Like dying

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  1. Detective Miles had just got out of bed when he got a phonecall from the policestation - he had to be there as soon as possible. He didn't know what it was all about, but he was pretty sure it must be something important - why would they otherwise call him at saturday morning?
    When he got there, Mrs. Hayes, another detective, was waiting for him. "We got to hurry, it seems that someone has commited suicide", she said, and Miles nodded slightly. "Do you know anything else?" he asked, as he drove towards the crime scene. Mrs. Hayes looked at him with seriousity in her eyes. "Not really. As far as I know, someone had find it odd why he didn't answer the phone, nor opened the door, and so they had found him dead." Miles nodded and parked the car on the gravel outside the house, and soon they were both inside.
    Mrs. Hayes began looking for evidence of any kind, and Miles began to investigate the scene and taking some photos. When he leaned towards the gun he noticed something under the carpet, a notebook. He opened it and began to read.