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  1. Two girls from different familes have abilites that no other human has. One family has the use of fire and the other family has the use of water. another family has come from a different part of the country and is trying to take control. both familes must come together and fight for there own "freedom" per say. They don't want to be control over a family who use only magic for evil.
  2. Leaping across the stones that sat nestled in the ankle deep water surrounding the cottage of a house, hands shot out to either side attempting to keep her balance from taking a plunge into the cool image of herself.

    Bending downwards as she rocked with her heels on the smooth creamy white stone, a slow smile curled upon her lips nimble slender fingers stroked through the watery visage skewing the mirrored image of herself. The day was bright, a few littering of clouds dotted the skies but there wasn't to be rain this day at least not with the way the skyline looked there wasn't.

    Multi faceted fish swam close to the surface investigating the ripples caused by her curious fingers, lofty ears lifted somewhat to hear the calls of many echoing below the rolling hill their house had been built upon.

    It seemed she was not the only one awake this morning, as the village below the sight of the house were starting to come alive. She could even catch the smell of baker's shop as the rising yeast of fresh bread threatened to overtake the senses of anyone who was hungry enough.

    Lunging forward to step on the pond skirt a long black curtain of hair trailed behind her, making a brisk walk towards the stone arch way that had been built around the entirely of her families plot of land. Her father had been no where in sight this morning making her wonder if he had gone off to begin his day in the smith shop while she could still hear the sweeping of the corn broom stroking over the front porch indicating her mother was busying with her daily chores.

    It was the perfect time to escape down to the village in hopes to forgo her own routine of daily chores and training. Letting the wily grin press against her light lips, she slunk herself up against the stone wall, slinking slowly around the bend of the arch way only to take a peek back across her shoulder and then go running down the dirt road to the village. It wasn't always so easily to escape from her mother this early but her mind had been preoccupied as of late, for what reason she didn't know nor was she about to press it.

    Hopping forward when she bend it to the slower bend of the hill, Ren lifted her two tone eyes upwards to valuated the sky yet again as a few good mornings greeted her, causing her distracted attention to drop and her hands to tuck behind her back. "Good morning." she spoke sweetly back, her own voice seeming too afraid to speak too loudly, she was hard to hear for most people due to the almost hush like whisper that came naturally from her.

    She was a jovial one but she was still cautious of some people in the village, one never knew who would lash out because she was not only not a mortal human like most but held the ability to control the element of water with nothing more than a twist and snap of her fingers. It often lead to others being brash but cautious and she was capable of returning the favour.

    Rubbing the scar on her shoulder absently, Ren picked her feet up to start walking more into the village.
  3. Most people think she just a girl who is part of a big family with the dangerous power of Fire users. The Gaze family has been around for centuries. Nova stays at the estate to train so become head of the family just like her father. She must know everything there is when i comes to fire and the magic she holds.

    Taking out her fire sword she begins to train using fire to take the the dummies she and her trainer have set up. "Nova you must not be so tense! Relax. Let the fire flow through you to the sword." I closed my eyes and relaxed and let my fire flow through me into my sword, Just like Mr. Shawn had said. I opened my eyes and began to slay the dummies one by one. "Mr. Shawn can't I do sparring now? We have been doing the basics ever since i began training. I want to do and learn something more challenging." I had asked. Mr. Shawn looked at me and replied "So you think you are ready for sparring huh?" He looked across the training feild then back at me. "I'll tell you what Nova, I will look around and see if i can find you an easy start. If you can defeat the person you must fight we can move on from basics. sounds like a deal?" I smiled. i was actually going to spare! I liked Mr. Shawn a lot because he likes to make deals with me. "Okay!"

    I put my sword away back into my belt holder and walked back to the house. I walked in and smelled something nice cooking. I walked in the dinning room and saw my father and some men at the table discussing something. My father had looked up from his business paper and smiled at me. "Ah, Nova, come take a seat and join us." I walked over to a seat a the table and sat down right next to my father. "What's all this for?" i had asked. My father explained 'It seems i will have to take another business trip tomorrow. I know i said i take you out and look around the village but this is something i must do." I stared down at the table. "I understand" I said weakly. I got up and went to my room. As i walked into my room i shut the door behind me. I walked over to my bed and put my belt which carried my sword down and walked over to the balcony. I looked out to see past the gates. i have always wanted to go out and see whats beyond the great gates. I closed my eyes and thought "I wonder what's its like. To be out in the world. To see new things." Then and there I decided to try and sneek out the gates sometime soon. I want to see what the village is like. I would go by myself. Without my father.
  4. Fingers rubbed absently one of the ivory white horns that spiraled upwards from her crown, her mouth busy with devouring the fluffy honey sweeten bread that she had somehow conned out of the front clerk of the bakery, her eyes were mesmerized on all the people that were seeming to have something to do.

    Chickens pecked at the ground until some brute of a child decided to play war, jumping up and out of brush startling the feathery creatures that they took off in all directions, speckled feathers falling out in the great flee, she did well not to laugh too loudly at the sight. Especially when it came to a elderly man dressed in silver plate began to chide the child for his antics which only made it seem like it happened a lot more than she thought.

    Curling a leg under the other, Ren sat patiently under the slanted roof of a merchant shop, fingers probing the quality of the wood beneath her rear seeming reasonably content to be lost in the time around her. Though her gaze was often led up to the looming mansion that sat on the opposite hill of her own families, and it was a beast if she did say so. Never having the courage enough to go up to the place to look through the gates at the majesty of it all, she listened wisely to the words of the villagers who spoke about place as if it was the infernos of hell itself. She assumed they meant it was a heated place not literally a gate way that led to the underworld, then again she was never too sure.

    They had only lived in the village for the past few years after moving down from the snowy tops of Rynonan mountain's, much to her dismay; her father had more opportunities for blacksmith work in the region of people rather than the desolates that was her birth home.

    Chewing the bread carefully, her gaze lifted again to look at the tippy toes of the buildings beyond the fence looming over the village as she wonder what sort of prestige people lived in there. Sure her home had a fence around it, but the gate was always open and that was probably due to the fact that her own mother was the healer of the village. Visitors weren't uncommon there and her having to learn little techniques in ways of helping others was prominent.

    A squawk from a chicken startled her forcing her to drop the remaining half of her breakfast to the dirt as she covered her head from the fluttering bird. Gasping lightly to it, Ren could see the child come running up to her with a wooden sword deeming it necessary to continue chasing after the poor creature, she pouted when the ordeal ended staring down at the dirty piece of bread. "I doubt I could get another so easily." she mused softly to herself, rather discontent to the being.
  5. I run over to my closet and grab my black coat and my black belt to hold my sword. With myself so excited and nervous for what I was doing left a half smile on my face. Scared about what they would do if they had notice I was gone. I was also thinking about the people I would met and teens My age would be like. The only people I've ever known was my family and the relatives that live here. I want and need to see these people from the village. To get more knowledge. I must know what the villages are like.

    Bundled in joy, I sneek out from my room and through the front door of the house. I was about to go out the gate when I heard my cousins Dylan and Sarah come up behind me. Sarah asked "Girl where do you think you are going?" I turned around and looked at the both of them. I heasitated. "If i ell you you have to promise not to tell anyone!" They looked at each and nodded "Alright short stack we promise now where are you going?!" Dylan had asked. "...I'm going to the village...My father is leaving AGAIN and he said he would take me to the village but now he can't. He is always doing this to me and I can't stand it anymore. Please, will you guys cover for me?" I was pratically begging. "Yeah. I completly understand. We got your back. But if they being to notice that something is going on your taking the blame not us. Rememeber that." I nodded. "Okay I guess I can do that." I smiled and hugged them both "Thank you guys. You have always been there for me" "Well what would you expect? i mean yes we are all a few years apart form each other but we still got each others backs and are there for each other."

    I opened up the gate and ran out. Sarah and Dylan had shut the gate behind be and I ran down the hill side. I stopped when I saw the village. It was even more amazing then I thought. I had to get closer. I just have too.
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    Rubbing idle fingers over the pelt of the curious ears after her assault from the chicken and debating whether or not she could possibly guilt the baker's clerk into another honey bun, she had become restless. The day was lingering, the heat was rising and she was now beginning to fret that perhaps her mother might had taken notice of her absence and in turn was planning some sort of vengeance when she returned.

    Soles of her boots tapped against the dirty road way, fingers dropping away from her ears to help scoot her rear from the wooden seat, voices of some caught her attention.

    Usually she was opt to ignore idle chit chat but something sounded different to how their tones were.

    Glancing up from the crown of ebony hair considering the few standing in the middle of the open space of the village, a single arm was pointing upwards to the mansion on the hill. For what reason she shortly found out. Bluish white eyes blinked trying to register the fact that out of nowhere seemed to be a young girl tearing down the hillside towards the village, which managed to make a few villagers nervous. The gates rarely opened, she knew that much and now out of the great blue a person was coming out. Did that mean something had happened and now they were making their escape into the day, or what it something else entirely.

    Getting to her feet, Ren wasn't sure why she had felt the nervous bite in her belly but she had looking at this being coming down the hillside. It didn't bode well in her mind, knocking wildly that this one wasn't supposed to be here, feet turned to escape back to the comfort of her mother's watchful eye.

    "Well I'll be," a voice interrupted her thoughts, thundering strong in the chest cavity causing her gaze to whip right around to look at the abdomen of a man clearly. Skewing her attention upwards, she shielded her eyes realizing how much taller the man was than her, Ren scooted a foot backwards. "Seems someone lives up there after all." he mused, his smirk turning upwards on his charms as she leaned a little away.

    Blinking a little, her attention shortly fell to the tapered ears that rested on either side of his face causing her to clue in that this one was something fabled called an elf, he lifted a dark brow taking a careful look to her, those alarmingly white eyes seeming to peer right through her. Where had he just suddenly come from and without a creep to his step. "Cat got your tongue kid?" he raised his brow at her, causing her to drastically shake her head.

    "W-where'd you just come from?" she asked so softly managing to catch him off guard as he had to rethink her words thoughtfully making sure he had heard her properly, he smirked again.

    "Everywhere and anywhere," he winked to her, taking a sliding step backwards, he gave her a salute that she knew came from the army. "See you later little lass,"

    She frowned at that watching him leisurely walk off, out of the blue he came and now he left with such a comment. It made her uneasy though she seemed to have forgotten the other oddity that had come down the hill. Tossing her look back across her shoulder, Ren twined her fingers together to wring them. "Oh dear," she spoke in the hush hush tone.
  7. I began to run again all they way down the hilll. A smile on my face and i let out a small giggle in the air. As i got closer i could Smell bread and sweets and almost all sorts of food. I walked into the village and saw many different stores and homes.

    This was a whole new experience. I couldn't wait to get back and tell Sarah and Dylan about my adventure today. I began to walk around. People were starring and whispering. I began to feel uncomfortable. Was i the only person here who used a type of magic? As I was walking i found a little book store. I love to read. You learn new things and you get to use your imagination.

    I walked into the store and walked over to the fiction books. A man was sitting a small desk and peered up at me "May I help you?" The man said.

    "No thank you sir. im just here to look around." i replied back to him. There were so many books, so many stories.

    "Hey, kid, are you new around here? I''ve never seen you before." The man had a curious look on his face. I just stood there. I wasn't really surprised. I mean no one knew me at all. No one ever had left the estate excpet my father when he went on his trips.

    "No sir. I have lived her my whole life. I just finaly got the courage to go out on my own today" I stared at the ground. Maybe this was a bad idea. I wasn't going to fit in. I was the only Fire user here in the villiage. Only if my cousins were here. They would know what to do. I put the book back where i had found and and walked back out side "Have a good day mister" I told the man. he nodded and went back to his work. I looked around and walked over to a field to sit down. i had to clear my mind.
  8. What had come over her was beyond her simple understanding. Usually so quaint with keeping to herself, she found herself actually spying on the girl who had come down from the hill. Something had compelled her to do so, what she had no idea.

    Lurking close to the bookstore, she had received more than her fair share of looks and more disapproval for her behaviour; Ren could only laugh humbly while she rubbed the back of her head. This was stupid why was she being like this.

    What was so interesting about that girl that had her doing something so out of character for herself! Why was all she could ask time and time again.

    Pressing her back up against the wall of the bookstore having not gone inside, ears jerked upwards into alert as she dove into the bushes when the bell above the door rang out stating that the girl was leaving! It just had to be a bush filled with thorns as she clamped a hand over her mouth to keep from yelping at her stupidity. She knew the bushes around here were prickly and yet, her mind had managed to forget this fact allowing her to jump head first into one.

    It didn't take long until she crawled out, picking at her clothing to pull thorns out as she knew the girl was on the move again. She should have stopped when she was ahead yet, she was still trudging head first into this mess.

    Feet pattered against the dirt road until she realized around her that the village was slipping away into the open field as she screeched to a halt, desperately looking around her for a place to hide again with great failure. Ren let out a startled noise as she clamped her hands together before her chest, she had half a mind to thump on her head with her hands due to her stupidity. Oh how she wouldn’t hear the end of this if her mother found out.

    Knitting her brow, she sighed inwardly before she would slowly make her approach to the girl. "Uh…" she started to pause just as quickly, Ren swallowed hard. "Excuse me miss? Did you come from the mansion?" why was she asking, she seen her come down from there. Something was clearly wrong with her today.
  9. I looked up from the grass and noticed that someone was coming. I was surprised in a way and happy at the same time. When the lady had finaly reached me she had asked me if i had come from the mansion. I looked up at my home. I was afraid of what the reaction of her would be like I told her i was. I had always been taught to always tell the truth and to never lie. Leaving today with out telling my father scared me. i would have to deal with the punishment later though.

    I looked back at the girl with a slight smile but it faded away when i had said "Yes i am. me and my entire family and relative live up there." I paused. "Why do you ask?" I was a little confused by why the lady had asked if i came from the mansion i live in. Was she like me? I grew curious. I went back to starring at the ground and picking grass from the ground hoping that I could just go back to where I was in my room wishing I had come with my dad instead of alone.
  10. Fingers moved to rub against the apple of her cheek, upon hearing the answer given to her she had been tempted to leave it just at that. But there was still that nagging feeling that was pulling at the back of her head that was saying not to leave it as is.

    Turning her attention forward stopping herself from scuffing her boot into the dirt, Ren hummed and awed her answer firstly. "Well..." she paused again thinking carefully over her words. "No one ever comes out of there that anyone sees, and yet... you're here." she pointed to her, "It's a bit alarming to the villagers to see someone out in broad daylight and well..." Ren started to rub her finger against her cheek again, "You don't really seem like you belong here." like she could talk, she was the one who had horns!
  11. I looked up to my home and thought to myself. Then I had turned to face the lady who had approched me. "But my father leaves all he time for business trips."

    But then something caught me off gaurd. She said i didnt belong there. Was i really that different from all of the humans that lived here? I shouldn't have been so surprised. But I always realized that she wasn't human either. "Please excuse me if I am being rude but, you don't seem to be human I guess that me just being part of..." I drifted away from my sentence. If no one new about my family and the pwer the we hold then by me coming out wasn't a good idea. I, again, looked back up to my home and stood up. "I suppose you're right. I should probably be leaving. I guess it wasn"t very smart to come out here on my own..."

    I didn't want to leave the village. But it was the right thing to do. All I could do was keep he amazing image of he village in a memory and once I get home, face the consequences of my father and the others if they hadn't already noticed I gone.
  12. She blinked, before she shrugged. "I don't generally stay inside the village myself, so i wouldn't know about your father." She answered honestly. Rocking back on her feet, Ren turned a furious shade of crimson before she rubbed the back of her neck furiously.

    "No your right..." she looked downwards, "I'm only somewhat mortal, i didn't mean like you don't belong here, i mean you don't belong... here." she had no idea what she was saying, but it wasn't like she could just come out and say, hey I think you are something unusual like myself without sounding like a complete idiot. Plus she knew that there was a reason why her parents had stated she keep somewhat quiet about the abilities they contained. It wasn't the run of the mill everyday ordinary to be capable to wield an element with a beckon of a hand.

    Pausing she looked over the girl before sighing. "I'm sorry, but what... why do you live up on the hill in the mansion away from everyone? I mean there is a reason why you haven't been down here right? It's not just because..." she was lost in her own words, confused about how to go on with making it sound like she wasn't a colossal creeper. Slapping a hand to her face, she sighed again. "Who are you? You aren't like the villagers, your different." she finally just blurted out but she clamped her hands over her mouth, ashamed of what she had just said. Then again she was never overly good at making first impressions.
  13. A bit surprised and shocked I was trying to process what she had said. I was curious about her. She wasn't my age but i want to find out what she knew...

    "Um yeah...I stay up there because that is my home. Also...You're right. I am different. Im not fully human." There were words jumbled in my head. I was trying to figure out what to say before I blew out my family's secret. "Before i tell you anything...what have the villages told you about my home?" I waited for her reply. frighen about what she would say. And prayed I wouldnt be outcasted. I don't want to have not even met anyone besides the libraian and this lady. I stood there and started at the ground.
  14. So she was sort of right, though she absolutely looked like a human in comparison to herself. But then again, everyone did in comparison to her.

    Eyes of two tone colour widened at being told to tell this one what the village often said about the mansion on the hill, as she hummed. "Mostly that it's a evil place were a witch lives, other times its haunted and if your a terrible sort of person, the demon keeper who lives up there will come down in the middle of the night and eat you from your bed." she was telling the truth, with so little commotion coming from the building it often led to silly superstitions and even more outrageous lies.

    Lifting a finger she tilted her head. "It's why my mother was summoned here, to keep the demons at bay from the mansion. Lots of people here are afraid that it is some sort of summoning ground that will eventually awaken to bring forth the lord of hell and fire." she shrugged a little, "Though I don't overly believe it, but..." she hummed again putting her finger to her chin thinking hard and long. "Though after today who knows, first you appear and then..." she looked behind her as if she was expecting someone to suddenly pop out, "That elven man." Eyes widened, her hands lifted upwards to clamp around her cheeks staring at the younger girl, "Are you here to start taking sacrifices! Oh what happens if it is all true, then... then I'll," Ren fluttered as she took a leap backwards to put distance between herself and this one. "You can't have the village! I won't let you." she acclaimed.
  15. I was confused at first but when she told me the stories and how she reacted made me laugh. I was laughing so hard i fell to the ground. "You're kidding right?" I kept on laughing.

    "We are no family of demons or whichs. But we are a family of Fire Users. We hold great magic. We never want to use our power for evil or to harm anyone. We only wish to protect." I was still giggling and laying on the ground. "Yes, it is true that my family never comes out of the gates during the day. But at night its a whole different story. My cousins, aunts, uncles, and sometimes my father come down to make sure there are no evil spirts, demons, or evil magic users." I sighed. If only my family stopped hidding. We could be friendly with the village and the people who live here. I will never understand why we have lived under such rule for so long...
  16. Blinking only to have her cheeks turn hot, Ren tucked her hands close to her own body feeling incredibly silly for all that transpired. She might have turned to leave if it hadn't been for the key word that caught her attention.

    Her gaze lifted, "Fire users?"

    There were others, not exactly the same as her but others. Others! the news was hard to believe just due to her fearing it was nothing but a daydream. "Wait a minute here," she shook her hand, "But then that must mean..." fingers stroked over her face, mulling over all that had been said before she looked back to see if she had stopped laughing finally. Her parents must have known the truth otherwise they were more oblivious than she ever could give credit for.

    Waving her hands before her face as if to clear the air, Ren exhaled gently. "Well if thats the case, your asking for stories to spread like that when you all lurk up in your gated loft." she lifted her brow, at least she still moved along the villagers so rumours like that couldn't spread. "But wait... if your family doesn't come out at night why... are you here?"
  17. "I have assked my father many times to take me down here but everytime we plan a day it always has to be moved to a differnt day because oof y dads work. We have lived under strick rules for centuries. I am here because I am soon to be the head of the family. I want to have knowldge abput the people here. And now what I have seen, as soon as i am head of the family I will remove the rule of all fire users to be able to have friendships and any type of relationship with whom they wish." I looked up the sky and just imagined the day i will be leader of my family. I wont let them down.

    "We don't ask for all of this you know. All these rumors. We live by our rules. We only speak the turth and never break the rules. But today I broke them. im not proud but it may have been for the best that i did" I layed quietly on the ground watching the clouds go by.
  18. Arms went limp as she leaned forward listening to this girl going on about head family this and father that, before she gave her head a firm shake. "Uh... yes, well..." Ren sucked in her bottom lip before lifting her fingers up in a half wave, "You... have fun with that?"

    Were all fire users this... open?

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  19. I sat up and Played with my swords handle. I then realized That from being from a family who spoke nothing but the truth, that I probably just said a lot more then should have.I stood up and turn upward facing my home. "I don't when we will see each other again but it may not be soon. I'm probably in a load of trouble." I tried not to think of the of the punishments that may be given to me.

    "Goodbye miss...."
    I hadn't caught they lady's name " was your name again?" ​I had asked curiously
  20. Again? She knew she didn't give it out the first time which had her a bit weary to the entire thing.

    "Uh well..." she itched her ear, "It's Ren."