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  1. Hi there!
    I'm once again on the search for partners.
    My first few ideas are fandom related, but below those, I have original ideas listed.
    Please read my requirements first, and then if you're still interested, PM me or leave a comment here!

    (This post is also in the Libertine (A) Section- Meaning, if you're 18+ we can do sexual type scenes there.)


    (1) Please use proper grammar and punctuation.

    (2) Be able to spell correctly- even if you have to use spell check.

    (3) Know the difference between "Your" & "You're", "There", "Their" & "They're", "Our" & "Are".

    (4) Please use third person only. If you switch from third to first or first to third, I will most likely quit the role play.

    (5) Be honest, and communicate with me. If you're going to be busy, or if you'd like to quit, maybe even if you'd like to take the role play in a different direction, please PM me! I don't enjoy being left behind without a word.

    (6) I'd appreciate someone who can reply at least once a day, or once every other day.

    Fandom List

    Fandom- Harry Potter
    Character Needed- Snape
    Character I'll play for this- OC
    Who I'm willing to play if we double- Anyone except Snape.

    My oc is a seventh year Slytherin who's parents are Death Eaters.
    My oc has always been different than her family, and so she's been shunned for most of her life.
    Her parents decide that she needs to join them so she can become a better, more acceptable person, but she has other ideas.
    Since her parents (and of course, my oc as well) have known Snape for a long time, they decide to trust him, and ask him to keep an eye on her during the school year, and persuade her to join the Death Eaters.
    He agrees, but in reality, he's just keeping watch on her to keep her safe.
    He's had feelings for her for a while, and he wants to protect her.
    She feels the same.
    They bond over their love and talent of Potions, and by Winter Break, since she hasn't decided to be a DE, her parents decide she needs to stay with Snape during that time.
    And since they hear nothing from either of them, they send a group of DE to Snape's house, where a full blown fight starts...

    Fandom- Harry Potter
    Character Needed- Snape (Marauders Era)
    Character I'll Play- Oc
    Who I'm willing to play for you- Sirius or Remus


    My Oc has been best friends with Sirius Black or Remus Lupin since their first year at Hogwarts.
    He's had a crush on her for years, but she doesn't know it, and she doesn't feel the same.
    In the past year, my oc has gotten close to Severus Snape and befriended him, leaving Sirius/Remus to feel left behind and angry/jealous.
    Your oc can be friends with mine, or with sirius/remus, and can have a crush on one of them, thus leading to a love triangle of sorts.
    I'm looking for someone to play Severus for me, and I'll play either Remus or Sirius depending on whom you'd like your oc to have a crush on.


    Fandom- Thor/Avengers
    Character Needed- Loki
    Character I'll play- Oc
    Who I'm willing to play if we double- Anyone except Loki.


    My oc is a princess from a planet near Asgard, called Morgul.
    She's been engaged to marry Thor since they were both nine, and had visited Asgard every Summer.
    Over the Summers, she's gotten to know both Thor and Loki very well, and has come to think of them as best friends.
    But Loki was always more of her type- he got her.
    So, her feelings for Loki have developed into romantic ones, and he shares them.
    Thor doesn't know, but Frigga does.
    Odin is oblivious as always.
    A few days before their wedding, Odessa arrives on Asgard to set up for their wedding and spend time with the family.
    And from there, the story can go two ways;
    Option 1: While on a walk, Thor falls and hits his head, causing him to go into a deep sleep.
    While he's sleeping, Odessa and Loki become closer, and begin seeing each other in secret.
    And when Thor wakes up, Odessa has to decide if she wants to choose love or duty.
    Option 2: Thor doesn't hit his head, but Odessa and Loki begin a secret relationship anyway, and maybe Thor finds out, or maybe not.


    Fandom- Supernatural.
    Character Needed- Dean.
    Character I'll play- Oc.
    Who I'm willing to play if we double- Sam.


    My Oc and her older sister grew up knowing the boys off and on through the years.
    Both sets of siblings were raised as Hunters, so they both know quite a bit about monsters and such.
    Last year, my oc's older sister got killed while on a hunt, and my oc sort of went off the deep end.
    She began to drink, do drugs, ect, and eventually tried to kill herself.
    Now, a year later, she's finally sober and well again. And while on a hunt, she meets Sam and Dean, on the same hunt.
    They decide to work together.

    (In order for this to work, I need my partner to play either a family member who is a hunter, or a close friend.)

    Original Ideas

    Plot basic pairing: Sister/Brother Medieval Romance.
    Who I'll play: Sister.
    Who I need you to play: Brother.
    (I am willing to double in a separate thread as the brother.)


    A brother and sister have been in a romantic relationship since the brother saved the sister when she was 13 and he was 15.
    Since then, they've continued their relationship in secret, and they honestly do love each other.
    But now their parents have engaged them both off to someone from a different kingdom so that their own kingdom will have good ties with others.
    While they struggle to stay together and keep their relationship a secret, they also have to struggle with jealousy and their new relationships.. And if one of them actually starts falling for their fiance..


    Plot Basic Pairing: Some type of monster girl/Zombie Girl.
    Who I'll play: Zombie girl.
    Who I need you to play: Some other monster girl.


    My oc is a 21 year old college student at the Academy for Monsters.
    She's a zombie, but she doesn't like, fall apart or anything, well, not in a gross way.
    She doesn't stink or decay.
    She's just...
    Lightly green, and has some stitches.
    So, she gets a new roommate, which will be your monster girl, and she finds that maybe she likes girls instead of boys...


    Plot basic pairing: A sick boy with a few months to live / new girl
    Who I'll play: New girl
    Who I need you to play: Sick boy


    Your character is sixteen, and has been sick his whole life.
    The doctors are expecting him to die within the next few months.
    He's been an outcast since he was little, due to his illness, and being unable to play like other kids.
    He's tall, pale, skinny, and bookish.
    His only friends are online, and he's never had a girlfriend.
    But then my character moves in next door.
    She's cute, a girl who would be popular, but instead of joining the popular crowd, she decides to join you.
    She likes a lot of the same things you like, and she's actually very quiet and shy- nice, too.
    As you get to know her, you both begin to fall for each other.
    And then you get worse, and you're put in the hospital.

    Random Ideas-

    Room mates (Female/Female)
    Boarding School
    Psychic School
    Best Friends in Love
    Artist School
    Soul Mates
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