List of all Character Classes and I mean all! :3

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  1. Hello! I was wondering if you guys could help with making a gigantic list of character classes for the world I'm building. What I mean is a class like; Mage, Paladin, Hunter, etc. I have a few resources where I'm getting information but I thought it could grow a lot bigger with your help! Thanks!
  2. This should get you started. Though be careful of making a class system convoluted. Many classes are very similar and if you don't have enough distinctions between classes, the very class system loses it's value.
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  3. As Krestel said, make sure the classes all have a very distinct feel to them. If not then it feels like many classes are trap options or some will just not perform as well as others. On that note be careful of hybrid classes as well.

    I'm looking at you druids in wow (when I used to play).
  4. Thanks guys, I'll keep that in mind!