Living in the Land of Boo

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The Plot:

The Land is filled with magic. One can see it in the rivers, smell it in the wind and feel it in the solid earth below. Only a chosen few could tap into the magic and mold it into something physical. They are capable of stop a famine and ridding the world of floods or droughts! All of those individuals were seen as a blessing by the country folk who wanted prosperity and as a curse by King Bodulf. Having no powers himself, he feared for his position. He requested that a group of assassins is trained to rid The Land of all magicians.

Your task is to stop him. I have chosen you to be a part of my wonderful traveling circus. All of us posses the ability to tap into The Source and do magic and it is our duty help the poor people and set The Land of King Bodulf free... in other words, welcome to the Land of Boo!

It is the middle of the hot season. Too hot to work, but not hot enough for the King to announce official holiday. The only refuge people get is in the local pub, where they can watch the traveling entertainers...

Game Masters:
Me a.k.a Vivi is THE person to contact if you like this idea!

Accepting New Characters:
Definitely! Just post below with you character sheets!

Posting Expectations:
Post whenever you can. If your muse decided to take a day off, don't stress, just make sure you are up to date on what's happening.


Magical Fantasy with Human only characters.

Adventure with action! The group will gain members and slowly undermine the King influence. It is up to you how your character influences the atmosphere!


The Crew:
- Samira
- Lillian 'Lily' King
- Helios Capricorn
- Alistair Maccoule
- Zolrale 'Zol' Tenrega
- Ellessa Osatra


Chapter 1: Companionship
Huh... I kind of like this idea...

Kind of like the idea? :P
A sword-swallower would be a great part of the group! Give me some more detail!

This is what I would like to know about your characters:

Character Name:

General Appearance:

General Personality:

One paragraph about your characters life:

Example: Meet Sadira!

Character Name:
Samira a.k.a The Juggler




General Appearance:
Short and slender with minimal curves. Hides behind a curtain of long red hair which, despite all of her efforts, always falls onto her face when it isn't clipped up. She has brown eyes and thin lips that she often bites when concentrating. She usually wears summer dresses in the earthy tones with a fur coat during the cooling season.

Fast runner with extremely high stamina.

Losing her powers and/or becoming disabled.

General Personality:
Witty and quick thinking, Samira is a tactic-oriented leader, who always thinks before she acts. Always fair and honest to who she trusts, but capable of getting her own back. She might not have the best people skills, but definitely craves company and enjoys attention.


One paragraph about your characters life:
Being the daughter of the most influential magicians of The Land before Bodulf's rein, it is not a surprise our heroine ended up in an orphanage with murdered parents. She discovered her powers at the age of 15, when she managed to save a fellow orphan from being crashed by a falling tree during a storm. With other's in mind she traveled across The Land once she became of age and saw just how many people need her help, but remembered the warnings her matron issued: All magicians will be killed by the King. Samira is determined to stop the brutal murders and the poverty of the people, even if it means killing the King.
Here you go, dear. The character I promised. :]

Character Name:
Lillian "Lily" King
She controls a little puppet named Maxie. He sits on her shoulder when in puppet form and grows to five and a half feet tall for combat, also becoming human. Through him, she controls his actions, casts lightning and fights hand on hand.
General Appearance:
Entertainment aside, she's fairly agile. If her puppet can no longer fight, she must run as far away as she can from combat. She also has some medical skills since her group of friends acquire a lot of injuries at times.
Pain is what she fears most; emotional and physical. She also fears dying because if Maxie somehow gets destroyed, her life will end as well.
General Personality:
Lily is one of the sweetest women a person could ever meet. She feels a lot of compassion for all living things and has a passion for flowers; she also seems to have one in her hair. She only shows courage when fighting with her puppet, because her frail body and lack of fighting skills gets her beaten to a pulp when she fights solo.
One paragraph about your characters life:
Lily's soul is bonded with a puppet because she was trained to learn that magical art of controlling one. She was lonesome most of her life, so aside from learning a magical skill, she gained a lifelong friend. The rest of her life was spent being an entertainer with Maxie so she could earn money for a home, food and clothing. She and Maxie may have only been together for eight years, but she thinks of him as a brother. Her life as an entertainer had to end though, because a law was made that magicians would be put to death. For her sake, Maxie's sake and for the people, she feels obligated to help put an end to this cruelty.
Oh, I know what I am making for this already. A fortune teller who casts spells randomly through cards. A mix of Fate and Elemental magic.
Character Name: Helios Capricorn
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Slowing time for a few seconds, for himself, to give him more time to react.

General Appearance:

Talents: Agile and dextrous, he is very nimble and lithe as well as having a perfect sense of timing.
Fears: Afraid of chance and the inability to control his fate. Also, peculiarly afraid of being lost in a crop field.
General Personality: Suave and charming, he's not a womanizer and often does not realize he's exerting an sort of presence. He genuinely does not understand why people don't like him and is kind at heart, though sometimes a bit vain.

One paragraph about your characters life:
Helios was shunned for reasons no one could quite pinpoint, since his power is not one that lends itself to observation. People have always been wary of his for his unusual speed in times of crisis and he desires friends, though friendship was not extended to him before the circus. He does not believe that he is gifted and does not fully understand his ability, which only adds to his confusion about why people tend to hate him or why others include him in their group of "freaks". His act is the aerial silk.
Great ideas people! I'm loving them! Much appreciated, Fluffy and Celes :)

You can now post IC. How exciting!
I apologize for the quality of my written work and I assure you it will get better as we progress since I'm new to the world of roleplay.

Can't wait for your replies!

P.S: Mr. Panda and Mr. Cowboy, you made me REALLY curious about your character ideas, you need to post or it'll drive me crazy!
I'm working on him now but I am also writing a character sheet for a game of Eclipse Phase (look it up if you don't know what it is) so it may take a little while. The basic concept is someone who just can't go around chucking fireballs. Haven't thought of a name yet but he is a ritualist and depending on what kind of rituals he uses it changes what abilities he has access to. They all have a fortune telling flavor to them though. Telling the fates through bones allows him to talk to and request aid from the dead, using the stars gives him the ability of astral projection and dealing with other worldly entities, while his cards all have bound spells (based on what image is on them) which are tied to the fate of whoever he is using them on. So someone who is meant for something greater, even if he is trying to hurt him, may get a boon from the cards because his fate lies somewhere different.

That's the general idea but I am still working on it.
Character Name: Alistair Maccoule
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Magic: Teleportation - He can 'blink' to any location within his field of vision, as well as move objects within his possession. This is how he accomplishes his sword-swallowing feat; the blade goes down his throat, but actually materializes to some other location.

General Appearance:

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Build: Slight, athletic

Talents: Highly athletic and a gifted fencer, with a flair for showmanship.
Fears: Losing his sight, losing his hands; being unable to fence. He would sooner die than lose his special abilities. This stems from a greater fear of being or becoming useless.

General Personality: Ali is devil-may-care incarnate. Aloof and seemingly uncaring, with an ego to boot, some people find Ali's presence hard to stomach. Ali is fond of showing off his skills, constantly shifting his hand underneath women's skirts with his teleportation ability, or twirling one of his many swords in a flourish. A consummate flirt, Ali rarely passes the opportunity to engage with any and all women.

One paragraph about your characters life: Alistair was raised by his mother, never knowing his father. Constantly around women and being doted upon, Ali came to relish in the attention of women. Ali was trained in stage acting by his mother, who was a well-regarded acrobatic actress who played many 'action' heroines, and was taught a very special brand of stage fencing by his mother. Ali spent many years of his life cultivating this style of swordsmanship to become viable against other fencers.
The post is well written, Cookie Monster. <3 I'll make a post for you tomorrow.
Character Name: Zolrale "Zol" Tenrega
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Magic: Illusions, from the small to the grand Zol is a talented young illusionist. She uses her ability to great effect in her contortionist or acrobatics acts. Her most advanced spell delays others perception of an area or object for a length of time. The wider the area or longer the time span the more energy it takes. As an example, in combat she could use it one her self and an enemy would persevering her as see was half a second ago. they would see her five feet away running at them with a knife when she is really right in front of them about to kill them.

General Appearance: A round face with a triangular chin her face is framed by dark brown hair that hangs to the middle of her back and is tied back with a purple ribbon. She stands at about 5'9" with a slender figure . she usually wears tight fitting pants dyed various colors and white blouse ruffled around the shoulders and wrists, and waist.

Talents: Athletic and lithe Zol has a very good sense of balance and has a moderate skill in the martial arts
Fears: Zol is one of those rare people who isn't afraid of anything, and if she is you would be wise to be afraid of it too. her only real fear is being disabled, or death, everyone fears death.
General Personality: Upbeat and optimistic Zol piratically refuses to see the bad in any given situation. However if its truly a serious matter she can be refreshingly down to earth. In general Zol can get along with any one and isn't easily angered; However, it is wise not to try as her wrath goes way beyond the "woman scored" kind.

One paragraph about your characters life: Zolrale was orphaned at the age of 5 and as her parents were barely lower class she had to fend for her self for the remainder of her child hood. When she turned 12 she joined a traveling fair that passed through town. There she began to learn the trade and practiced magic under the fair's seer. At the age of 17 Zol decided that she had gained all she could the small group and moved on to a larger and more prosperous traveling circus.
You guys make me happy!
Welcome a aboard and I hope you'll enjoy yourself.

Oh, and many thanks, Fluff-ball~! :3

A quick question:
Do you usually keep a posting order or is it a 'post-as-you-come' type of roleplay?
Character Name: Ellessa Osatra
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Magic: Changing the forms of objects to her will. (Kinda like manifestation but they don't appear out of nowhere. She needs an object to change and it only lasts for 24 hours.) Heightened senses.

General Appearance:
Talents: She's proficient in a lot of weapons. She can draw well and she can speak/read backwards. She's also a great bellydancer.
Fears: Very crowded places, small, enclosed spaces, being buried alive
General Personality: She has Asperger's Syndrome and she hears voices. She's shy and can't read body language very well. She doesn't take change well and doesn't really understand that what she says can hurt others. She doesn't recognize subtle changes in tone or inflection or things that alter the meaning of a statement. She takes sarcastic comments literally and generally avoids eye contact with others. She hates loud noises, strong smells, bright lights, and certain textures like rough fabrics and super soft fabrics. She also has ADHD. She's hyper among friends and can't stay focused for very long unless she's very interested.

From the time she was little, Ellessa was different. Her parents noticed but could never understand how to help her with her social issues. Eventually her parents were murdered by the king's assassins for having magical powers. Ellessa didn't display any magical talent at that age so they let her live but made her watch as they slit her parents' throats. As she grew older, she started noticing she could see, hear, and smell things far away. Then one day, as a result of a tantrum, she found she had the power to change the form of objects. She practiced and practiced but could never get the objects to remain in the same form for over 24 hours. She traveled to many different towns in search of weapon specialists so she could hunt down the monsters that killed her parents. She learned a lot about weapons, fighting, and her own powers.
I try to let everyone get a post in, but generally, just post-as-you-come.
Name: Alexandros Delnoir
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Magic: Manipulation and manifestation of fire and ice.

Appearance: I'll get this in a bit. No time now.

Talents: Experience with his magic makes for a rather environmentally friendly decorations in the form of ice sculptures, improvised ramps, ladders, and if need be, handling the unsavory sorts. Fire manipulation can make for a rather impressive fire breathing act if need be. He's essentially useful on all fronts of the circus.

Fears: One of the things that comes with manipulation of two very dangerous elements is a very thick skin for fears. If he has them, he never lets it show when he's around them.

Personality: Sociable and fond of a good time, Alexandros is a fairly approachable person at any given time. Beyond a seemingly care free attitude is a vast sense of justice. If you're Alexandros' friend, and someone comes to threaten you, he won't hesitate to rough up your assailant a bit. He's a very reliable person.

Life: Alexandros, unlike many people around him, seems to have grown up fairly normally. Having grown up in a rather small, if backwater town, his talents came to be a delight to his peers, even if it did get him in trouble over a few burnt down fences and the occasional patch of freezer burn. When he was 16 he began to try using his powers as more of a traveling vigilante, which worked for awhile until he started needed to keep a low key given the fact that burning and freezing assassins tends to have people throw more and more of them at you, self-defense or not. As a result, center stage is not exactly a good position for him. No telling who might recognize him. Instead he prefers to work backstage. If he ever does preform, it will be with a mask. His only regret in life right now is that he can't use his powers more freely.
Might i join ur enjoyable little troupe