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For centuries, the ways of the wolves of Victus have remained the same. Untouched and as holy as the day they were first created. Tradition has been deeply rooted into the ways of the wolves. From the earliest days, there are stories of the Great Ones, whose newborn souls tamed the most mystical of beasts as their own. With them at their side, they ended wars, destroyed those who defied them, and protected the the peace of the world. In these new days, the oldest packs have grown more and more separated. What once had been a peaceful crossing, has become something truly dark and hateful. There are those of Carus, who are known for their wisdom and peaceful ways with the soul shadows at their sides. Guarding Victus as the past legends did. But there growing foes have much darker intentions. Atrox has become more and more distant from their close neighbors. New rumors are spreading daily of the cruel acts they commit to trespassers and to their own soul shadows. Only time will tell if these two packs will face each other, and what the dark race has in store for the rest of Victus. </center>