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  1. Hiya everyone! I'm a roleplayer straight from Facebook to here. Yes, I've finally had enough of both the drama plus all my accounts being deleted. Since most introductions are about selling yourself, I'll act like I know what the hell I'm doing here... 'Kay? Sit back and read the boasting, it's the only time I'll do it, I promise. XD

    So I'm 19, and into my third year of roleplaying now. I've met some scary, powerful people, like the Ancients, and even had the luxury of being trained by a couple. I've joined such powerhouse tags as the Tyrants from Myspace, and met some awesome people along the way. I founded and lead a clan called the Vortex, a family that turned around and said "screw you rp society", and gave people purpose, a place to belong, built on strong virtues. I was thrown into a world of these people from the word go, so I progressed quickly by watching them. Now days, I have a vast arsenal of oc's, though Darkeela is my primary fighter, the first title I earned was because of him; Bandaged Nightmare. It was also with him that I joined the Tyrants with the Title Ultimate Trauma Matrix.

    A little explanation of myself. Fighting wise, I do NOT claim to be unbeatable, or undefeated. Three people have legitimately beaten me, though one was due to low muse thanks to rl circumstances. No matter, a loss is a loss. Though I've grown a reputation on fb, I'm no hard ass. I more fit into the category of lovable troll. I'm about as laid back as they come really, so don't take me too seriously when out of character. For storyline, when asked for a starter I really to facepalm when not given a length limit. No matter my length the quality doesn't waver, that I can promise you. So for the record, give me limitations, or I'll be writing forever. Side note; longest post to date = 157 paragraph reply. You get the picture. I'm a lover of big arcs, and I love to create them. Show me just how you can twist what you have at hand into a miraculously elaborate story.

    One last thing, I'm a teacher. Those whom "need improvement" in rp and can't find a way to progress, I'm your man to come to. I guarantee you by time I'm done you'll be as good or better than I am. Scary thought, a shitload of me running around... Well that's all, if you can, show me the ropes of this place. Once I can use this properly, I'll put in as much as I can to this place.
  2. Hello, I a glad you can read, literacy is such an important thing. I do not know what fighting prowess has to do with RPing but glad you made friends on FB. Hope you find RPs to your liking, and have fun.

  3. That was one thing I was afraid of when coming to this site, perhaps I could eventually set something up. Though I have seen one thread with people sparring, nothing serious.
  4. *understood 20% of the above post*

    Yes... our only formalised fighting is in the chatroom when someone takes a joke the wrong way and the Moderators use it as a springboard to cyber-bully those they don't like and precipitate a forum-wide purging for the sake of reunification.

    Also, being literate is not a strong forum principle here. We prefer good storytelling and interesting characters. People who scream about grammar and spelling usually get put in cages over the mud pit.