Little things you can do to make the world a better place!

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  1. These are really little, sometimes seemingly insignificant things that don't directly affect YOU maybe, but they affect SOMEONE and there's something YOU can do to fix it, that most of the time requires little to no effort on your part!

    Here are some of mine!
    • Taking the time to put your shopping carts into a corral!
    • Related to that, if you can pick up a shopping cart on your way in (don't go out of your way if it's inconvenient), do so! This saves the cart-pushers time and helps reduce the amount of time they have to spend in the searing heat!
    • Pull all the way up in the drive thru rather than leaving huge amounts of space between you and the car in front of you, so that others can order/pay!
    • If you know you're about to pay for something (like in the checkout line or in the drive thru), have your payment ready when you get there! You've been in line anyway, you might as well prepare!
    What are some of yours?
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  2. Holding the door open for the elderly.
    Leaving coupons you don't need on top of the matching product on the shelf.
    Not leaving items you don't want lying around in the store--putting them back where they belong.
    Cleaning up your table after eating to make it easier on the wait staff.
    Giving that guy that asked you for a quarter your change when you leave the store.
    Letting people know you like their art.
    Walking into a food store prepared with your order.
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    • Taking a fucking single breath before exploding when someone pulls out in front of you. They legitimately might not have seen you.
    • Using your blinker and checking twice before turning. Always.
    • Actually stopping at a stop sign. Not just rolling to it and then accelerating.
    • Helping that short lady grab something from the top shelf.
    • When someone's at the butcher shop looking confused about a cut of meat, offer a quick cooking tip if they aren't engaged. It's usually a solid sell for the butcher.
    • Don't nitpick your dealer when he offers you good stuff. He doesn't always get exact choices either.
    • Always carry a bit of aspirin with you. Never know when you or someone else may need it.
    • First aid kits. Have one and at least basic understanding of treating a minor wound.
    • Offer advice if someone needs it. They don't want it? Then they don't want to improve.
    • If the trash can is full. WALK TO THE NEXT ONE. DON'T KEEP PLAYING TRASH JENGA.
    • Smile. Even if they don't smile back, they'll remember it.
    • Actually engage people. When someone greets you at the drive-thru don't just spout your order, ask them how they are and get a response. Then order politely. It means a whole lot to them.
    • If a man is gay, don't keep bringing up dicks to him. He knows what he likes, you just might be the confused one.
    • Don't just throw out clothes. Donate them.
    • Compost your coffee grinds.
    • Eat a bit better.
    • Stop. Take a breath. It'll be alright. If alright isn't the next step. It doesn't matter. It could be any number of the next ones. All in how long you look forward to it.
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  3. - Wishing people a good day. Most people genuinely appreciate it.
    - Try some smiling-- it makes people comfortable.
    - Take a moment to remember all the good things you've done. Letting anxiety or guilt take over doesn't feel great and will do you no good in the long run.
    - Carry water everywhere you go. You or somebody else could need it. Hydration is key for everyone.
    - Hi, please, and thank you can get you a long way.
    - Keep your doors closed in the parking lot. If someone is trying to pull into/out of a parking space and you've got your door wide open, they'll have to wait and probably back up the whole lot.
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  4. I do little things to make the world a better place every day I work. I work at a school for special needs children. Doing things as little as giving them hugs, smiling at them, joking with them, and having a good attitude makes them happy. I try to do these things every time I work. They take little effort, and it makes the kids have brighter days. ^_^
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  5. Things Dina does:

    - Always smile at strangers, no matter how crappy you feel. They'll aaaalways smile back!

    - Be really nice to your cashiers and waiters, even if they suck. They take a lot of abuse from shitty customers and they'll appreciate having someone nice to them.

    - Be nice to door to door salesmen. Let them do their pitch before you turn them down. They get a chance to practice on someone who isn't slamming a door in their face!

    - Put away the damn shopping cart. >:[

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  6. -Letting people cross the street when you are in a car. They are outside in the elements while you are in a car you are safe from the elements and can change the temperature. You also aren't going to be any later by letting someone across the road for a few seconds.
    -When shopping at any store, don't stand in front of the aisles or shelves as other people are shopping or associates have to stock the shelves that you may be blocking. Same with standing in the middle of the aisle.
    -Help pay the difference for someone if they are a few dollars short. (Depending on the item. I personally wouldn't pay the difference for someone buying Alcohol and Cigarettes. They could be spending their money on something better.)
    -Don't honk at people that don't floor on the gas right when the light turns green. They might be driving Manual. I drive Manual and it pisses me off to no end when someone honks at me a second after the light is green. Gotta release the clutch bruh, I don't drive automatic like you.
    -Don't go between lanes when driving because you don't want to drive the speed limit and you are trying to pass. You are endangering people with that kind of driving, you could hit someone or vice versa.
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  7. To add to this they might be doing a Left-Center-Right check.
    My Driving school taught me this, you always want to take a second or two after the light goes green to check both sides of the intersection before crossing.

    It prevents the majority of collisions caused by Jay-walkers or someone trying to run a red light.
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  8. Also, some of us might be student drivers who also tend to get nervous kind of easily, especially when trying to operate a metal machine of death capable of moving at dozens of miles an hour who really don't appreciate getting honked at for no good reason why the fuck is everyone so impatient will waiting an extra second really make you late for wherever the hell you're so desperate to be????

    But really, give people the benefit of the doubt when you're on the road. Not everyone is a moron who needs to be honked at. I'm sure some people are, but you don't know what's going on in all those other vehicles. Cars move pretty fucking fast anywho and whatever's going on in front of you probably isn't going to slow you down too much. Show a little consideration for the drivers around you and the complicated lives they lead and whatever it is that may be leading them to perform a bit less-than-perfectly today. I'm sure you'll get to work on time without making some poor student driver freeze up out of nervousness.
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  9. It also doesn't help when some new drivers are still trying to kick natural reflexes that might pop up in panicked like that.

    Ex: Swerving away from danger.
    Natural reaction, dodge/try to avoid it. It makes sense why we have this reaction.
    On the road though? Oh God please no... I made this mistake twice in my driving career so far, and both times I'm shocked it didn't lead to an accident.
  10. >.< In my case I tend to freeze up and sort of just stop when I think I'm doing something wrong. So, you honk at me if I haven't moved yet at a green light, I'm staying right fucking put for another second or two out of nervousness. ...And then also sort of slam on the gas when I process what's going on and realize I should be moving. Needless to say, neither of those maneuvers are very safe, but I mean I wasn't doing anything wrong before I was honked at soooooo...

    Thankfully I'm a lot better at driving now than I was a mere couple of months ago, and I feel like I've mostly gotten past a lot of that and am much calmer driving now. But, given the fact that my memories of struggling with these things are still rather recent... yeah, I certainly ain't giving anyone shit on the road. Especially not when I've seen cars in front of me that I was about 95% sure were also student drivers because they were making the same mistakes I would've made not too long ago, and I feel like anyone who didn't have those memories so fresh in their mind probably would've assumed that this person somehow deserved to be honked at simply for not knowing how to car even though the only way to really learn is to throw yourself out there and subject yourself to all the impatient fucks in the world who somehow think that going out of their way to honk at you is actually going to get them to their destination faster.
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  11. I've been improving a good amount too thankfully, but some bad habits still stick around at the moment.

    I do also find it ridiculous (Yet I understand why) that learning to drive requires people to be on the main road.
    I mean one of the main aspects of learning is making mistakes, that's how people learn and grow.
    On the road though? Making a mistake at best get's you road rage, which doesn't help for confidence or stability, at worst it can get you killed.

    It's possibly one of the most vital skills to learn for one's safety and independence, yet it's also the most unfriendly and dangerous towards humans natural method of learning.
  12. What Kaga and Gwen were saying, agree with. When I was first learning how to drive Manual. I was still nervous about being on the road with others, I'm more focused on not trying to kill the engine, not how much time I am wasting.
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