Lobsters? Cookies? Fairy Tales?

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Did I get your attention?
Anyways, if you're reading this, then I win, so yay me!
Obviously I deviously lured you for one purpose....
....and only one purpose....
No, it's not cookies.
Nice try though.
It's role playing!
And I am seeking a partner!
Obviously I am a female.
I don't do FxF and I don't play males.
End of story.
This is not up for debate.
I DO do just about everything else in the book though.
I'm not picky.
I do have my fair share of kinks and if you want to explore them, here's to you.
*raises virtual glass*
If not, tell me about yours.
Anyways, talk to me.
Trust me, trust me, Darling Dear.
You won't regret it.

A piece of my pairings list~

Older step brother x Younger step sister
Master x Slave
Kidnapper x Kidnapee
Demon x Angel
Lucifer x Damned Soul
Blackmailer x Young Woman
Warden x Criminal
etc, etc, etc

My personal yearning right now is for some kind of Little Red Riding Hood type wolf role play.
Yes I'm weird.
Stop looking at me like that.
I have a wolf and imprint fetish. Sue me.

I prefer the submissive role, btw

I also have a couple plot ideas listed below...

You sighed, settling down onto your bed. For some reason today just didn't seem like a good day. Glancing up, you took notice of the small, porcelain doll that sat upon your dresser. You didn't know why you bought it. Something about the little girl was just.... different. You looked closer at the doll, studying it almost. It had long, brownish red hair and wore a black gown. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary about it, but for some reason you found it odd.

Suddenly as you looked on, her porcelain lips curved upwards in a smile. Now you knew you were imagining things. Dolls didn't smile. You knew that much. Climbing out of your bed, you wandered closer to the dresser. It was almost as if the small doll was beckoning you forward. You came to a halt in front of the wooden structure, staring skeptically at the non-living girl. The world around you began to fade to black as you continued to look on. The doll raised her hand in greeting and smiled at you again. That was the last thing you remembered.


Cracking your eyes open, you glanced around only to note that you weren't in your room anymore. You climbed to your feet. You noticed that you were in what appeared to be a forest. You were about ready to begin inquiring as to where you were when a clear yet quiet voice washed over you. "You are in the Dreamland.." It stated calmly. Whipping your head around to the source of the sound, you seen the porcelain doll, only she was now your size. She looked at you sadly, almost as if she were regretting what was soon to happen.

"But why am I here..?" You asked. "..and more importantly how did I get here..?"

The doll sadly shook her head. "He has brought you here.." She said softly, looking at you. Another question was asked about who he was. "He is the Puppet Master Ace..." She intoned. "He brought you here to..." She trailed off, looking at her own hand. "..to make you into his puppets. He believes you to possess qualities that he wishes to aquire."

"Then why didn't he just make me into a puppet? Why dump me in the woods where I have a chance to escape?" You inquired, a fierce look on your face. You thought about attacking the doll, but you held back. You didn't know why, but you believed that she didn't like this 'Puppet Master' very much.

"He enjoys his games..." She said, giving you a sad smile. "He is giving you the chance to escape, but it is useless..." She said, trailing off again. "He always wins..."

Before you could continue your conversation with the doll, a voice ran out from the clouds. "Let the game begin, pets..."

A girl is drug out shopping by one of her close friends. There is this new little shop that opened that apparently she just has to show her. With a sigh and a few obligatory complaints, she follows along. The shop is quite a strange one. Upon entering, she notices that the wall is lined with very life like dolls. She strolls through the shelves, sizing them up. Most of them are larger then she is, life size. As she's browsing, a little old man approaches her. "This one's not for you..." He told her, lightly taking her hand and pulling her to the front of the store.

By this point in time, her friend was no where to be seen. She must have been farther in the back. "What do you mean, not the right one for me?" She inquired. It was a doll. That was it. Besides, it not like she planned to purchase one. The old man assured her that he had just the right thing. Rushing through a door, he came back wheeling a wooden crate. Opening the crate, her jaw just about dropped. Inside the wooden box was the most gorgeous make speciman that she had ever seen. After a bit of wheedling on the old man's part, she agrees to buy the doll for a cheap price, considering it is on sale.

Bringing the doll to her small apartment, she opens the wooden crate and looks at him. Why had she bought this again? It would probably take a nice place in her closet. Before she could close the lid, she seen what appeared to be an instruction manual. She had to resist the urge laugh. Who needs instructions for a doll?! She decides to read them, just to see what they might say...

"Congratulations on your recent purchase. Your new roomate will fufill your every need.
How to get your DOLL.tm started!
Each and every one of our DOLLs is unique and tailored for the customer's individual tastes.
There are many steps to owning a DOLL. Please read carefully to understand how your specific DOLL should be cared for. The DOLL you have purchased is named ((Name)).
Step 1 : Clothes. A set of clothes will be included with your DOLL, but DOLLs have feelings too, and thus you must be prepared with another set of clothes for them, if not more. Please take into consideration their preferences. Many of our male models do not take kindly to dresses, ((Name)) included.
Step 2 : Food. DOLLs get hungry, so please feed them. Your ((Name)) model tend to like ((Insert food))
Step 3: Room. Your ((Name)) model needs a place to stay. Please note that if proper space is not given for activity, you may find some of your possesions broken or missing.
Step 4 : Bed. Your ((Name)) DOLL will require a place to sleep at night, thus be prepared to have a bed.
Step 5 : Interaction. Your ((Name)) DOLL will be extremely tolerant of you, but not any company you may have. Please ensure no one upsets you. We are not liable for any injuries he inflicts on the populace.

Getting Started : To awaken your ((Name)) DOLL, breathe gently on his lips from a safe distance. He may be confused and volatile when awoken. We are not liable for any damages, losses, or injuries incurred.

Warning : DO NOT KISS THE ((NAME)) DOLL! We are not liable for his actions after that!"

Rolling her eyes, she took a closer look at the doll before deciding to humor the instructions. Leaning over the crate, she breathed lightly over his lips. She pulled back and looke at him. Nope, still motionless. She threw the instructions on the coffee table and headed into the kitchen. She can't believe she even fell for that. Opening the fridge, she began to sort through its contents when she heard what sounded like cracking wood from the living room...

A girl had lived alone in the city with her older brother. Her brother was in a gang called The Demons. He was trying to keep enough money to keep himself and his little sister alive. Well, after several near death experiences he decided to take some money and run. If not for himself, then for his little sister. They caught him and killed him while his little sister hid in the shadows.
Several years later, the girl is now nineteen. She has spent the past eleven years training. She had been taken in by the kind owners of a local gym. One day, after sparring with a new arrival to the gym, she is abducted in her sleep. She thinks that she's been abducted by The Demons for the money which she still posesses. She was wrong. Dead wrong. Apparently the leader of a rival gang, The Shadow Hunters, had been on the hunt for new members. She fit the bill. Once arriving at the main base of operations, she is taken to the boss.... and boy do things get interesting from there.

"I've been following you..." He said, flashing her a smile. They stood in her darkened bedroom, staring each other down. The hour was just after midnight. "For quite some time now actually." He took a step closer to her, causing her to take a step back. "How about you just make this easy and give up now..?"

She looked at him as if he'd grown a second head. This man had just appeared in her bedroom, claiming to be a/an (insert supernatural being here) and that he'd been following her. He just expected her to go with him willingly and without a fuss? She didn't even know what he wanted from her! "How about no..?" She responded as she slowly inched closer to her bedroom door.

He sighed. He should have known this wasn't going to be simple. "Let's play a game then. Best two out of three wins. If I win, you come with me. If you win, I'll leave you alone." He stated, a grin growing on his face as he noted her movement towards the door. Suddenly she bolted. He raised a hand. The door wouldn't open.

Turning to face him, she glared. So he'd sealed her door..? Looks like he wasn't lying about what he was. That just made it more imperative for her to get away from him. So far, the only way for her to do that though appeared to be... "Fine. I'll play your little games. How do we-" She never got to finish her sentence as everything around her went black.

"The first game is capture. Each of us will have an object that the other must retrieve. First to get it wins. The rules are that you can get the object by any means necessary. Good luck..." His voice called out to her. That was the last thing she recalled before she awoke in the woods.

People milled about the gates that led into the forest. Today was the day that two people would be chosen to enter and no one was going to miss their chance. Every 25 years, the gates would open and pull two people into the depths of darkness. If they were to make it to the center of the forest, their deepest wish would be granted. However, no one knew if this was true because no one had made it out of the forest before. Untold dangers lurked within the trees. Things that no one had ever seen before waited behind those metal gates. One had to be very brave in order to even consider showing up before the gates because once you were chosen to enter, the only way to leave was to claim your wish.

Possibly more to be added at a later date~

PM me if interested in anything...
...and I do mean anything ;)
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