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  1. The breeder was running very very low on his mares, they only tended to be able to birth three children before he had to put them down, useless for him after that. He just killed one of his girls so he needed to replace her. He was a strong man with a good eye, he needed a girl who could last him a few foals. He needed her today
  2. Therani whimpered where she was crouched. Her hind legs were folded underneath her bruised body. She realized with defeat that she could not run any longer. Her front legs buckled underneath her and the centaur felt pain all over her body from the abuse of her last owner. She had been a gift from him to the small children that were allowed to ride her. She was for riding purposes only, at least that much she was thankful for. But the children had been relentless, pushing her far beyond her limits, whipping and beating her to force her to continue. She crossed her arms over her bare breasts. The last owner had fully inspected the little filly when he had gotten her, and found her chest to be pleasing to him. She had large breasts, even for being so young.

    Therani had been beaten until she had been broken, shortly after the vet had inspected her fully, proclaiming her good for breeding but still a virgin, and too young to carry weight that a normal breeding would entail. He only decided to tell the owner this after fingering her for several minutes, while she thrashed against her restraints. In response, the owner had given her to his children until she matured. Having grown enough to now be bred, she decided that she wanted to be free of the abuse and pain, so she had escaped.
  3. He was young, and he worked for a breeder. He had been out in the woods getting wood when he saw her. A dappled mare , shivering and beaten. He sets the axe down and looks at her, " hey there filly. What are you doing out here all by yourself? Don't you know that it is dangerous... there is woods in this part of the area"
  4. Therani shivered. "I..." She began, then attempted to stand. "I seek refuge." This was her only hope of hiding from her previous owner. Her last owner had decided that he himself had wanted to break in the little filly. He had threatened to mount her himself, before pairing her with a beast of a centaur. She stumbled forward. "I seek refuge" she said desperately, her only hope threatening to slip away if the young man refused.
  5. He sighs looking at her, little fillys often ran when their owners were to mate them the first time. It was scary for them, he looks at her injuries and her bruised breasts and sighs.... " alright. Hush. Come on I have a stable down the hill. Come on filly" he picks up the wood and the axe and starts walking off, she would have to follow him. The shed was small with two pregnant mares in them and a stallion in the back
  6. Therani followed with a limp, she had somehow picked up a stone in her hoof. "Thank you." She was bruised all over and her flanks had scars from where she had been struck with a bullwhip. She was undernourished and it was clear that her owner had thought of her as no more than an animal to be used until there was nothing left.
  7. He gets her inside and sets her in an empty stall, he then gets a bucket and brush, he cleans her off and frowns looking at each wound and scar and sighs, " someone has not been very nice to you filly. Let me see your hooves" he pops each rock out and has food brought for her
  8. Therani began to cry. "Thank you." The brush felt so good along her skin, her coat twitching when the brush hit her scars. She lifted up each hoof for him, knowing that this must be a breeding ranch as well, but somehow she felt safer here. The pressure in her hoof dissapeared as the rocks are popped out. She hadn't had this treatment in a long time.
  9. he sighs at her crying and finds her a blanket, " I do not know what my father will have me do with you in the morning. But you can sleep here for now" with that he leaves going home and gets in his bed. Her owner would arrive in the morning
  10. Therani leaned against the wall and shivered under the blanket. What would the morning have for her?
  11. The owner demands she be returned but the owner of this ranch was told of her condition, her shivering and beaten form.... " You can see her but she stays, we reported animal abuse and we want to await the results of the investigation before she is given pack" he then takes the owner in to see the centaur
  12. Thelani twitched and trembled as she heard the voice of her last master echoing in the barn. She hid in the corner, attempting to cling to the wall.
  13. The young stablehand goes into the stall and pets her softly, " hey... come here filly. Look it's okay you are staying right here with us. You are fine He is just coming to look. Sssssssh now"
  14. Therani Shifted, her hindquarters backing into the wall of the stable. "I don't want to see him!" She whinnied in fright.
  15. " He is your owner, we have to let him see you. I am gonna sit right here with you. I am going to pet right behind your pretty little ears. It is alright. Come on" he reaches for her softly, just trying to coax her down
  16. Therani hugged her arms to her chest. "Can I stay here?" She begged, not wanting to be sent back.
  17. " You will be staying here for a little while, until we ind what is best for you. Why do you do that? You have a lovely chest" he smiles at her softly, she was a pretty little Centaur
  18. Therani looked down. "My old owner said all i was good for was his pleasure. That I was ugly but had something he could pump into." She rubbed her face, her coat twitching and quivering.
  19. He frowns and strokes her cheek softly, " breeders can be cruel. You are alright now, you are quite lovely. Don't you worry, we are gonna get ownrship of you and I will find a handsome stallion for you"
  20. She reached up, pressing his hand into her cheek. "Not a beast?" Her eyes closed and her hindquarters shifted away from the wall slightly.
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