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  1. I've been watching an anime named Log Horizon recently. It's similar to Sword Art Online in terms of concepts in that the characters basically get "sucked" into the world of a video game, but in this circumstance, they're actually transported inside, rather than simply being trapped as data - as if the game world is a true reality now. Even the NPCs now act like humans and have personalities and backstories.

    What I like about Log Horizon is that there is no clear objective, unlike SAO, so even side stories such as the one I plan to do involving a small, newly created guild and it's adventures actually has some point to it. If you want more details about the universe, either look at the wiki or ask and I can describe it myself. A lot of how it functions is similar to a typical RPG game though, such as having classes and skills.
  2. Umm... This looks to be quite fun. I'd be very interested in this idea. I LOVE <3 Log Horizon, so... Yeah. Consider me in!
  3. Awesome. I'm only 12 episodes in ATM cos of bad internet but I have access to the Wiki so I can look up principles as I need to. Also I intend to start it on The Apocalypse day with players being around level 40, so I don't need to know the later stuff yet at least.
  4. K, I'm in. Probably going to go Tank Bro, because Naotsugu is best.
  5. OK. We should have a balance of classes though so we can decide those later on.
  6. Alright. That sounds good to me.
  7. Love this idea! I've been waiting for a Log Horizon rp! I started watching that anime awhile ago, but then I stopped for some reason...:O
  8. Sounds good. I'll get to work on the OOC thread.
  9. I like the idea and am interested

    there were some light novels for it as well but translation stopped after a while as for the anime there is actually two seaons for it though season two is not in the english dub yet I think!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.