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    Little Red Riding Hood

    {Child - 6-12 years}

    "I wanted to be a sailor, or a prince, even Pinocchio was fine, everything but Little Red Riding Hood!"

    {Teen - 13-19 years}

    "Grandmother, what big tee- No, just cut it out already."

    {Adult - 20+ years}

    "If I were to defy, to make my own choices, would that change the outcome of this story?"

    Phineas Chaput


    "Wouldn't the world be a much better place if we didn't focus on its faults so much?"

    "Just one cookie won't be missed, right?"

    "When you've always grown to believe there is only one path, you just follow."

    "Mother says that it is my inexperience with the world."

    "If I see the wolf I will just pull its tail!"

    "Even my own mother never dared to yell at me!"


    - Round amber eyes
    - Dark blonde
    - As a child fairly small, as a teen clumsily tall

    Notable NPC's


    "There is no appreciation left for the old!"

    A very, very, lovely granny who hates to sit still. She likes to pretend that she is the grumpy sort of grandmother, but in reality she is a sweetheart who wouldn't dare to hurt even a fly. She dislikes her new role in the story, but knows that she has no other choice but to follow through with the story assigned to her and her family. Wishes that it could have been different, but is at least happy that she can finally eat these cookies she had to bring and bake so much. Less thrilled about the fact that she needs to be eaten by the Big Bad Wolf, but finds herself reassured in the fact that she will be saved. Hopefully.


    "You can't escape fate."

    Gentle and meek in character. Phineas takes after her by a lot. Kind of, their docile nature in which they just comply to their so-called 'fate' is the same at least. Phineas is definitely much brighter than his mother is, but that may also have to do with experience. Mother is someone who has given up a lot, dreams, loves, interests for the role of Little Red Riding Hood. She has suffered in her own way despite not carrying out the role of a villain. She is satisfied with life now, knowing that she is now fulfilling the easiest and probably the most enjoyable role.

    By the way, Misa, it was your turn to reply.​
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  2. [​IMG]

    " I still don't understand why I have to be a bad guy. I'm good I promise"


    "What big teeth I have? Heh, the better to gobble you up with little lamb"

    "They wanted a villain, fine. I'll be the best damn villain they've ever seen. They'll regret what they've done."

    Meredith Aleah Payne

    Child: 6-12 years
    Teen: 13-19 years
    Adult: 20+ years


    Stubborn || "Once I commit to something, I mean fully commit, I won't give up"

    Aggressive || "You really don't want to see me angry"

    Hard-working || "Do the job right the first time"

    Vulgar || "I say whatever the hell I want. Got a problem?"

    Possessive || "No I will not share because what's mine is mine!"

    Passionate || "I just have deep, strong feelings, that's all"

    Kind || "I'm not evil, I promise"

    Hard Hearted || "Once you've ruined my trust, or betrayed me, you're dead to me


    - Light golden amber eyes (pupils are slits, perks of being part wolf)

    -Red Hair

    -Brown ears and tail

    - Retractable Nails/claws

    -Fangs (perks of being part wolf)

    -As a child small and delicate, as a teenager, she is still small(short) but more of a fighter, as an adult, she is more aggressive, a seasoned fighter, still short tho. She stops growing at 5'4. Also as an adult she's been trained not only in combat but in magic as well.

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  3. [​IMG]

    “I’m not a girl,” Red whimpered. Meredith could understand, she wasn't a boy yet she was stuck playing the role of Big Bad Wolf. She wasn't evil, or bad in the least. Okay maybe she stole sweets from the cupboard from time to time when father wasn't looking, but that didn't make her a criminal. Worthy to suffer the fate of the wolf or worthy to face the hatred and taunts of all the other people living in this land. Why was she chosen for eternal torture? What had she ever done to deserve this? She had come to understand that if there was a God out there, he didn't care for her, for some odd reason. Her brown ears pressed against her head and her tail hung low. A small sigh escaped her lips, this really was a terrible day.

    “Here, have it,” the hooded boy said as he handed her a cookie. She looked up at him with wide amber eyes. What was this? “Gwanny will hawe two vait vor anofer dway,” he said as he took a big bite out of his. Meredith held her cookie in both of her small hands, wondering why he would do something so nice to her. They were not supposed to get along right? Still, as usual her body tended to betray her and act out her thoughts. Her tail wagged happily and she took a bite out of her cookie. The sound of the soft crunch reached her ears and they perked up. A slight blush came to her cheeks as she happily devoured her cookie, making soft slurping sounds as she licked the crumbs off her fingers and hands.

    “It is yummy, isn’t it?” Meredith nodded in agreement. Those cookies were a thousand times better than what she could ever make. Then again, she didn't get the chance to make too many sweets because they couldn't afford the ingredients. She smiled thankfully at the boy. Maybe he wasn't so bad after all. Maybe not all people were terrible. That's when her ear started to twitch. She frowned turning her head in the direction of the sound her ears had picked up on. Something was approaching them, but the boy didn't seem to notice. The benefits of being a part wolf was her great hearing though she wouldn't call that a plus at the moment. Whatever it was, it was getting closer towards them, rustling the leaves in the bushes. “You know…” the boy started to say before finally noticing the sound.

    A stomping sound could be heard as well as a low guttural growl. Meredith was frozen, the color leaving her completely. The boy seemed to have a similar reaction, but he was quick on his feet. He grabbed a hold of her arm, staring into her amber eyes looking petrified. “B-b-b...b-b-b-b-b-b-…” he stammered, but he didn't need to say anymore. Meredith knew what it was. They were going to die. Meredith couldn't move, even though she so badly wanted to. The boar hadn't seemed to notice them, but it was only a matter of time. She took a shaky breath as she stared at the beast that would be her undoing. Her tail was literally in between her legs as she shook with fear. What was she supposed to do? She was a tiny girl, she couldn't beat this thing. “BOAR!” the hooded boy shouted, scaring the beast. She hoped it would get scared and run away, of course, that would be wishful thinking. The boar got ready to charge at them and Meredith was still frozen in place.

    “Mo---ove!” the boy shouted at her before pulling her along as they sprinted away from the charging boar. Her little legs felt as heavy as lead, but she ran along with him. Why was he taking the time to save her? She didn't get it at all. She was panting by now, the sound of her heart was beating loudly in her ears as she ran her fastest to keep up with the boy. Soon they reach a cabin, a much better-looking one than her own. The boy had been shouting for his mother, but there was no answer. “Key, keys,” he mumbled as he turned every which way to search for the keys. “H-help me look!” he said with a shaky voice.

    Meredith nodded and started to look around for where the keys might be. But if she wasn't fast enough the boar would catch up and she could still hear it in the distance. That's when she got the idea, she went over to the door and looked into the keyhole. At her house, whenever her dad would lock things away she could get in with lock picking. Another perk of being a wolf. Retractable nails. She made her nails longer as she wiggled them around inside the keyhole, her ear pressed against the door listening for the right moment when she could--click.

    "I've got it!" She shouted, proud of herself as she turned the handle and the door opened. "C'mon, hurry! It's getting closer!" She whispered to him, the boar wasn't too far from them now. They need shelter to hide from the beast.

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  4. [​IMG]

    Throwing over pots and lifting up loose tiles Phineas was lyrical as to find the key. The boar was heading towards them and fast. He didn’t know how much longer the beast would take to get to them, but surely with four limbs compared to their short two, it would be faster, right? The young boy didn’t know much about boars, nor had he ever seen one in real life. However, he knew, just by the look of the beast earlier, that it was dangerous to stand still for too long. He, however, didn’t know that he wouldn’t have had to run if he hadn’t screamed so loudly and scared the animal. Just the appearance of the beast had scared him out of his wits, making his actions a little rash and not all too smart.

    Just as he started to feel tears well up in his eyes, feeling the frustration building up inside of him over his inability to find the key, Phineas heard the girl whisper harshly at him. Had she found it at last? Had she truly done so? Getting up from his spot the boy hurried over to the girl's side.

    The brunet wondered why his mother had to choose now of all times to leave their little cottage. Why none of the villagers had come out to the screaming voices of the panicked youth. However he gave himself little time to think as he stared into the darkness that laid behind the door. That was odd, but the young Red Riding Hood again didn’t give himself much time to think. The heavy beats of the boar’s hooves made him jump into action again, pushing the wolf girl with him into the hut, quickly closing the door just as the boar came into sight.

    With one pull the door slammed shut to them. Not soon after another slam was heard on the other side of the door, shaking up the whole hut that the two of them had sought refuge in. Phineas was still hanging onto the handle with all his weight as the impact happened, making him drop down to the floor by the force. A few more slams happened afterwards, but the boar soon decided that it had enough. Hearing a few more growls and the scarping of its hooves over the dirt they were then left in silence. Silence and darkness, for their only source of light earlier had been the open door, which had now been closed.

    Slowly crawling up from his spot the boy sneezed a little at the dust that crawled up into his nose. Strange, his house was usually clean and dust-free, his mother always made sure that there was no speck to be found. She hated dirty places and always made sure to force Phineas to do his chores as to maintain the household. “Mom?” he called out, his arms reaching out in front of him as he had trouble seeing in the dark. He knew, however, that his mother wasn’t at home. She would never leave the door locked otherwise, or the house in darkness, or in dust. How long had he been gone anyway? The boy believed that he hadn’t seen the day falling into night yet, so it couldn’t have been a day yet, right? He couldn’t have left for so long that the dust could gather, right?

    “Can you open a window, wolf-girl?” the young Riding Hood asked, his arms still feeling around him for the way. It was odd how many obstacles he ran into when he was sure that he could find his way around in the house blindly. Was his mother reorganising the place? Again, this crossed him as odd as he knew that she wouldn't leave her work unfinished either. "Oww," he winced as he walked into something again, a small thud was heard afterwards, signifying how it also fell down. Again a cloud of dust sprang up, crawling and tickling his nose and Red Riding Hood sneezed again. This place was truly odd.

    Walking into another small figure Phineas grabbed around him, hoping to prevent another fall from happening. This time he realised that he had grabbed onto a someone, or something. “Puck?” he questioned, feeling up to the face of the stranger he had just grabbed. The soft fur and ears he felt were similar to that of his dog, but why was it so close to his own face? Frowning a little the boy tried to feel for its shoulders, hands trailing down the neck of the figure in front of him. He noticed how his dog felt cold to the touch. Cold and hard, almost as if it was lifeless. “Puck, down boy. The doctor said you can’t stand on your hind legs for too long,” Phineas scolded the shadow he was holding, trying to gently push it down. He didn’t realise, however, that the shadow he was holding wasn’t his dog and that he wasn’t where he believed himself to be.

    “Puck,” Phineas tried to sound stern despite the obvious anxiety he had been living in earlier. His voice was still trembling as he spoke, the shock of earlier not completely out of his system. “I said down,” he tried again, this time he was a little more forceful in his actions. “You won’t get a treat if you don’t,” Phineas continued with squinted eyes. Hopefully his dog would listen to him if he threatened to take away his cookies. Again, there was no movement, no reaction, or action, making the boy frown. Something was definitely wrong.

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  5. [​IMG]

    Something smelled weird. And it wasn't what she was expecting a home to smell like. At least, this wasn't what her home smelled like at all. But at least now they were saved from that monster outside. She was thankful for that at least. Still, it was pretty dark in this room. But even with its darkness, she could make out shapes so she wasn't too bad. At least that was helpful. She could even make out little red stumbling around in the dark, yet another perk of not being completely human. Sometimes she hated that she was some...thing..but other times, much like this, she could appreciate the small bonuses.

    “Can you open a window, wolf-girl?” little red said to her before bumped into something. Merie saw little red's dark shape fall down and she winced for him. "My name's Meredith by the way," she said softly in the darkness. Then she made her way towards what she believed was a window. There were tiny cracks here and there in the wood that let in some light that she could see upon closer inspection. Standing on something, she wasn't sure what it was, a box maybe, feeling around for the lock clasp she unlocked the window and then opened it to let in some much needed light. She hadn't really been focusing on what little red was doing, or saying rather. She heard him but it was nothing but background noise. Hopping down from the small square table she had climbed up on, not that she could see she saw it was a table, she turned towards where little red was. "Hey, what's your--" she stopped for a second, taking in the scene. In front of little red he was touching this huge wolf. But it wasn't moving. Something was wrong with it.

    Her ears flattened against her head as she slowly backed away from whatever that thing was. She didn't think little red's mom would be into this stuff. She wasn't watching where she was going and she eneded up bumping into a table and something clattered to the floor. Looking at it, it was metal, she believed and heavy, as she tried to hold it. she looked down the barrel still trying to figure out what exactly it was. It looked like something she'd seen her papa hold. Turning the object around she spun the wheel on the side. She had seen her father with this before. What had he called it? A revolver? Whatever that meant. The revolver had a button on the bottom which she pulled which released a loud bang in the room. Making a hole in the wall. Scaring herself she quickly dropped the revolver and quickly dashed to the other side of the room, beside red, clinging to him, shaking, and scared.

    Like most animals, she hated loud noises. Besides, that revolver was scary, it made a hole in the wall. It was dangerous, it could've made a hole in her! "Why does your mom have such a scary thing in her house?" Meredith whispered fiercely to little red.
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  6. [​IMG]

    “My name’s Meredith by the way.”

    Phineas didn’t pay the girl too much heed as he was still pushing at his dog. Puck was being stubborn today it seemed. Gritting his teeth the boy gave the shadow in front of him one last push before the light flooded into the room, revealing where they were and who he was facing exactly.

    Big teeth, large ears, menacing eyes… The boy tumbled backwards as he realised that the shadow in front of him hadn’t been his dog on hind legs. No, it was far worse. It was a wolf, a real wolf, set up and frozen in a growling position. Large and intimidating as it was the beast loomed over him, startling the boy such a great deal that he started to scream, hard.

    “Aaaah!” he screamed, raising up his arm to cover up his head. Though, if the wolf had been alive his arm wouldn’t have done much to protect him. In fact, it wouldn’t have helped at all, for the wolf would have chomped his arm off if it was still alive. Devoured him like the Little Red Riding Hood that he was.

    Silence. It remained silent as Phineas was waiting for his doom to fall on him already. Blinking a little the boy lowered his arm, staring at the large teeth of the canine in front of him as he realised that the beast was missing something. It missed life. It was dead.

    Gulping a little the boy crawled up awkwardly, trying to dust off his clothes as if nothing had happened. He was so not afraid of a wolf. He just hadn’t screamed like a girl at the…

    When the sound of a shot was heard the boy shrunk again, his arms flying up to his head again as he screamed again. This day was terrible, this was horrifying, Phineas wondered why his mother had never told him about this. Why had she never bothered to warn him about all of the dangers in the forest? About everything that could possibly go wrong in a story as stupid and dull as Little Red Riding Hood? This was definitely not part of the story, and if it was he rather be facing Maleficent right now from Sleeping Beauty than whatever was making that noise, than whoever had defeated that wolf and taken it home as a trophy.

    “Mother!” Phineas screamed, his arms wrapping around the figure that hid behind him. The boy didn’t care who this was that was looking for his protection, he needed a shield as well for all of the dangers they were facing in the tiny hut. This was definitely not his house he realised now. That shot, the wolf, that didn’t sound like his mother at all.

    "Why does your mom have such a scary thing in her house?"

    It was the wolf-girl’s voice. She didn’t sound too pleased on what had happened earlier and Phineas winced at her tone. The boy trembled a little, his arms pulled closer around the frame he was holding. “I…” he started with a stutter. He wasn’t quite sure how to reply to the wolf there. Since when, yes? He wondered such as well. His mother never had seemed like the type who liked big animals and dangerous stuff. No, scratch that, his mother never had been the kind who enjoyed any kind of danger at all.

    Slowly opening his eyes the boy then peeked into the little cabin they were standing in. The wolf he had been pushing at earlier was at their right, still growling and showing its teeth in its still and frozen form. Phineas realised that there were more of them in the room. A deer, bear fur, rabbits, Phineas winced at the sight of the severed head of a moose hanged with much pride above the hearth. This was definitely not his mother’s place.

    “Where are we?” he whispered, afraid that the animals standing there would come to live if he spoke too harshly. Slowly releasing his grip on the girl the brunet walked into the room, passing by the table covered in dust and ignoring the window covered in webs. He gulped a little as he saw the metal of the revolver reflected in the sunlight. Was that what had made the sound earlier? The young boy didn’t want to think about it.

    He still had no idea where he was, but a certain feeling told him that he had probably entered the worst possible place for the wolf-girl. Remaining silent for a little longer the boy wanted to reach out to the weapon that had been dropped to the ground, curious as to touch it. Being a hunter seemed so cool inside of his mind. So much cooler than Red Riding Hood. However, after the sound it had made Phineas wasn’t so sure anymore about a career as a hunter.

    “Let’s just leave this place, okay?” he sounded nervous when he spoke again. He didn’t want to stay here any longer, not in this place. “I don’t think Puck or mom are here,” he continued, his voice hoarse as he felt panic washing over him. He was scared, so very scared of what was going to happen if they were found.

    However, as he turned to the door the boy froze up again. “The boar,” he whispered to himself. He didn’t know if it had left yet, but he certainly didn’t want to run into the beast again. Feverishly the boy started to think about what he found worse. Was it the boar or the actual owner of this hut? Turning back around Phineas seemed pale as he was facing the wolf-girl again, fear written all over his face.

    Worst. Day. Ever.

    “Let’s find a backdoor,” he offered, not daring to use the same door they had used to come into this place. Who knows, maybe that this boar was waiting for them outside, right? Shaking his head Phineas tried not to think about it.

    Next prompt: Truth
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  7. [​IMG]

    “Where are we?” Red whispered looking around at the cabin they were in all wide eyed. Meredith/s amber eyes widened in surprise as she stared at him in disbelief. If he didn't know where they were then how was she supposed to know? "W-what do you mean? So this isn't your mother's house?" Meredith asked, her voice rising an octave at the end of her question. She couldn't help it, now she was starting to feel nervous. She was in some stranger's house, that had dead wolves and guns and other scary things. They weren't safe, she wasn't safe, and if she was being honest with herself, that scared her. She could end up like that wolf next. Dead and frozen, like some trophy. She was suddenly starting to piece together where they were. This wasn't some baker lady's house, they were in a hunter's house, and her father had warned her about hunter's many times before.

    Suddenly Meredith found herself holding back tears, hugging herself like it was suddenly cold in the Cabin. Today just wasn't a good day. She had to play a role that she didn't want in the first place, was almost killed by a boar, almost killed herself with a gun in this stupid house, and now she learned she was in a place where people killed things like her for a living. A Living! To tell the truth she wanted to run away, she wanted to yell at Red for thinking it was a good idea for bringing her here to such a dangerous place. Still, she knew it wasn't his fault. They were running for their lives. If it wasn't for him, then she wouldn't be alive. Biting her lip, she blinked away the warm tears that were starting to well up in her eyes.

    “Let’s just leave this place, okay?” Red sounded just as nervous and scared as she was. Still, he wasn't almost crying like she was. He was right, they should leave. Besides, all she needed to do was be brave for just a little bit longer. “I don’t think Puck or mom are here,” Red turned towards the door, suddenly stopping in his tracks, “The boar,” he muttered to himself, before quickly turning to face her, “Let’s find a backdoor,” he suggested and Meredith nodded.

    From what she heard though, the boar had most likely left, still, risking it didn't seem so smart at the moment. So she would follow Red's lead since he seemed to know this area around her better than her. She hadn't been this far from her house before. "Let's hurry before the hunter comes back, I-I don't want to be around when he does," Meredith said softly to Red, her brown ears flattening against her head. Adding a third near death experience to the many events that happened to her today wasn't exactly what she wished for in this moment. Having just one near death experience was enough for her, but instead she had two, and only had herself to thank for that.

    Prompt: Love
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  8. [​IMG]

    Both children were on edge after everything they had encountered and found inside of the house. Phineas could hear the tension rising up inside of Meredith’s voice, gulping a little as he felt partly responsible for her fear. This place was dangerous, obviously, and they had to escape. Even more obvious.

    Walking up to a random door in the house Phineas tried to look for something that looked like a kitchen. Kitchen’s often had backdoors, right? Just like the kitchen in his house. The boy just hoped that his experiences didn’t lie to him. He really wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

    "Let's hurry before the hunter comes back, I-I don't want to be around when he does," Meredith said. Phineas squinted his eyes a little as she said that. “How do you know this is the hunter’s house?” he asked. Of course he had his own suspicions. He had thought that there was a chance that this was the hunter’s place, but at the same time he wasn’t sure. It could really be anyone’s house who liked death animals surrounding them. The only thing certain was that this house wasn’t his, nor that of the wolf-girl.

    He was still standing in front of the closed door of earlier, reluctant on the thought of opening it. He felt scared, what could there behind the door? Judging from the room they were in now he feared the worst. The brunet wasn’t sure if he was ready to find and confirm himself yet, he wondered if he was strong enough to beat whatever was waiting for him behind the wood. Several scenarios of what could, and could not, be found at the other side started to play out in his head. The witch from Hansel and Gretel, the dragon of Maleficent, an ogre… It was evident that Little Red Riding Hood was a little dreamer, one who had his head too much up into the clouds and imagined too much inside of his mind that went for the better or the worse. Phineas loved his stories and fairy tales, but had yet to realise that they weren’t part of his.

    Backing away from the door Phineas wondered whether it would be wise to open the door without a thorough plan. Perhaps he should let Meredith open the door instead? She was strong right? Of course she was, she was a wolf, she should be strong. However, at the same time Meredith was smaller than he was, and a girl. The harsh voice of his father sounded in the back of his mind again. It was repeating a lesson that Phineas had been taught countless times. He was a boy, he should be the stronger one, more courageous. However, Phineas wasn’t sure if he wanted to be a boy anymore if that’s what it took.

    Besides. Little Red Riding Hood was no role for a boy. Yet, here he was. This only supported his lack of boyhood. On any other occasion Phineas would have felt sad about these words, sad and disappointed that he couldn’t live up to the expectations of his beloved father. However, right now he embraced them as excuses not to open the door. He feared the unknown. No matter how often someone told him to ‘man’ up he just didn’t have the guts for it. It was sad, but the truth.

    “Uhm… So…” Phineas broke the silence as he returned to the girl. He ignored how the girl seemed like she was about to cry. He wanted to do so as well, but he knew he shouldn’t. “Let’s just try the doors, okay?” he told Meredith, hoping she wasn’t going to cry for real, that would be troublesome. And hopefully this house even had a back-door.

    Taking the hand of the wolf into his Phineas then took in a deep breath, slowly reaching out for the door he had stood in front of earlier. Pulling the hand down he slowly opened it, his other hand pinching that of Meredith’s, and his eyes tightly shut.


    Opening his eyes ever so carefully the boy slowly walked into the room he had just opened. It seemed like an ordinary room, filled with books and papers. There was a window from which the light fell through, a table placed in front of it. Stepping into the room Phineas wondered why a hunter’s hut would have a small library. When he thought of hunters he didn’t exactly think of readers, or people who liked books at all. Travelling in the boy then walked over to the table, raising himself on his tiptoes as he stared at the parchment laid out on top. What he saw made his eyes widen slightly in surprise.

    “A map…” he whispered. Watching how the intricate lines marked the borders and fancy letters marked the kingdoms of the fairytales and the important locations. It was a map representing the little kingdom they were from and the neighbours. Revealing the locations of all of the fairy tales known in the world and that they were forced to play. Why would the hunter have this in his possession?

    Next prompt: Adventure
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  9. [​IMG]

    “How do you know this is the hunter’s house?” Red asked her. Was it really a mystery? Meredith looked around and saw signs of a hunter living here everywhere so why couldn't red? She remembered what her father would tell her. He told her to always stay away from hunters. They kill people like her for sport. Or sometimes they do it to eat them. He told her that she should be afraid of them because they were dangerous and she was no match for them. She remembered everything he told her, brutal stories that sometimes still gave her nightmares. "Can't you see?" Meredith whispered quietly, "Everything in this house tells me a hunter lives here. Which means I need to get out of here." Her voice was so soft it was barely audible.

    They continued to stand in front of the door, for how long, Meredith couldn't say but she felt like it was forever. 'Well, aren't we going?' Meredith thought to herself. She couldn't understand what the hold up was. The longer they stayed in one place the more likely it was that they would be caught. If they were caught she was dead then that was for sure. And dying certainly wasn't on her to-do list today, yet ever since she left her house she had countless run-ins with death. Meredith shifted her weight from foot to foot, fidgeting impatiently. “Uhm… So…” the boy broke the silence with his timid voice, “Let’s just try the doors, okay?” With that the boy took her hand, squeezing it tightly. That's when she noticed it, the boy was scared too. She could...smell it on him. All this time, Meredith had been so scared she was only thinking about herself but she hadn't taken the time to think about red here. She held onto his hand just as tightly, as if in response to him. To let him know she had his back if anything happened.

    When the door was opened Meredith noted that this wasn't a way outside but actually another room. A room filled with books and things. Taking a few steps inside she sneezed. Her nose picking up the dust that was in the room. Red let go of her hand to wander around as well. Heading over to the table in the middle of the room. Meredith turned her attention to the books on the shelves. Meredith liked to read. She wasn't that good at it yet but when her father would read to her she loved it. It was one of her favorite past times for sure. Other than baking sweets of course.

    “A map…” he whispered. Meredith turned her attention to where Red was and headed over to him. Looking at what he saw she took in the lines and shapes of the map. The locations of all the other fairytales that went on in this kingdom. Her eyes grew wide, she knew there were others out there, but she had never seen them. With this, maybe, maybe she could change her own story? Why should she have to be stuck playing a role such as this when she could be anything? Go anywhere? Suddenly the feelings of fear melted away as she thought of the possibilities this new adventure could bring to her. "Do you know what this means?" She said looking at him, her amber eyes bright with excitement, "We can leave. We can leave and not play this dumb story anymore. With this map, we can go anywhere, be anything! Isn't that amazing?" She wanted to go, she wanted to leave right now. To write a new chapter in her life, to begin a new journey, a new adventure. Red felt just like she did. She didn't want to play this part and neither did he. So why should they stick around? Together they could leave and finally be free at last.

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  10. [​IMG]

    Be anything and everything they wanted?

    Phineas stared at the girl in disbelief. Was there such a thing? Was it possible? He had always been told that he was fated to become Red Riding Hood, nothing more or less. He couldn’t escape or deny it. His destiny had been set and his identity decided from the moment he was born. How could he become someone else, let alone what he wanted to be the most?

    Yet the call of freedom and the smell of adventure tempted the young boy. If this was true, and if this map could help him, then he would be able to escape this fate and do whatever he wanted. Then he wouldn’t have to endlessly repeat a story that he had grown to hate so much and cast away this cloak dotted in the colour he had come to despise.

    However, not only did the map contain heroes of the stories, it also revealed the locations of their enemies. The villains of the fairy tales and these who he should be looking out for. These from which every fairy tale had to look out for. His story happened to have the lame wolf for now, but there was Maleficent, the witch and even dragons! Would Phineas be able to pass by them without getting attacked? The thought that the witch of Hansel and Gretel would eat him before the twins would arrive scared him a great deal.

    Picking up the map the boy examined it a little more carefully. His eyes trailing over all of the drawings that represented the roles divided in their kingdom. There was no distinction made between the good and the bad it seemed, only names and their symbols. The only reason why Phineas knew who the villains were was for the fact that he had learnt them all by heart back in the school benches.

    Trailing over the part where ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ was written in a fancy red font the brunet fell into deep thought as he tried to reconsider wolf’s word. Freedom and adventure awaited for them if they decided to go. However, why had no one else decided to do this before? Why did everyone follow their story so diligently?

    What were they afraid of?

    The boy couldn’t believe that they loved their stories so much as to play it for generations after each other. He certainly didn’t, and he was sure that there were many others who were just like him. Like poor Pinocchio, who could never tell a lie because of his nose. It was because of that reason exactly that no one ever invited Pinocchio to pranks, for he could never keep a secret when asked about it.

    Parting his lips the boy wanted to say something. However, as the sound of a door opening in the other room, the boy paled up. Did the owner of the house, the hunter as Wolf claimed the owner of the hut to be had returned it seems. Frantically looking around for an escape within the room.

    Rolling up the parchment in his hands the boy quickly stuck it inside of the pockets of his cape. “We need to hurry, wolf,” the boy whispered in slight panic. Heavy footsteps went around in the house, the window they had opened earlier shut again with a bump. It wouldn’t take too long for them to be discovered, that if they stood still like they did now.

    Frantically looking around the boy tried to search for an escape. The door was no option anymore, for it would lead them back from where they came from. However, there were no other doors in the room either. Only the window, from which they had to climb through from the table.

    “Quick, Wolf,” the boy stressed as he climbed the table. Feeling his knees shaking in fear the boy pushed against the glass, hoping that it opened just like the one before.

    Luckily it did and Red Riding Hood extended his hand towards the red head to help her up on the table. Feeling a little more confident in escaping the boy closed his eyes, before glancing down to the ground.

    “High…” he gasped, feeling fear clamping onto him again. The window was much higher than he had anticipated it to be, making the jump much more daunting. However, he knew he had to do it if he didn’t want to get caught by the owner of the hut. Breathing in heavily he closed his eyes as he tried to count to himself.

    “One…” he mumbled, trying to forget about the height. However the thought that he could hurt himself, or worse, break his legs, made it hard for him to do so.

    “Two…” His breath was shaking as he counted the seconds. Gulping a little the boy tried to brave himself for to lift his legs, but had a feeling that he would sooner collapse than be able to jump.

    It was of no matter however, as he could hear the door creaking from behind him. That sound startled him so much that Phineas promptly made a leap out of the window, soaring through the sky and straight, rolling, into the high grass.

    Prompt: Ticklish
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  11. [​IMG]

    Rising up on the tips of her toes, she leaned closer to the boy to see the map that the boy was looking at out. She saw names all over the place, some she knew others she didn't. Her amber eyes sparkled with delight at the sudden possibility that she might be able to visit all these places. She wouldn't be stuck being some stupid bad wolf. She wasn't bad, or evil, she was just a little girl and she didn't know why fate frowned down upon herself but she was tired of the bad hand she had drawn. It was about time she took control of her own fate for once. It was almost as if seeing this map gave Meredith the confidence to make her own decisions. Maybe now she could stop relying on her papa for everything. It wasn't fair to him anyway, he was doing the best he could to raise her after her mom passed.

    Suddenly Meredith's tail stopped wagging happily and her ears flickered to the direction of the door they came in. Someone was here, she could hear the turning of the doorknob and the wooden door creak open eerily. Her ears pressed against her head as she turned, eyes wide in horror, to the boy standing next to her. Whoever just came into this house did not need to know the two of them were there. They were in danger for the millionth time that day and she wasn't sure her heart could take any more of this. Sniffing a few times Meredith smelled something off yet familiar, raw, and dead. She's smelled dead things before when her father would butcher animals for dinner and that was the familiar smell in the air. That's when Meredith began working up a cold sweat, she wasn't too pleased about being in a hunter's cabin with the smell of dead things in the air.

    “We need to hurry, wolf,” the boy whispered to her. It seemed he understood the dangerous situation they were in. Good, because Meredith believed that she wouldn't have been able to tell him what she knew at this moment. Speaking suddenly seemed foreign to her now that she was being consumed by her fears. It was as if the world had slowed and every footstep that she heard was an eternity. The slamming of the window shut in the other room was what jolted her back to her senses. “Quick, Wolf,” the boy whispered fiercely to her. He was on the table lifting up the window for him to escape. She nodded, taking his hand and climbing up as well.

    With the window open the fresh air was welcoming as it blew out the stench of dead things she had smelled earlier. Her crimson hair shifted around her face with each soft wind gust. She perched herself on the window seal, ready to jump down when she heard the boy mutter something beside her, “High…” she frowned looking down at the ground way beneath them. Sure they were pretty high up but if he knew how to land properly he wouldn't hurt himself. Meredith had been jumping from high places for a very long time now. She even jumped out of a tree and onto him today. For her this was all common knowledge, but maybe he didn't know how to do what she could. He started to count, trying to help him get the nerve to jump she assumed. She wanted to help him but was suddenly distracted by the sound of the boots coming closer to the room. They didn't have time to wait, they needed to leave now and she wasn't waiting any longer.

    Pushing herself from the window, for a moment, it felt like she was flying. For a split second, she remembered why she always did reckless things like this. Jumping from high things even though she could hurt herself. This feeling was something she never got tired of experiencing. She would have dreams that she could fly, soaring high above the sky without a care in the world. The clouds tickling her cheeks as she danced in mid-air through them. But that was all a fantasy, so she did the best with what she had. She landed on the tips of her toes gravity bringing her body down into a squatting position as she continued the motion by tucking and rolling in the high grass.

    She was on edge and her senses were heightened due to the adrenaline rush. She kept low to the ground, like a predator stalking its prey. Her pupils narrowed to slits as she glanced around looking for the boy. When she found him she began to move, quietly through the grass. She clamped her mouth shut so that she wouldn't make any noise while she moved closer to the boy. The grass was rubbing against her skin and she was ticklish so she wanted to laugh but the moment was too serious and if she did then she would be putting them in even more danger.

    When she reached the boy she pressed his head a little lower to the ground and leaned in close to his ears, her voice a low whisper. "Shh, be quiet. I can get us away safely just follow me. Stick low to the ground and don't make any noise." She then released her hold on him and turned around to distance herself as far as possible from this house. It was essential that they didn't make any noise. This person was a hunter and they would know how to catch them if they drew attention to themselves.

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  12. [​IMG]

    He could feel a flash of pain going through his fee tand travelling up to his knees as he landed. One that hurt his ankles so much that he gave out quickly, falling over and rolling down over his head. Though the jump wasn’t high enough for him to seriously injure himself the impact still hurt him pretty badly. Lying face down in the grass Phineas remained there still for a moment. His legs stung of the hit earlier and his head was throbbing because of the adrenaline. Everything in his body felt heavy at that moment as he remained in the grass for a while.

    Courage was never something that Phineas really had. The boy was pretty much afraid of everything, making him often the centre of attention for all sorts of taunts and dares. No matter how big the boy made himself seem it was known by everyone what a wimp little Phineas was. Little Red Riding Hood was a scaredy-cat, too afraid to come out of his corner and forever whimpering and jumping at the first sound.

    “Ugh,” the boy grunted at Wolf when she pushed his head down a little. He didn’t really had the intention to move just yet. His body laid comfortable in the high grass, but the words of the girl reminded him that they were supposed to run away. Looking up a little he saw the wolf crawl away in the grass, wiggling her way through into the opposite direction of the house.

    Was it wise to follow the wolf? His mother had warned him not to, and according to his fairy tale it was a dangerous thing as well. However, did he had much of a choice right now? Phineas let his head fall down again as he realised how convenient this story was turning out for the red head. ‘

    However, none of that mattered anymore when the boy heard a sound behind him. Someone had closed the window shut from where they had jumped out from earlier. After a few mumbles that he couldn’t quite recognise the owner seemed to have decided to close the windows and leave. Were they planning on going around and check out the grass? Panicking again the boy quickly decided to make his way, even if that meant he had to follow the wolf. He just hoped that she knew what she was doing, unlike him.

    It didn’t take long for them until they reached the bushes and trees again, signalling that they were back in the forest. Letting go of a sigh of relief the boy got up, dusting off his trousers as he noticed that he was covered in dirt. Mother was going to be happy to see him like this.

    “So what now?” the hooded boy asked, assuming that he was safe from danger now that they were surrounded by trees again. Surely the owner of the hut wouldn’t chase them all the way to this place, right? Neither did he expect the swine to bother them anymore. It had all been so long, or so it felt like at least, what could overcome them now?

    Pulling out the map from his pocket the boy rolled it out, staring at it with a pouty mouth. Would this be considered stealing? The boy had taken it with him without a second thought, but he didn’t dare to go back again. What if the person was mean and bad, worse than the wolf? The boy didn’t want to think of that anymore.

    “Maybe we should bury it here for the owner to find it?” Red Riding Hood tried carefully. The little brunet felt honestly bad for taking the map away without permission. What if the police were by now tracking him down? What if this little action turned him into the next villain of a fairy tale? That would all be very terrible to the boy. Especially to the boy. “I don’t want to be a bad person…” he trailed off, thinking of all of what could go wrong with him because he had taken the map away. The young lad’s heart couldn’t take such grief.

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  13. [​IMG]


    Not a word was spoken as they escaped from the hunter's cabin they were in. Meredith kept her ears trained to hear the slightest of sounds and her eyes peeled to notices any movement she didn't pick up with her ears. The only priority was that she lead them to safety. Though as the continued to make their way through the grass she couldn't help but think about how her father had been right all along. Hunter's were scary. She'd have to keep her activities a secret from him otherwise he'd have a heart attack. Besides, she knew very well, even though she was young, this wouldn't be something that he would want to hear. He wanted Meredith to follow the rules and do as she was told. He was always stern when he would tell her that she must play her part as was written and nothing more and under no circumstances should she ever refuse to play her part. Whenever she would ask him why that was he would never tell her. He would shrug her off, pat her head and look at her grimly and say, "You'll understand when you're older," She didn't understand why her father never tried to listen to things from her side. He was always quick to shut her down on any talk on the subject so she had just learned to keep quiet about it.

    So, by keeping her activities a secret, she would spare him the heart attack and possible a serious thrashing due to his anger. Meredith never wanted to play this part and she always knew that she was meant for something else, something better than what this role would give her. There were questions that Meredith had that she wanted answers and honestly she just wanted to live life without fearing she'd be hunted or fearing a beating from her father or fearing just disappointing him because she didn't want to do this. Honestly, she felt like this was so much she had to bear all by herself. She had no siblings and she had no mother to talk to. It was times like this when Meredith really did miss her mother and wonder why God was so cruel as to take her away from her when she was still so little.

    While trapped in her thoughts Meredith had been on autopilot, her instincts guiding her and Red to safety. Meredith had wandered around the woods plenty of times, walked the path she was to take as the big bad wolf plenty of times, not to mention she generally had a good sense of direction. Red would be fine as long as he stuck with her. “So what now?” he asked dusting himself off. Meredith did the same before stretching. It was a good question. Meredith didn't want to go back to doing what they were supposed to be doing, which was acting out their roles. Besides, Red didn't have all of his things due to a series of unfortunate events that occurred today. Honestly, Meredith had no clue what they should be doing.

    That's when she noticed the boy pull the map out of his pocket. Her eyes light up with excitement, he had managed to grab it before they left? That was amazing. So all hope wasn't lost after all! “Maybe we should bury it here for the owner to find it?” Meredith's smile twitched before completely faltering at his words. What did he mean? Why would he do this? “I don’t want to be a bad person…” Meredith's jaw dropped. Was he serious right now? He wanted to bury the miracle they found because he felt bad about stealing it? Weren't boys supposed to be mischievous and do things like this? Was he broken or something? "What? No!" Meredith reached out snatching the map away from him. She wasn't going to let him throw away her chance just because he was having seconds thoughts now. "Didn't you understand what I said? With this, we're free? We don't have to play our stupid roles anymore. We can go anywhere. Be anything. Why would you want to throw that away?" She looked at her hands which were shaking. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't scared of what the future might have in store for her, but she wasn't going to run and hide from it either. "C'mon, let's free. The both of us. And if you're scared that something will happen to you, then I'll protect you. But let's just go have an adventure and forget about being a wolf or being red riding hood." She pleaded with him.

    She didn't know what else to say to convince him to go on this journey with her. But she knew she was prepared to go alone if that's what it took.

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  14. [​IMG]

    “What? No!” the wolf girl was quick to snatch the map from out of his hands, making Phineas jump away a little in a startle. Did she want to be a thief? Did she like being the baddie of the story? The brunet found it hard to believe that anyone liked to play the role of the villain, but why else would there be so many of them? Little hood had always believed that they had just as little choice as he had for his role, but never quite understood why they had to play the bad guy and why they weren’t allowed to get along together. It was a mystery

    The girl continued rambling, talking about their freedom, suggesting how they didn’t have to play this role anymore. It all sounded so very tempting, but at the same time Phineas knew that this could be a trick. His mother had told him that wolf would try to get him off track and then sneak to his grandmother to eat her. The thought honestly scared him. What if this part of wolf’s plan? The story sounded plausible and the chance for adventure, breaking free from his chains, were tempting, but the wolf couldn’t be trusted. They were the villains, the bad people, the deceivers, his mother had warned him for them.

    “I…” Phineas started a little reluctantly, his eyes going back to the path in the forest. He was supposed to stick close to it, never to wander off. He was also supposed to bring the basket with baked goods and wine to his grandmother, but that had been lost thanks to the swine earlier. Instead he was standing outside of the Hunter’s house with a mysterious map in hands. How much more could he possibly drift away from the story than he already did?

    However, Riding Hood realised that if he did agree on leaving he would be able to see everything he wanted. Meet the pirates, see the sea, go on a treasure hunt, beat a dragon... So many things that he was never allowed to do for they were either too dangerous, or unsuitable to his role. He wanted to become a hero, someone like Prince Charming from Sleeping Beauty, someone who was super duper strong. Not someone as wimpy as Little Red.

    “I will keep the map with me,” he mumbled, a plan forming inside of his mind. Indeed, he couldn’t trust that wolf at all. He had the chance now and he could go, but the wolf girl was only a problem. Tugging at the paper in the girl’s hands Phineas tried to regain possession of it. “I will read the map and decide where we go. I took the map after all,” he continued, hesitant, but also firm. He had heard this excuse with his peers plenty of times. There was no reason that this wouldn’t work, right? Yes, it was for the best if he took the lead in this expedition of mysteries. After all, he found the map and he was trustworthy. How hard could it be, reading a map?

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