Little Voice on Your Shoulder

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Is there someone that comes to mind when you consider doing something, a sort of little voice that you worry about disappointing?

Moonlit Blade

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Really, I don't -usually- have a voice in my head telling me not to do something. I don't usually take BIG risks, or do anything bad, since I'm so laid back, but when I'm in a relationship, I always try my best not to disappoint my significant other, or do anything that would make them thing less of me or embarrass them.


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I used to. For most of my life, I've had a guilty conscious, so whenever I did something I knew was wrong, I'd take it really hard and listen to that voice chastise me. I always had to learn the hard way. I couldn't always trust my parents' judgement since they didn't want me to do anything I wanted to do.

Now, I don't really hear that voice anymore. Not too sure what happened to it. Maybe because I'm all grow'd up, alls I need is my one voice. Or I killed it and ate it. >>; We'll never know.
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I don't really hear a voice, just get a sense of what is right or wrong. I've found that for many situations there isn't always a right or wrong way to go, but when I sit down and look at all the factors surrounding a problem I can usually come up with a solution that puts my mind at ease.


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No little voice, no one I particularly think of, etc. I know my right from wrong, good from bad, etc.

As an aside, the proprietors (and their kids) of the new age shop I frequent in the area refer to me as "Conscience." They haven't called me Alan since 2001. I used to advise a friend of mine, which became him and some of the customers of the shop. I earned the name from that, and it's stuck to this day.


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The only voice in my head is my own, and has always been like that. D: While growing up I never had any role model figures that I trusted, so I relied on my own feelings of what was right and wrong.

These days I have people I love and respect. But I am so used to relying on my own voice, that it's the only one in my head. XD


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The voice is mine. It knows every secret. It knows every button to push. It is relentless and knows no mercy. It is unafraid to kick when I'm down. It is always there. It is guilt. It is paranoia. It is shame. It speaks the fear I try to deny and reminds me constantly of my failings. It been there as long as I can remember and whenever it speaks I know its just me and I won't bring me down.

On the doing things side of this questions, no, no voice, just feelings.