure and order. Aaron uses wit and sarcasm to hide his blunt, frankness or to introduce an air of levity. But if wit were a measure of intelligence he'd be a genius--and to some degree, he is. He can be quite charming. He has the air of a bad by but the demeanor of a good one. Aaron is very good at making tactically sound decisions and not letting his emotions run away with him no matter how prevalent or strong they may be. This can make him seem cold at times but it couldn't be any more different.

    Personality after abduction: He's grown more decisive. However, the effects of what happened within the span of that year have not gone unnoticed by those around him. Since returning and up to the first wave he had near constant dreams and delusions.These would lead to violent outbursts and severe irritability. The dreams he would see were vague at best, but colored lights were always present. The delusions would contort faces into grotesque mockeries. These visions left him with a constant sense of danger.Since the attacks he has calmed considerably.

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Drawing
    • Motorcycles
    • Stargazing
    • Swimming

    • Bigotry
    • Megalomaniacs
    • Bullies
    • Liars
    • Dishonesty


    • Brave- He doesn't shrink in the face of threats, challenges, or pain. He will act on his convictions even if unpopular.
    • Fair-Treating everyone equally according to notions of fairness and justice; not letting personal feelings bias decisions about others.
    • Perspective- He is at times able to give wise counsel to others; having ways of looking at the world that make sense to oneself and to other people.
    • Honest-Presents himself in a genuine way; takes responsibility for his feelings and actions.
    • Kind- Has great compassion for others; altruistic


    • Can be fixated on things.
    • Overprotective
    • Perfectionist
    • Proud
    • Stubborn
    • Anxious- Full of mental distress or uneasiness because of fear of danger or misfortune; greatly worried; solicitous.
    • Fierce - Marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions; inclined to react violently; fervid.
    • Hard - A person who is difficult to deal with, manage, control, overcome, or understand. Hard emotions, hard hearted.

    Fears: What he fears most is cherishing something or some and end up having to destroy them. It's something he dreads. Its why he tends to be alone.

    Morality: Aaron came from upstanding parents; people that worked themselves ragged to give him, maybe not everything he wanted, but certainly needed. So it stands to reason that he is very upstanding though this has evolved a bit since the attacks. He'll be more than happy help--if he trusts you. Life in a war and the decimation of the human race and being constantly shot at has made him a leery man.

    Etiquette: Good ole Southern hospitality.

    Attitude: He can be unnervingly calm and quiet. But he can also smile when he says some smartass comment.

    Outlook on Life: He's become jaded since having to kill most of the people that he was truly attached to. He's also disappointed with people who rob, loot or murder to get what they want.



    Don't run into hail of bullets and expect a miracle; pick and choose your battles, you can't fight every battle and expect to see the next day.

    Taboos: Most common forms of taboos, Aaron can tolerate despite his moral compass telling him it's wrong. There are those however, he just can stand by idly and watch happen without some action. Rape, murder or slavery he just can not abide and is compelled to act.



    Height: 6'4

    Weight: 265 lbs

    Body Type: Lean, corded with muscle.

    Skin: Tanned/White

    Hygiene: As a former U.S Army Ranger from West Point, getting dirty is just part of the job. Still, he'd much rather be clean.

    Face Shape: Angular

    Eye Shape: Almond

    Eye Color: Steel

    Hair Color: Black

    Hair Length: Short

    Hair Type: Soft and wavy if it gets to be long. Facial hair is coarse.

    Hair Style: Shorter along the sides while longer on top

    Scars/brands: Has a scar running vertically over his left eye, on the cleft of his chin, and one that resembles a tiger stripe along the hinge of his jaw and right cheek. Has a heart shaped scar where he pulled his sisters locket off her burning body. Has several bullet wound scars.

    Piercings: N/a

    Birthmarks: Star shape right pectoral.


    Casual outfits: He doesn't wear any casual clothes these days.

    Formal Outfits: This goes double for formal wear.

    Combat outfits: Black Kevlar vest, urban camo pants, black cotton shirt with urban BDU shirt overtop, Black combat boots, thigh holster, shoulder holster, black hard-knuckle fingerless gloves, hooded poncho.

    Accessories: Canteen.

    Equipment: Tomahawk, entrenching tool, compass, map, tactical flashight,


    Heckler & Koch HK417: Gas-operated, selective fire rifle with a rotating bolt and is essentially an enlarged HK416 assault rifle. Chambered for the full-power 7.62×51mm NATO round, instead of the less powerful 5.56×45mm NATO intermediate cartridge, the HK417 is intended for use as a designated marksman rifle, and in other roles where the greater penetrative power and range of the 7.62×51mm NATO round are required.

    Colt M1911 .45ACP: The M1911 is a single-action, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, recoil-operated pistol chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge.

    CQC-Tomahawk: The CQC-T is a personal combat tool, first and foremost. We do not recommend you purchase it as a throwing Tomahawk. It's handle design and blade geometry is meant for retention and aggressive cutting, respectively. O-Rings in the handle will likely require replacement over time and can be replaced for a nominal fee by calling customer service.
    Trinkets: Locket


    Powers and Abilities:
    Manipulation: Blood manipulation: Aaron's blood has become ore than a flow of water and plasma. It's become something of a symbiotic living 'thing' inside him that he can somewhat freely control. It can transom into various simple and often bladed weapons though not always. This is done by crystallizing itself into a super dense state. When stronger he can manipulate the blood of others. In emergency cases, it envelops him in a protective 'suit' that is highly reactive. Though through a link it is 'aware' of who is hostile and who isn't.

    1.) It may be a symbiote but it acts for all intents purposes acts his blood, if he uses it all before it can replenish, he dies.

    2.) He can't be healed by other regenerative or restorative powers. He heals faster than a regular person or a user without regen, but slower than those with it. He'll also scar where as a regen wont because they are manipulating the growth of cells but because its a symbiote and not actually human cells the process is different.

    3.) He actually has to damage himself in some way ti use his power, which is similar to the bone manipulation, and if damaged or or knocked out the symbiote will tear the muscle and skin to create the suit I mentioned. The suit can be damaged or become too fatigued and he'll still die

    4.) His ability, no matter how synchronized, only allows him to make basic weapons; swords,axes, hammers, daggers, scythes, maces,etc. He cant make bows, crossbows or guns. Nothing with mechanical or moving features.

    5.) High frequency sounds-- such as those to high for humans to hear will drive it crazy. 100khz, the same frequencies that bats and dolphins can hear. It wont stop him dead in his tracks but will hinder him.

    6.) Intense heat, like molten metal level, he is particularly susceptible to. Despite being able to create near diamond hard bond the extreme heat destroys them by evaporating the symbiotic blood cells.


    Skills before the abduction:

    * Advanced Marksmanship
    * Advanced Firearms training
    *SOCOP- SOCP is a realism based, task-specific system designed to build upon the Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) training, with techniques geared to the needs of a Special Forces soldier. It incorporates a number of different techniques, including strikes, ground fighting, personnel control, restraint escape, and weapons application in close quarters combat.
    *Map Navigation
    *Survival Training (Finding food, Water, and Shelter or building ways to obtain them using the environment.)
    *Compass Use
    *Guerrilla Warfare
    *Mechanical Repair (Bikes)
    * First Aid
    Skills after abduction:
    *Mechanical Repair (Cars, Trucks, Semis)
    *Lock picking


    Acquaintances: Rococo Raux- Unknown


    Enemies- Corrupted


    Father: Micheal Cross-Killed by Aaron after turning.

    Mother: Suelane Cross-Killed by Aaron after turning.

    Sister: Agatha Cross-Killed by Aaron after turning.

    Cousin: Ann Austen-

    Girlfriend: Angela Williams-Killed by Aaron after turning.

    Lovers-None at the moment.


    (Will be adding later.)

    Character Theme:

    Battle Theme:

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  15. Well, Kross, your page logs me out, too.

    This page has the same effect for me.
  16. This thread we're in right now also logs me out.
  17. @Kross With Moodi's help we figured it out! 8D

    The problem is not using the correct Iwaku URL in links/imgs. In this case, you had an img tag to a character in the gallery.

    The url needs to be https:// and NOT http:// for Iwaku urls

    That "s" in the url represents our security certificate and the url your cookie settings are all logged in to. I don't really know WHY it's throwing people off like that just over links in bbcode, but after testing a few threads we confirmed this is the issue. O_O Maybe @jared555 knows more about why it would complicate bbcode. But EH.

    SO, if you come across ANY more threads where you're getting logged out, use the "Request Thread Moderation" form to report it. One of the staffies can hunt in the thread for the url that's doing it and fix the post.


    @Staff - Content @Staff - Community @Staff - Interns @Staff - Security
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  18. If I had to guess I would say it is a glitch due to the http -> https redirect
  19. It didn't say you tagged me in this odd
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