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  1. ||"Hello, nice to meet you."||

    I am Little Red, but you can call me Red. I have been roleplaying for quite a number of years, and I have decided to give this site a try once again. I had an account on here about six months ago, and it seems like all of the people I used to roleplay with have disappeared, which is a shame. I mainly use FreeYourselfRolePlay, but I don't think it's too much trouble to be using two websites. I hope that I get along swimmingly with everyone here, and that I find roleplays to join soon. Fingers crossed, as they say.

    ||"I wish everyone the best, and thank you for reading."||
  2. Bows her head to the not-so-newcomer. Well hello, Red. Since nobody else wanted to re-welcome you, I'll do the honors. Welcome(again) to Iwaku, please make yourself at home. I myself came from a place called thefantasyfourm. Not that it's a bad site, just.. the people there don't seem to care much for new people sometimes. So I moved to this site, and have been an Iwakuian ever since. ^_^ My favorite people of the whole site have to be The Bufferfly, Anya_x, Diana, and Vay(Don't tell her though :P). Maybe we'll rp together sometime! Swishes her tail happily. Goodbye for now!
  3. ||"You are such a darling."||

    Thank you so much for the kind words. Maybe we will role play one day! I've never been to The Fantasy Forum, but I might have to check it out sometime. Again, thank you for the welcome and I hope you have a wonderful day!
  4. It's the least I could do. I sometimes roam the new arrivals pages, and see so many posts that have not been replied to, and some of which are from more than two days even. So I try to reply to a lot of the ones with no replies.
  5. Hmm... I'm almost a week late... But... Since this is a re-welcome anyways... :D WELCOME TO THE SITE AGAIN! I really hope you enjoy Iwaku on your second try~ I've never been to any other roleplaying website, but I've skulked around some and Iwaku has been my favorite so far.

    :3 If you're in need of a RP buddy, I'll be happy to volunteer! Or I'll be happy to just talk too! xD
  6. Welcome little red, need a friend hit me up!
  7. ||"Thank you both! You are both so very kind!"||

    I am attempting to start a role play now, actually. It's just a bit difficult finding someone to role play with. I sometimes write up to 10 paragraphs. and at the least maybe four.
  8. What are your interest?
  9. Honestly, I enjoy anything as long as it has a promise of romance. I've done action, drama, horror, comedy, etc.
  10. Pm me, and we can talk
  11. Oooh. 10 paragraphs? The more the better, I always say! If you still want some more roleplays, I'm down also~ x3 Feel free to PM me! I just might be a little slooow in answering at times. I'm a lot better when weekend rolls around :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.