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Likes from PMs

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by MusicalT, Nov 1, 2015.

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  1. Do likes you receive in PMs go toward your ratings portfolio on your profile, or just ones you get on threads?
  2. The former, Likes from everywhere in the site (Thread, PM, Blog, Media, etc) goes to your rating portfolio. :)
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  3. And just to add onto this, likes from groups also count.

    Yet posts from groups (and I believe PM's) don't go to your post count.
    It's why you'll sometimes see people with more likes than they have posts.

    As in solely likes, not positive ratings in general like one Ferret.
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  4. That's because the post count only are for forum posts. Everything outside of the forum won't be counted to your post count. So any blog post, PM post, group post, profile post, etc. Does not count as a post since they are apart from the forum system.

    The likes on the other hand are not connected to only the forum, thus they can work elsewhere.
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  5. I understand why it works. :P

    I was just noting how it wasn't something unique to PMs.
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