Literate one on one, anyone?

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    • Hello, you can call me ab, as most do, if you plan on contacting me in the future. I consider myself to be semi-lit, so basically I will post one to two paragraphs ranging from eight to twelve lines each. My spelling and grammar are decent, but nobody is perfect. I am in Mountain Standard time, so I tend to post in the evening. I may not be on every day, but I do try to reply within three days if not on that very day. If I am any later than that you will get a PM from me that states why I am so late. I expect for you to at least try to mirror my posts amount-wise, excellent spelling and grammar are also a bonus. Here are some example roleplay plots:

    • Book Based

      • Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ The
        Heroes of Olympus
        - OCs at Camp Half-Blood,
        there would probably be a prophecy involved.
        The Maze Runner - Before
        Thomas arrived, just some OC Gladers surv-
        iving the Maze.
        The Mortal Instruments - Strictly
        OC, fighting and hunting in no particular part of
        the world or time period.
        Comic Books - Marvel, DC, Dark Horse,
        take your pick.
      Disney AU's

      • ► Disney characters in real life, if you
        still don't understand you'll just have to ask.
      Original Ideas

      • ► Anything really, as long as it
        isn't just pure romance.
  2. Ooo! oo! Me! Me! Pick me!

    Maybe interested in a Lilo and stitch RP? Except now she's a teenager and she's still super weird because of her 'dog' stitch. We could definitely turn it into something more interesting

    OR i'll just join you in a mortal instruments or olympus heroes Rp. Whatever sounds more fun to you. I can't choose :3
  3. The Lilo & Stitch idea sounds like it could be fun. Since one of would be the teenager Lilo, would the other play Stitch or a different OC? Or would each of us have an OC and one could be Lilo and the other could be Stitch? I'm fine with either idea.
  4. There's an awesome Marvel roleplay I'm currently in, you could conversation me for more detail, if you'd like. :)
  5. I'd be interested, if you're still taking partners. c:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.