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Hello and welcome! I am pridol, new to the site, though not at all new to roleplaying-- or graphic design.​
This will be a place for me to post my works, though it will primarily serve as a requests shop! Among the things that can be requested are:
RP Banners
OC Drawings (Occasionally)
Character FaceClaim Graphics
If you think of something else you would like that is not listed above, request it! Chances are, if it can be done on Photoshop, I will figure it out.
That being said, I can not guarantee that each and every request will be within my capabilities, and I retain the right to refuse any request that I do not wish to complete, for whatever reason. However, my plan is to give everything my best shot!

Requests I Will Not Do, No Questions Asked:
-Anything to do with Five Nights At Freddy's. Don't even bother asking.
-Anything supporting or bashing any particular RELIGION. Spiritualities and religious are not the same thing. If you aren't sure if your request fits this category, ask me, I will determine what side of the line it's on.
-Anything that is of a particularly racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory and/or prejudiced nature.

Previous Works

Submission Form

Request Type:
(Banner, Signature, Avatar, Character Drawing)
(Links to the images that you wish for me to use. High quality only.)
Themes: ("Girly, bright, colorful, dark, horror" etc. Genres and adjectives to describe the overall feel of what you want.)
Text: (Any text you would like included on the image)
Description/Other: (Any other information about how you want it done)
Size: (Can be general or exact)

Request Type:

*please note that character drawing typically takes longer than graphic work.

All of my graphics work is completed free of charge, but if you would like to make a donation to the Pridol Paypal Art Supplies Fund, it is always encouraged and appreciated, and I'd be more than happy to give you my information via PM.


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Request type: Ava
Images: my current ava
Themes: Don't care go crazy
Text: Edward 真実の言葉
Describ-o: Go crazy, just wanna see what you can do with it
Size: the same size as it is currently