Lions and Tigers and bears

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Crazed animals escape from Zoo in Ohio, USA.

Over 50 animals escaped from an animal preserve in Ohio, the proprietor of the establishment was found.....DEAD.

What would you do in such an event? If you lived near by, would you be scared? Would you arm yourself, stay indoors? The War has begun! Animals VS Humans in a bloody fight to the death!!

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It's the Midwest. All them critters will become dinner platters.
they shot to kill? D: poor animals!! D<

*alerts PETA*

hey people eating tasty animals....looks like ohio can provide D:

...on a serious note though...

I honestly didn't hear about this until today and i'm FROM ohio....straaange D: I hate not being in the loop some days :p but they said the owner killed himself. man....crazy ohio people!
they said the owner killed himself. man....crazy ohio people!

An elaborate plot, no doubt. The owner, overcome by fear by many vicious animals, took his own life...

The battle of Man VS Beast is here!! To Arms!!
Lions, tigers, and cheetahs oh my? hha
Sounds like Kitti's going to get some delicious cheetah stew if I drive a little bit west...