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  1. Hey guys! This is my first post, so bare with me if it sucks D:
    I have quite a few pairings that I'd like some partners for.
    I have some RP's going on right now, but I am looking for more.

    I am fine with everything that is naughty so, I don't have many limits haha. If you have any please lemmie know :D

    I am looking for MxF and would prefer to play the female, BUT I am willing to do double characters in 2 RP's, so I play female in one and you in the other.

    Here are some of my pairings :D

    ~Student X Teacher (Can be High School or College but if High School, I'd like my character be 18 and a Senior)
    ~Vampire X Werewolf
    ~Vampire X Vampire
    ~Vampire X Human
    ~Vampire X Shapeshifter
    ~Band Member X Band Member
    ~Band Member X Fan
    ~Princess X Knight

    Always up for more tho, if you have a suggestion lemmie know :D
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  2. Student x teacher please
  3. Still looking o.o
  4. Still looking ^^
  5. I'm still looking o;
  6. Hey im good at roleplay i read your stuff so i know what you like
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.