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    Katasha sat high in a tree looking out into the lake. She was bored and grew impatient waiting for her next victim to arrive. With a sigh she stood to her feet and jumped backwards off the tree. Landing gently on the ground. If anyone did come running through the forest her traps or another cloaked one would surely catch them. Maybe the village people had learned their lessons about the forest. She giggled slightly to herself. There was always one kid who would travel into this forest sometimes even adults. She walked slowly into the woods coming across the place her and the cloaked children lived. She heard a loud crow like sound coming from the trees and smiled when she saw Nighteyes. Her pet hawk. She held out her arm and the hawk gently flew to her wrist. She glanced into the birds eyes. His eyes were as black as her soul. Maybe that's why that got along so well. She gently rubbed the birds head before laying under a tree. She didn't feel like entering the cave where they stayed. Not, because she didn't want to be bothered with anyone. Simply, because she had this odd feeling. Like something was going to happen soon. Something...unusual.
  2. Lolita sat on the cold floor of the cave shelter pacing. She stared at the light that was given off by the sun, and she scowled at it. With a giggle, she ran to her things and pulled out a spell book she took off of a body she mutilated the day before. She wanted to try a few of the spells to see if they really worked or not. The village people that banished her seemed to think she was a serious threat. Perhaps she could get more bodies and more tasty blood. It was like a craving or a desire for blood; she needed it.
  3. Ivy just got back from the hunt. Although, she was quite sure the rest were hunting people instead of dinner. She was glad the villagers had stayed away from the forests for their own safety and also the safety of the Cloaked Children. They seemed to want to ambush them and Ivy didn't like that. She only liked to kill when necessary and when they threaten to hurt any of the Cloaked Children, well, Ivy does what is needed of her to protect them.

    She placed her hunt on the side of the cave, having it recently cleaned at a nearby lake. The wild boar was good enough for them for two meals or so, she thought. She looked around and spotted Katasha under the tree, napping. She smiled and heard the movements inside of the cave.

    "Lolita, would you kindly please start a fire?" Ivy always took the motherly role in the group, having been one of the eldest. She asked Lolita specifically because the girl seemed to like destruction and have the affinity for anything that destroys. However, her lovely Katasha was deathly scared of fire.
  4. Machiavelli wondered soundlessly through the woods, checking all of his traps for potential victims or meals. It was a near daily task, so he no longer had trouble pin pointing exactly what obstetrical he would face and what direction he would have to turn. Disappointingly enough, the only thing his traps managed to ketch in the span of twenty four hours was a few squirrels who had the misfortune to wonder into one. Hardly a worth while catch. After a good bit of time spent cleaning out and resetting the traps, Machiavelli wondered his way back to camp.
  5. Kajja hummed quietly to himself as he skipped through the forest, throwing small sticks and rocks in various directions.
    He was having a grand ole time on his own in the woods, liking that he could always play whenever he wanted to here.
    He hugged his cloak around his shoulders as a breeze rolled through and soon figured it time to find something to eat for the night. Continuing his humming, he walked on, looking around for food.
  6. (I had forgotten about this RP. Now, I'll just jump in anywhere.)

    I stalked through the forest quietly, watching out for anything suspicious. A low sigh rolled off of my tongue and disappeared into the air. I've inspected nearly the whole forest, but I hadn't found anything. Maybe I should fly over and check if there's anything I haven't seen, I thought. I began to concentrate as I thought of my European dragon as myself.

    My eyes became black, and pupils have formed cat like. I felt all of my teeth become sharp, and my skin became a darker than coal black, along with my nails. My nails grew thick, sharp, long and curved, and my fingers grew longer. I felt my spiked tail grow, appearing from under my skirt. Apparently, wings appeared on my back, going through the slits I had created in my wear. My body form became strange shaped, and by then I was already on all of my limbs. I became larger in size by the second, until I had fully become my dragon.

    Trees around my had fallen with a loud sound of thunder in the air... I shot up far into the sky, so my targets wouldn't see me if they were out in the shadows.

    (Here's the type of teeth I meant to describe:
  7. Lolita looked to one of the elder Cloaks and nodded when she asked Lolita to build a fire. This would be a wonderful time to try the fire spell in her brand new book. She left to get a few things, walking through the forest like a hooded wraith. Her eyes scanned the area until she found it. When she did, Lolita returned and performed the spell flawlessly. There was a quiet whisper in the back of her mind and then a spark shot from among the kindle wood. Lolita was in silent awe.
  8. {I'm switching to third person.}

    Sapphire didn't see anything suspicious going on, so she decided to head off back to base.

    ::Time Skip::

    Her large figure landed with a thump, shaking the ground a bit. She then became her human figure, her perfectly fine clothing still attached to her body. With a sigh, she simply looked around the area, taking in the appearance of the forest.