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Live recordings on albums?

  1. Yeah!

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  2. No thanks

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  1. In terms of music you listen to at home - not talking about going to shows - do you like listening to live recordings?

    I don't; I find the cheers distracting, especially when they go over the song. I also don't like when artists improvise or ad lib their songs because I like to sing or lip synch or tap along, and it screws me up. I appreciate the spontineitiy and that it makes the show special (ie; different from listening at home) for the concert-goers, but I don't like it >.<
  2. Sometimes there is this interaction some bands/artists have that just becomes part with the music. Or a crowd goes completely silent. In a way you sense the vibes going through you going through such a great mass of people, even though you aren't there.

    It doesn't work for every band/artist, or every song even, but with the right composition of sound, setting and people. That is like having a second band on stage and an experience by proxy.

    And then you look at your wallet semi-depressed cause you wanna see them live.
  3. Nah.

    I'm listening for the song, not the crowd.
  4. Eh. Live recordings are certainly different but I never really saw them as worse... I've never had particularly strong feelings either way, really.
  5. I voted no thanks because most of the time I'd rather not have them. It's rather dependent on the audience noise levels and the quality of the live recording though. Like if it's a live play session done in a studio or other setting with no audience shenanigans? Sure, bring it on. A live show recording where the audience isn't being a bunch of screaming idiots? Might be good, I'll give it a chance. Live recordings of concerts where the extra noise gets in the way of hearing the music? Nah man.

    Generally this means live recordings end up being annoyances to me, but there have been plenty of exceptions.
  6. I am pretty much with everybody else on this one. D: I prefer the studio versions for my listening time, cause crowds and noise are distracting.

    SOMETIMES though there will be a live song that is totally awesome and there is no alternative. O___O Like, I wish Adam Lambert would do studio versions of the songs he sang with Queen on their tour.

    And on rare occasions when the live version is even better than the studio, that's always cool!
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  7. Live recordings are something I have to be in the mood for, and only something I'll listen to if I really love the performers. You won't catch me buying just any old live performances, no matter how many incentives some average band claims to provide. As a matter of fact, the only live performances I own are by Nine Inch Nails -- my all-time favorite band.
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