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  1. Lilith's little devils have been alive for hundreds of thousands of years. Since the fall of Lucifer, Lilith used her demon blood to create a supreme race of demons. The seven have always been close to each other, but some more than others. From oldest to youngest they are: Death, Disease, Disaster, Famine, Hellfire, Drought, War. Each of them with their own set of powers and weaknesses. Though their weaknesses are few, there are always some. The seven roam the Earth, always promising to meet up some time all together. When they do meet it up, the humans of course notice. Fire and Lightning Tornadoes, Super Hurricanes, Grade 9 Earthquakes, Pandemics, World Wars, Water Levels going down a couple of feet, all kinds of crazy things. Of course they always chalk it up to nature.

    Its time for the Children to meet up again, and there's truly no telling what will happen this time around.


    Hellfire walked down the streets of Chicago, occasionally flicking her wrist, causing a building to burst into spontaneous flames. She walked carelessly, forcing others to get out of her way. Of course if they don't she can easily cauterize their hearts, making them drop dead with just a brush of the hand. She would be lying if she said she wasn't happy to see her good friends again. It had only been a hundred years since they last saw each other, which to her wasn't very long at all. She of course, still had the vessel of a strawberry blonde, blue eyed, 21 year old. She would not get any older, and she has never been any younger. Physically anyway.
    She walked down a few back streets, turning up her nose at the slums around the city. Humans seriously disgusted Annika. She entered the building they usually met up in. A large warehouse that was abandoned on the outside, but it was a simple glamour. She entered and the warehouse, and the glamour fell, shattering like glass, revealing a lavish decor. White leather, with black and red accents. Roses, dishes, tables, curtains. It was all very expensive looking. Annika took a seat, waiting for the other children to arrive.
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  2. War was, quite frankly, having the time of his life. He grinned and greeted every passerby before rushing up against them, taking satisfication in hearing the yelling match he left behind. No doubt it would turn into a brawl of some kind. The thought made him laugh softly, a musical sound that fit his appearance, but not quite his personality. His vessel was an 18 year old boy, who had black hair and light red eyes. It was an unusual eye color, but no one seemed to question it.

    Lucas hummed as he made his way down a few shady looking streets, getting more and more excited as he neared the Children's usual meeting place in Chicago. An abandoned warehouse. He was certain somebody was already there. He was never the first one to anything and, if he was, it was on very rare occasions.

    The teen stepped inside the warehouse and beamed brightly at the sight of Hellfire. Or, Annika. He was glad to see her. Really glad. I mean, he's happy to meet with all the Children, but he really did miss Hellfire since he was mostly attached to her. Luke couldn't help sitting down next to her and pulling her into a strong, one arm embrace. Even though he was the youngest, he towered over her and many of the other Children.

    "It's good to see you again," he said with a smile as he pulled away from Annika, waiting for the other Children's arrival.
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  3. Drought walked briskly down the sidewalk, his head bobbing along to the pop music blasting from his headphones. His crimson head of hair shifted with his movements, his golden eyes glazed over as he did his best to disregard the city half burning around him, only paying attention long enough to avoid stepping on a burnt bit of debris lying about. Oh, how his sister loved her fireworks. And yet she was so impatient. The fun wasn't suppose to begin just yet. Oh but he couldn't get mad at her! That was her job after all. She could keep her thunder as far as that went.

    Jeremiah stopped as he found a group of fire fighters pulling up in front of one building, getting ready to battle the blaze as they got ready to attach a hose to a nearby fire hydrant. His face lit up as he slid onto the hood of a nearby car, sitting with his legs dangling off the edge as he waited for the punch line. He had to admit, he'd been a bad boy himself. The hydrant was pried open but all that came out was a billow of steam, the bulk of the burst striking a man who hit the ground flailing. The men panicked as they realized their go to water source was nonexistent and Jeremiah had to put a hand over his mouth to stop the laughing.

    He slid off the hood of the car once he grew bored of the little insects scurrying about and kept on his way, driving out the sounds of a city in panic as a smooth jazz piece started playing. He made his way to the usual meeting place, the abandoned little warehouse that nobody dared enter, throwing open the door and pulling his headphones off an letting them dangle around his neck as he saw who had already arrived. Why if it wasn't his little brother and big sister!

    "Anni! You really must be more patient, sister, we haven't even all gotten here yet and you're already lighting up the city." [BCOLOR=#000000]He steps over to a full body mirror, adjusting his glasses and ruffling his hair free of a bit of ash before he focuses on his other sibling, his face lighting up as he suddenly sprints, half jumping on Lucas's back as he drapes his arms over his shoulders and rests his head against the side of his brother's. "Lukie! You've gotten so big! I don't think your shoulders were this broad a century ago," he coos, grinning from ear to ear as his arms wrap tighter. [/BCOLOR]
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  4. Lucas could tell that it was Drought before he even looked up. The shorter male was the only one that always had music accompanying him. It wasn't hard to miss him. He let his eyes travel and rest on the redhead, grinning as he told Annika how impatient she was. Luke was certain that Drought or, Jeremiah, caused a bit of havoc on his way down here, too. It was just too tempting and hard to ignore the urge to create chaos and strife among the humans.

    The youngest sibling was quite surprised when Jeremiah practically tackled him, wrapping his arms around him. He chuckled at Jeremiah's statement about his shoulders. He was certain that he hadn't grown since the last time they met. "Hi to you too, Jeremiah." Luke gave the arms wrapped around him a light, affectionate squeeze, happy to see the energetic, redhead once more.
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  5. At a certain hospital in Chicago, chaos was transpiring. Disease, in the form of a 25 year old male only intended to take a piss at the Hospital's restroom however, in doing so, he had unintentionally poisoned the entire water supply of the facility. Those whose skin had come in contact with the water instantly developed boils while those who drunk the water from the hospital instantaneously experienced diarrhea. Seeing the chaos that he had not plan to cause, a whimsical smile appeared on his lips before saying "Oopsies~!"

    Mal Mortimer, a human being that was named in such a perfectly ominous name was his vessel. He was one of the first Victim's of Disease's finest creation, the Bubonic Plague, that occurred during the Middle Ages. However, when he took Mal's body to become his vessel, the human boy's body stopped aging. He became impervious to any and all diseases yet he retained a sickly and frail appearance with pale skin, red eyes and hair as white as snow. But now, these humans were becoming increasingly hard to deal with. Their ingenuity has led to the eradication of some of his other fatal killers such as smallpox. But he wasn't mad... no. Unlike his younger sister, who'd turn into cinders anything that pisses her off, Disease only found this desperate attempt of humans to cling into life as amusing. The way he saw it, the more of the illusion of hope they see in eliminating pandemics, the more satisfying it is to crush their spirits with the next big epidemic. By the time he had left the hospital, the everyone had become host to over 24 types of diseases and that was when he just casually strolled out of the premises. humans were so ingenious yet so weak and fragile.

    Now he was currently heading to what the humans see as an ominous-looking, abandoned and dilapidated warehouse. It has been their meeting place since the last century. On the way there, he had witnessed his siblings' works as he saw a blazing building, firemen panicking at the base of the structure due to lack of water... and a street fight occurring a few blocks away. Hellfire, Drought and War... Oh how he was delighted to see his dear brothers and sisters once more! Entering said warehouse, he was welcomed by the scene of Jeremiah perched on top of Lucas' shoulders while Annika had a bored look on her face... He smiled at the sight of his 3 younger siblings as he tapped his cane to make his presence known.

    "My my, it seems that you two are getting along quite famously, though you shouldn't disregard Annika, deary, over there. She might blow a fuse and turn the entire city into a smoking pile of cinders. Wait... didn't she do that already back in the 19th Century? I believe she threw a tantrum on that day. Such good times " Mal told them in a eerily kind voice. "In any case, I've missed all of you dearly. Those rodents have learned various ways of dealing with my creations over the years... Technology is such a hassle. Lucas, can't you just will some of those Electromagnetic Pulse Generating Nukes to detonate. that should send Humanity back to the Dark Ages!" He exclaimed.
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  6. "Luke!" Hellfire was always excited to see War. After all, he caused almost as much trouble as she did. She hugged him back, "It really is so good to see you again!" she laughed. Next thing she knew Jeremiah had jumped onto Luke's back. Annika rolled her light blue eyes, laughing "Oh Jerry! But you know me! Humans are just too much fun to mess with! Plus who wants to wait for destruction? I'm sure the others are causing trouble just like me." And as if on cue Disease walked in.

    Disease told the story of Annika literally burning an entire city, or most of the city "Well maybe if those rats actually had some manners, I wouldn't have killed them. In my opinion I was doing the gene pools a favor." Annika gave Disease a light hug, and embracing Jeremiah after her got off of War. She returned to her place on the couch, "Chicago doesn't know what it's in for."
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  7. Disaster walked down the streets of poor old Chicago, a breeze just tickling her neck and blowing her hair back. She had a pep in her step as she headed towards the old "abandoned" building where she would see the other Children again. Oh how she missed them all. She looked around at the windy city and couldn't help but to push a gust of air around, causing branches to fall and people to be blown over. She chuckled as they all looked around in wonder at the sudden and short-lived wind gust. This place was too much fun.

    Disaster was in a new vessel lately. This one she had acquired on a trip to Pakistan to cause some devastation with a cyclone only about 30 years ago. She was using in a pretty blonde girl who had been trapped in a building. Kay was a good vessel and she was strong and young, only 20. It was nice to be in such a pretty vessel since most of her other ones had been older, less attractive faces. This once was much more fun.

    As she approached the building, she could already tell who had arrived. There was a building on fire surely from Hellfire and the poor firefighters seemed to have run out of water, no doubt because of Drought. And it seemed that a few blocks away, there was a terrible fight going on. War. And she had noticed a bit of commotion coming from the hospital that was definitely brought on by Disease. Ahh yes. The Children were coming. And this city had no clue what was in store for it.

    She saw the building looming up ahead of her, the glamour on it working it's wonders as people just strolled past not giving it a second glance. As she got closer, she couldn't help but to throw a few of her own problem's out into the streets. After all, what was a day without a little disaster? She stopped and turned a bit before flicking her wrist, causing a few errant lightning strikes to hit a few cars and trees. She always loved electrical storms and she was sure that Hellfire would approve as well. She laughed as more and more bolts of electricity hit random objects in the streets, tiny humans running and screaming as they tried to find shelter. This would be fun. Just for good measure, she struck the hospital with a errant bolt. The power shut off and she could hear screams from here.

    She chuckled and walked through the doors of the warehouse just as thunder roared through the sky. She looked around at the group and smirked.

    "Did you miss me?"
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  8. Chicago was a drag, per usual. Nothing was as exciting in the daytime here, only the occasional music blasting from houses and honking of horns. It was an annyoing sound, Famine decided, putting in putting in headphones as she walked the streets.

    Famine's vessel this time was a young 25 year old, much different than what she usually picked. She had found the body's real owner in some alley somewhere and decided that it would have to do. She was in a rush. It was growing on her now though. The feeling of the wind against her skin and soft caresses of fabric to her skin were some of the thing she would miss when she went back to Hell, whenever that was.

    A loud pop rang out as she blew a bubble, slowly pulling the gum back into her mouth and chewing. Hellfire's already causing mischief it seems, she thought, gazing up at the flames and rushing firemen. And Disaster, she sighed, taking in the ruined electric cords and screams of humans. Her family tended to always cause a mess when they were in town. Electric storms, fires, dying plants, and sickness were normal things for them. But when Death came to visit, it was like being in Hell again. "Pathetic." Rolling her eyes, she continued walking to the glamoured building, its peeling paint and torn shatters keeping most people away anyway.

    Famine slowly took out her ear buds, letting the classical music continue playing. Ah Mozart. He had been a true genius. She had actually enjoyed going to several of his concerts and even visiting him to hear him play. Until Disease killed him that is. She let her thoughts go as she walked through the door, dropping the music player on the table before facing her brothers and sisters. "Where's the kitchen? I'm hungry?"
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  9. "Ah, tsk tsk, Anni. You know better than to leave all of us out of the fun. We haven't even gathered yet," he said, his tone comically snooty as he gave Luke's shoulders a squeeze. "But I suppose this one time I can find it in my black little heart to forgive one of the sisters I love so much." With that he dropped off of his brother's back, feet hitting the floor before he practically leaped into Annika's arms, squeezing her tight with a big smile on his face. "Mmm," he muttered, taking a brief moment to sniff her hair and shoulder. "Smells like smoke and ash," he said in a delighted tone just before letting go of her and patting her on the head before turning to watch the door.

    Not even a minute passed by before he spotted another familiar face coming in. Dear Mally was having far too much fun poking at their hot headed sitter and thus Jeremiah decided to reserve his welcome for later. Just behind him came his last big sister, Kay, as sassy as ever as she marched in. Taking a seat in the corner, he waved to her as she made her entry. "I missed you enough for all of us, sis, don't worry!" he told her, laughing hysterically afterwards as he put his headphones back on. He was secretly a big disappointed. As she settled into his seat he wondered when his favorite sibling would show up...

    The door swung open and the blonde figure that stepped in was unmistakable. Eyes wide, he threw off his headphones and practically shot himself out of his seat just to pull her into a tight, iron grip hug. "Oh dear, sweet sister it's been too long!" he said, grinning like a madman as he rubbed his cheek against the top of her head. "Oooh, Dolly, I missed you. All these years and you didn't even send me one little letter or phone call. But you must be busy, such a hard worker you are! Don't worry, your little brother forgives you!" He let go of her -- eventually -- and patted her head to straighten out any hairs he'd put out of place before he clapped his hands together, looking like the happiest man alive. "Why don't I fix you something to eat? You must have had a very hard trip here. I'll make you anything you want, dear, sweet sister, you name it."
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  10. The moment Dahlia stepped through the door, she was engulfed by Drought. He practically squeezed the life out of her, talking nonstop into her ear. "Ah...sorry little one." Despite him being a good three inches taller than her in this vessel, he would always be her little one.

    Drought was exactly how Dahlia remembered him. His energy was like none others, and if it wasn't for them being so close, she wouldn't even believe that he could hurt a fly.

    "I have missed you, too little one. How long has it been? 20, 30 years? The drought in Libya was a long one." That had been the longest they had been apart for a while. The two had supported and stayed with each other while the rest of the children scattered across the globe, not even trying to contact them except for these rare meetings.

    "I think I left ice cream here last time time...maybe." She frowned before shaking her head. "Or maybe not."
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