Limerence Gardens - Boarding School Drama~

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It was a huge place. Michie was already feeling the heat as she adjusted her baseball and pushed back her sweaty bangs. She'd been waiting outside, in some kind of garden veranda for some secretary lady to come back for nearly an hour now. Something about paperwork not being filed properly. I guess I was supposed to fill out that 'what boy I want' form, huh? It's like we're shopping for me here! She rolled her eyes and sat up, squinting down the lush green hill to the main entrance of pillars that led to the main building. Little people were coming out of the fancy white limos and being led into the main hall by their butlers. Fancy rich kids. I can't believe they have butlers. Michie was relatively middle class, but her mother had great ambitions for dollar signs in her only daughter's marriage. She wasn't so sure it was going to work out at this grand campus of a place, but it looked better on her transcript than the B+ college she had been going to and the menu for food she'd seen earlier was just absolutely delicious! She might like it here, even if the purpose of the trip was a little annoying.

Ah, I don't see any boys yet. She tried to see the people's faces, but it was down the hill and quite far off. Plus, they were moving quickly through the white pillars. The whole place was like some kind of palace. Michie was already fascinated by the idea of exploration. As soon as she filled out the forms, of course. Speaking of the forms... The lady returned from the corridor into the veranda, her heels leaving little holes in the fresh grass. Michie watched as a large, burly man in a suit followed her, holding a couple of sheets of paper and a pen. He put it down on the table in front of her rather gruffly. It looked like the secretary knew she was going to give her trouble and had gone to ask for back up. Michie grinned and looked up at them.

Maybe I don't want to fill that form. What are you gonna do about it?" she scanned the area for the quickest escape route. Her mother had insisted so she was wearing platform heels. At least they were easy to pull off. The notion of running off in the first hour and giving them a hard time was exciting. Michie felt her heart race.

Meanwhile, the others were led into the main hall. Those who had completed the required forms and were completely prepared were led into a small ballroom for refreshments to meet and greet one another, followed by a speech by the headmaster and some of the teachers. The others, like Michie would be taken to the hilltop veranda to be coerced into whatever they had refused to do. Such things included leaving the special forms out or breaking other rules like pets or any other conditions the parents may have set. Michie's parents, for example, set a 'no-sneakers' rule on her, so the guards knew to watch out for that.
Alice lazily turned a page in her book as she continued reading. There were a few students that strolled into the room. As she glanced around, she could see a few handsome young men talking to one another and she quickly looked back in her book, finding some sense of security in it. Her dark hair fell on her shoulders as she was reading again. Alice's aunt and uncle were very strong on her going to the school, although she was quite against it, she didn't want to disappoint them. Of course they have given her everything since that...night. The blood, the screams and shouts. It was almost unbearable to remember it. She sighed as she turned another page.
As he walked into the ballroom Ryan ajusted his glasses studying those gathered. Typical rich kids with a few exceptions. He was used to such fancy parties and frankly was quite bored by them, they were normally all small talk and forced smiles. He had attended many such parties with his father but those were easy. He was introduced and left to his own devices with no pressure to speak to the older gentleman. Here it was people his own age and he was expected to actually mingle. Well he was expected to but thankfully free will was still present. He had brought his laptop case with him and he made his way to a table in the corner. Placing the case on the table he sat down pulling the sleek black computer out and powering it on. Out of the corner of his eye he could see people watching him probally wondering why he was being anti-social. It was not his fault that computers were more interesting than people, well most of them anyway. He pulled up one of the programs he was working on and set to work typing away. He relaxed as he focased on the screen content to ignore the people around him at least for now.
Damien scowled as he stood around, looking at the campus. He hated the place already. Sure he fit in with his designer clothes and expensive tastes, but he didn't care about the school at all. Nor did he care about fitting in. Or meeting others his own age. He just wanted to get through this year so he could go home and tell his parents off again. This place wasn't for him, and he would prove it.

His deep brown eyes searched the campus, looking for his first criminal act. One hand in his pocket, he fingered the lighter he kept there. They didn't search him when they got here. Now they would learn their mistake.

Finally his eyes hit a tree in the middle of a rock garden. It was a safe choice, because it would only burn the tree and not anything or any one else. He made his way towards it.

He would show these people.

Before he got there, though, he was caught leaving the group headed down the main hall and ushered that way once more.

Later, he promised.

Looking around, Amy felt like she was the sole student around who was excited to be here - she was practically dancing on the tips of her toes with anticipation. Other students seemed bored or uncomfortable but she looked around with excitement, her head whipping back and forth to look at things new and interesting. While she was supposed to be in character, the snobby princess Raeza, Amaryllis couldn't contain how she felt. Every beautiful piece of stonework and every flower bud made her feel positively luxurious.

With a broad smile on her face just above brightly sparkling eyes, Amy looked ready to take on anything. Though she should be used to it by now, she wanted to take in every detail and memorize it so that she could languidly savor it later when she no longer had such beautiful things. Touching her fingertips to the frilled dress that she had arrived in, she even tried to store in her memory the exact feeling of the heavy silk with the embroidered flowers creating little ridges.

Glancing up at the entryway as she passed into the main hall, Amy could hardly believe her luck at getting sent to a school such as this instead of Raeza. For once in her life, Raeza was bitterly jealous of her and how she was getting to attend the school while Raeza was being schooled in private with no boys and no new people, just the same old socialite group who would come to visit. Raeza had vowed that she would be the one going to that school next semester but for now, it was Amy and she was thrilled.

The refreshment table was brimming with beautiful little treats and Amy could hardly restrain herself from salivating as she eyed the dainty cookies dotted with intricate icing designs or the miniature sandwiches with their soft edges forming a little flower. Reaching her hand out, she eagerly took a cookie and a sandwich, studying them in her hand before taking a tiny, precise bite from the sandwich. She could tell already that this was going to be amazing.
Bria walked into the main hall with her head high. She was going to start off this year right. Even if she didn't want to be here. She looked around at the people that were gathered trying to find someone who looked interesting. But there were so many people that looked like rich snobs. She sighed and walked over and entered the crowd.

Over on one wall was a table that was practically overflowing with food. She decided to head over there and see if there were any normal people. Pulling down her blue off-the-shoulder shirt and fixing her skinny jeans, she walked over to the table as steadily as she could. When she got there, she looked around but there were more rich snobs. She sighed again. She supposed she would just have to make friends with one of them sooner or later and hope that one of them wasn't extremely snobby. She'd prefer later though. She walked to the other side of the room and leaned against the wall, taking out her cell phone. She was glad they hadn't taken it from her when she came in. This was her lifeline to her old life and her old friends. She started to text her friend, Paige, when she was bumped into from behind. She whirled around.

"Hey!" She glared at the boy who had bumped her. He was a little bit taller her, even in her heels. The boy just stared at her with a blank look on his face. She put a hand on her hip. "Helloooo?" She made a frustrated noise. "Just watch where you're going next time OK?" She shook her head and walked away, leaving the boy staring at her. What an odd one, She thought to herself. I hope they're not all like that.

Walking back into the middle of the room, Bria sat in one of the chairs next to a boy on his laptop. He was writing something but Bria didn't pay him much attention. She looked around the room one more time and then brought out her iPod and stuffed in her earbuds, drowning out the world with her music.
He scowled, not very happy about what he was being forced into. He wanted to cause trouble, get kicked out, and get sent home. This place wasn't for him. He didn't want to be here.

Damien felt his body collide with another, and was stared at her, not quite with it. He was still running through things in his head, and he didn't really hear what she said. She walked off and he watched her go. That was when it registered that she had said something and he groaned. Great, now he'd be thought of as stupid or something because he didn't respond.

Now that he was sure he was seen as an idiot, he moved to find a place to sit. Might as well get this whole thing over with so he could get around to causing trouble.
Out of the corner of his eye Ryan saw the girl sit down but continued typing when she did not acknowlege him. It wasn't untill the noise filled his ears that he looked up at her an elegant eyebrow arched in irritation. The sound was driving away his concentration. He stared at the screen for a moment before saving his file and closing his laptop putting it away once more. He could not focas here, not with this girls terrible choice of music. He glanced at her a moment tapping his fingers on the case that held his laptop and other work. Finnally he got up grabbed the case off the table and moved away looking for a quiet table. None were to be found. He moved toward the snack tables stopping near one that held a plate of sandwiches. He glanced toward the entrance thinking about making an escape. He hated breaking rules however and decided agianst it. He reached for a sandwich and took a small catious bite making sure it had nothing that would trigger his allergies. He ate watching those round him keeping a safe distance from them all.
Alice glanced up as the noise level was growing and saw that there were many other people that had walked in. The snack table had a young man carefully eating a sandwich, a girl listening to her music, a boy aimlessly walking around, and another boy who just looked like he wanted to strangle someone. "Interesting." She muttered under her breath. Closing her book she walked over to the snack table and took a sandwich with her long fingers.

"Hello." She said to the young man next to her.
He had a large laptop case and seemed to be very...uncomfortable in the noisy area.
"The noise can get quite irritating, huh?" She asked.