ART Like hell I'm posting all my pictures one by one.

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    Some of the work on there is REALLY old, and some of it is really recently done...

    The cheetah one, that was a piece I did for a friend of a friend who's going through some bad shit...

    There's over three pictures of Archetype in there, so have fun with it!
  2. Awesomenss, I'm glad you like it...
  3. You know, I don't think I've ever heard what got you interested in fox spirits as a inspiration.
  4. I don't know.... it's just.... it felt like I connected with them in a non-creepy way...
  5. More pictures to come soon.
  6. Can't find scanner equipment..... I'm gonna cry.....
  7. Oooh, I like the "Colorful Spin"... I wanna keep staring at it.... o_o
  8. Yay! That's what I intended! I really loved working on that one!
  9. Still unable to put up new pics. Might put some of the deviant art ones on here so they're more easily seen.
  10. "Not yet. Stick to the mushy stuff. Let's see if she'll like apples."
  11. Astaroth wrapped his arms around her waist and sat his chin on her head.
  12. "At least say goodbye." Lucius stood up.
  13. Anya hold his hand tightly, "Thank you Nora."

    Nora smile, "Of course. You know you have a few people who'll always look after the Furor line and you built your own set of followers too. You are always watched over."
  14. "Yeah, we can."

    I can't add my comp to the new scanner because my CD DRIVE IS BROKEN, THEREFORE I CAN'T GET THE PROGRAM RUNNING!
  16. *executes the defective CD drive for denying the mustress' glory*
  17. I think I'm gonna cry... this means... if I really want to show my recent artwork... it has to be.... via webcam.... SHIT.