Linknetting (Sci-Fi Virtual Reality)

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    Background info that I have so far:
    The year is (insert future). Humanity has been forced underground after a devastating nuclear war. With bunkers being spread out far and wide, there is only one way for life to continue as normal without exposing themselves to the elements - virtual reality. All citizens are required by the government to hook up to the (fancy name for virtual reality system) and humanity struggles on.
    Where the RP starts:

    It's been a few decades since the virtual reality system was implemented. With the stocked food and water at an all time low tensions are running high. After all, it's the one thing the system can't replace. The government however has a new upgrade coming up that they claim will solve the problem - complete connection with the system, removing the virtual from reality. The process called (Linknetting? idk) will upload your consciousness to the server which means immortality along with survival.

    However there are those who believe things are not all they seem. This small pack of rebels believe the government has seen the world beyond the bunkers and that Linknetting is a process they'll use to get rid of most of the survivors to ensure what small resources Earth will be used to keep themselves alive.
    General plot:
    Rebels fight government in virtual reality to discover what the true motives behind Linknetting is.

    Okay now that you've gone through all of that, help me develop the plot/background/world further if you're interested!
    Some issues I currently have are:
    Why would the government choose to kill the survivors instead of simply leaving them in the bunkers? Are they scared they would eventually escape?
    What would decades of living in bunkers/living in the future do to human culture? (how would they act, new words etc)
    Should we have the government actually telling the truth?
    How would they power up the virtual reality systems?

    Annnnnd I don't know anything about science so the sci part of sci-fi might be way off.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.