Little Brides 1x1 (F seeking M)


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This idea is made by La Blue Love; the idea is Little Brides. I have gotten permission to do a one on one rp with her idea. Here is the idea:
MC is in a mansion with five demons and four other human brides such as myself. The worst part about it MC has to marry one of the demons. Of course MC don't decide YC chooses MC; MC can't escape. There is only two options; find your other human brides and try to work together to escape. Or be married to one of those demons.
Demon choice’s: Pride, Greed, Lust, Wrath, and Envious.


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  • The mansion is three floors.
    First floor hold the kitchens, ball room, dinning room, sitting room, library, 2 common bathrooms and study.
    Second floor is the demons floor with a master suite for each demon.
    Third floor is the girls/guest floor with a room for each girl that has a small attached half bathroom and a bathing room they all share.
    Outside has a huge garden, swing set, sitting area, and bird baths.
♡~Character sheets~♡
Name: (First and last)
Demon: (What type of demon?)
Demon abilities:


Appearance: Jet black hair with blue tented streaks, very light brown hazel eyes, slightly tan skin, D breasts, hour glass shape.
The pink outfit every little bride wears when they wake up and until they are picked.
Name: Bambi Cachello
Age: 19
Personality: Sarcastic, quick temper, good sense of humor, normally get alone with anyone, stubborn, can be really caring, flirtatious, spiteful, can be childish, passionate, playful, mostly girly but has a tomboy side.
Bio before mansion: Bambi is from a middle class family in a tiny town, she lived with her father and older twin brothers. Her mother passed away giving birth to her but her neighbor’s became like her second family. She was dating their son before taken. Bambi was a straight A student while in high school she is a B student in college. Also was on the debate team and karate team, she also does swimming and archery as her hobbies.
Sent pm waiting for reply; if anyone wishes to join the main rp I believe she is accepting one more male but no promises she is still deciding! SO don't bug her! Just stalk her thread :D
Still want to do this as one on one!