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  1. Long ago. The seven elemental gods and goddesses forged the planet which is known as Earth. With teamwork, they were able to create humans, elves, orcs, elemental boars, and all other creatures alike. Although, through time, races have begun to hate one another. Whereas, the elves were spiritual, and calm, the humans were easily deceived and wanted control. The orcs, they were arrogant, low-tempered, and dominating creatures. The elves -- gullible, spiritual, calm, and distant from wars. The elves resonated near the ocean to the far left of the only land there was on the planet, the orcs were towards the southern regions, and the humans dominated the eastern border. In between them were caves, other creatures that resonated in the forests and the caves. Mountains with small renegade camps, and the one and only -- Lilium portal.

    The Lilium portal.

    It was what the elves, humans, and orcs have discovered together. They swore not to fight for this great treasure that was found on their planet. They created the group known as the White Lotus Clan. Where the wisest of elves, the strongest of orcs, and the most tactical of humans would join together to learn about this portal. Through weeks, the elves were capable of tapping into the Lilium portal, and through willpower, one would be able to gather the magical capabilities that it possesses. If one were to survive through what is within this portal, they would be gifted with magical capabilities. What is in this portal, are the seven gods and goddesses, and if one proves wise, strong, smart, and worthy, they will then be gifted. Though, they will not come out with the ability to form a fireball, they must learn on their own.

    After many years have gone by. There were known as Sages, those that control magic. And one would start at the age of thirteen years of age, and proceed to the portal. After exiting the portal, if they sense the circuits that were given to them, the magic flowing within their body, they would be sent out on a journey in the element that they wish to reside in. Fire would go to the volcanic terrains, earth would reside to the mountains and the forests, water -- the oceans and the valleys, wind -- the tips of mountains and the oceans, light -- the largest fields and the places that have great light, darkness -- the darkest of areas and the shadiest of places.

    After only a few more years of gathering troops for each end, a dead stop in the wars to gather this most treasured power, the gods and goddesses have gone mad. Their treasured power, taken by the elves, orcs, and humans began to anger them. They destroyed the portal, and with this, they were unable to communicate with the people. As if the gods and goddesses have left them. As if they have forsaken them. Strange creatures had began to form, and they began to destroy the kingdoms of the three greedy races. After a month, the creatures have seized their attack, and the three races are now working together to discover what was wrong with their planet, the planet that was crafted for them. As time went on, they created a team of the strongest of sages, the strongest of knights, the strongest of rangers to go upon an airship, controlled by wind sages to find out what was wrong. They were the only hope, and the name they were given, was the Guardian Brigade.


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  2. This is very interesting! I'm not sure if I would be able to join, but I like the story.