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  1. This a take in turn role play. And I would like for everyone to be an adult member. Because there won’t be limitations then to what we type and I can throw it in the adult section. (Apart from Iwaku rules of course) Everyone has 2 characters one good and one evil or vice versa depending on your view but for this quick explanation I will say good and evil.

    Any teens want to do this then I can be wavered depending how many teens show up.

    The evil and good characters are mentally linked due to experiments and if one dies the other one will die also. They also know exactly where each other are and how you are feeling. Many years ago the good guys managed to lock up all the evil ones.

    But when my good character came in from another dimension (He can’t control his dimension shifting and won’t happen again in this rp) it triggered an evil character to come back alive. This happened because my character is an alternative version of the good guy who was linked to that bad guy.

    While this evil one was dead he saw everything and heard everything what has happened in the past so when he came back alive he has managed to set free all the evil characters.

    My character is linked to this once dead character but will not be played by me so I will need someone else to play that part but there is no limitations also they can come up with why this evil one needs the others free. I do have an idea but it’s not my character.

    You play 2 characters but those 2 characters can't be linked to one another they have to be linked someone else’s character.

    I want every character linked but not by the same person. So player 1 good guy is linked to player 2 evil guy. Player 2 good guy to player 3 evil guy and then player 3 good guy to player 1 evil guy. I hope that makes sense.

    If there are more players we can easily work around it.

    So basic is that the story will be for the good guys to lock up the bad guys once again

    While the evil guys will do whatever they please apart from kill there link Also they will just cause trouble have evil plans destroy the town whatever your evil player would like to do.

    Other rules. No killing each other’s characters, and no one is god, your characters good or evil can be anything you wish from human to pet dog to vampire to a made up creature you made up.

    Also all evil characters and good characters know each other apart from my good character and whoever takes his evil link.

    So if anyone wishes to be the evil link to my character. PM me just stating what are you and what’s your evil plan.

    I think that will do for interest check, thanks for reading and if you did PM me say you have Pm me on here as well.

    Anything you wish to add or change don’t hesitate to ask, I’d be happy to take anything in consideration
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  2. So the players don't actually play two characters, there's just two versions of each, Good played by one and evil played by another?
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  3. I thought I should have rephrased that bit. You play 2 characters but those 2 characters can't be linked to one another they have to be linked someone else’s character.
    I’ll edit top post to make a little more sense
  4. So we play 2 characters, the good and evil version of the same person.

    The character we play with the two different sides, is linked to anyone else's character.

    As in both sides are linked to both sides of the same other character?

    Ex., Bridget's evil character is linked to Nathaniel's Good character, and her good character is linked to his evil character?
  5. Almost

    Bridget's evil character is linked to Nathaniel's Good character, and her good character is linked to Kacey evil character

    that means kacey's good character is linked with Nathaniel's evil character.

    That's with 3 people

    I would like at least 3 to join. Im hoping 6 but I can't see it happening.

    But it will be one big circle linking everyone, all what matters really is that your 2 characters aren't linked with each other.
  6. Seems interesting. I'd like to know a little more about the lore of said world(s).
  7. Thanks for interest beatrix. The world is open for discussion just in case I’ve missed something or someone adds a creature which needs placing.

    The world is based off our planet earth with the same names all species live with each other. you still have your trouble makers, the cops are built up with trust worth creatures from all species to help maintain peace.

    If people want a hateful species which no one likes I’m sure we can sort that out.

    I'd say only this world but with demons I would say that there is portal station to go to the underworld. Which the creatures of this world have set up and now trains are no use anymore.

    Thinking of that the same portal will work for over world like angels.

    I don't know if I should allow humans to enter these places but I'll see if anyone is a human to worry about that one.

    There is more forests and jungle around the world not to many skyscrapers, if anything they went downwards.

    This is just off top of my head while I’m here at work. Plus it is 4 in the morning. (UK)

    I could write something a bit better tomorrow if I get the chance. But any input is welcome and we could work it out.