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  1. (@Kalista or @xxDarkest_Assassinxx it's your choice of whoever wants to start. I tried to make this into a start where both of you can answer.)

    The morning sun rise slowly through the small city, he looked down while some kids was on their way to school in their uniforms. He started to remember his own school uniform he got, it was tight and he didn't like it at all so he would open it and wear it lazily but now...

    He could hear the school bell ring and saw some kids running with their bag tight in their hand, he started to smile behinde the mask and sighs. Suddenly he saw some older students go on their way to school, apparently they haven't started yet or else they would have been running like crazy to school by now, but they walked calmly while chatting to each others. Then, at that moment he saw them both, two students totally unaware of each other walking on the same road to school, but his eyes was stuck on the other person more than the other. He was the key to change everything. He stood up and looked down from the roof then made a turn as he disappeared.
  2. Leon walked casually to the front door of his school. He hadn't talked to anyone on his way here but he was fine with that, he usually kept to himself anyway. He saw he still had around 20 minutes before first period began so he sat on the front steps and began screwing around on his phone.
  3. Reina Hess found herself at the front of her school finally and passing some boy playing around on his phone, she went up the steps mechanically. Going straight to her locker, Reina noticed someone call out to her from down the hall, but before she knew it, her fingers were fumbling with the lock with no attention to the caller. There was a little sense of guilt at ignoring the person, but Reina reasoned that it probably looked like she merely didn't hear them. As she put her purse into her locker and took out the books for her first few classes, the incident was already in the back of her mind. Reina walked towards her first class, about fifteen minutes early, but she didn't mind because she had some catching up to do in the reading.
  4. The rest of the class was going in when it was only 5 min before it would start and they started to talk to each other, probably a gang that has knew each other for a long time since before. The rest was two and two talking or three and one or just one and one. The door opened and the teacher was walking in. He was young and very likable by the stundents but only by the girls because of his good looks, a serious one but not mean. He laid the book on his table and looked at everyone before he sat down.
    -"Okay everyone, have you got your books you where supposed to get yesterday?" He asked everyone but most of them was quiet and some was quietly saying "yes".
    -"Since this is your first day in collage, why not tell your names and atleast a hobby or something small about yourself?" He then glanced at one of the guys in the front. The guy flew of his chair.
    -"Y-yes." He started.
    -"Alexander Owen. I like to write." He shortly explained then sat down till the other one next desk would do the same.

    Teacher (open)
  5. Leon walked into class seeing that most people were there already but it didn't look like class had yet begun. "Hello" he said to the teacher as he walked passed the front desk.

    Leon walked toward the back of the class and took a seat next to one of the girls he saw pass him minutes earlier. He didn't know who she was and he didn't really care, he was bad at meeting new people anyway
  6. Looking up from her novel, Reina saw the teacher stroll in with a serious face. She hoped he wouldn't be too strict of a teacher. Looking back down at the pages in front of her, Reina's hair had fallen a bit in front of her face, so she tucked it behind her ear. Shortly after the teacher settled in, the boy she saw on the steps came in. He looked sullen and quite young for his age. Hmm, maybe he skipped some grades?

    As the clock struck the mark that class was to start, the teacher looked up and after mentioning something, asked someone to introduce themselves. Reina sighed quietly as she closed the book. She sat back and crossed her legs and arms, impatient for the lecture to start so she could go back to reading.

  7. When everyone had introduced themselves the class could start. He stood up and looked at everyone before he would speak.
    -"Okay, everyone. I hope you all know what to do but if you've forgotten I can tell you again." He said and started to write on the board. It said Mr. Crow.
    -"As you know, you've all got a book for these lessons and I want you to use it as much as possible, of course we can-" He kept on talking. The other students started to play with their pens or eraser and some drew on their notebook, other played on their mobile while hiding it as much as they could so the teacher wouldn't notice.

    The class ended and the teacher didn't talk too much, since he is the one who thinks that hard work is more of a help than words and everyone had to work for the rest of the 50 minutes lesson. Everyone started to walk outside while other had problems with puching their books into their bag, other just chatted.
    Three girls walked to the newer girl and started to ask her where she lived, about her clothes and all stuff you could imagine to ask someone. Suddenly...
    -"Pssst. Hey." A voice said to Leon, a little british and both american accent could be heard from the deep voice. Others didn't seem to hear the voice.
    -"Hey, Leon. It's Leon right?" A shape formed from the walls and a person showed, the first you would notice was a mask, an odd white mask with round eyes and a ridiculous big happy mouth. Then the spiky black hair that hid a little behinde it, a skinny young man was going out of the wall while the other half was out in the corridor.
    -"Can you hear me?" He said and started to touch his mask as if he had a beard there.
    -"Hmm... Guess not."

    Smiley (open)
  8. Leon could hear a voice whispering to him, at first he thought it was two different people due to the two different accents. At first he couldn't find the source of the voice, then he saw what looked like a teen in a mask. He couldn't really believe what he was seeing. People don't just form out of walls. "Uh...yeah" he said at the mention of his name. He looked around to see that no one was paying attention to him.

    He rubbed his eyes then saw that the smiling mask person was still there. Was he going insane? "Who are you?"
  9. He laughed and then was right next to him while taking his arm around his neck. His arm was skinny but didn't weight anything since he could also go through walls, his ribs could also be clearly seen.
    -"Listen now, I need your help. Buut..." He looked around.
    -"Let's... talk somewhere else. Let's go, follow me! Come one!" He said and started to walk away through the door but then stopped.
    -"Oh, by the way. Don't talk." He said and kept on walking.

    The girls gathered around Reina and they started to talk, especially a girl with a brown ponytail and had mascara on her that made her blue eyes "stick" out more.
    -"Hey, you're new here, right? Or well... Newer than us other. Why don't we show you around?!" She said and smiled wide, the others did the same.
  10. Leon's mind was still scrambled at the fact that he just witnessed someone go through a wall. When the kid put his arm around Leon's neck, he felt nothing. He could alone see the faint out line of the smiling kid's ribs. He did as he was instructed and followed "smiley" Yeah, that name seemed to fit
  11. Reina was surprised to be accosted by so many class mates at once. While she was fairly new to the school, she figured there were many others too so that she wouldn't stick out so much. However, she didn't really mind, as Reina wanted to make some friends. Her social life had been boring ever since she moved here and she definitely needed to find a "friend" in the chemistry department...

    Between the small talk and borderline interrogation, Reina noticed the quiet boy next to her say something. It was only out of the corner of her eye, but she didn't see anyone else so wondered if he was talking to himself. "Who are you?" She had barely heard him over the other girls, but Reina was pretty sure that was what he was saying. Is he... saying something about me? Or to himself?? He wasn't looking her way and Reina decided he was just a strange one that liked to talk to himself. The boy looked surprised at something, but Reina had no idea what, as there was nothing nearby that would be surprising.

    "... why don't we show you around?" Reina snapped her attention back to the present company and nodded slowly, "Sure..." she replied.

    At this point, the boy had left his desk seeming really preoccupied. It was coincidence that her new group went with her at the same time to the point that it looked like they were following the boy.
  12. The girls smiled and as fast as they could they dragged her out of the classroom, one of the girls in the group had also noticed the boy's weird bahaviour but she just thought of him as weird and would snap out of it right away. There are a lot of weird people in this school, one guy is a real nerd and thinks of himself as a cartoon character or something, then there are the very quiet ones that just ignores everyone and then, many many others.

    They showed her where the toilet where when they was going by them anyway, there was 5 toilets in the school. Two on the first floor, two on the second floor and one on the third floor that nobody almost never used since they have heard stories about that toilet, being haunted or that it's full of rats or something like that. The dining room was on the first floor on the very right end, it was large and many people could be there at the same time, maybe not the whole school but many. The reception, school nurse and more closer stuff like those where also on the first floor. On the second floor was the big library with all kinds of books and there was also a room where those studying physics could be all by themselves. You would also study language on the second floor but on the third floor however where more classrooms, except one room where the Astromony class would be, in there was all different kinds of things an astronomy group needed and those who wanted to go into that club could just ask them and then write on a small paper before leaving it for the club president. There is also an art room in the third floor where the art club would be.
    A little more outside school was the gym where you would gym of course, people in the sport club would be there a lot as well. You could do many kinds of things there but a problem is with the sport club is the dancing group that also wants to be there to practice. Sometimes it just doesn't go well with them together.
    And of course there was a roof, but you had to go to one of the classrooms and climb out through the window to get up there or just go into the Astronomy room and take the way to the roof there. The teacher didn't like the kids being on the roof since they could hurt themselves, that's why its so hard to get up there unless you know how.


    Smiley looked at him while his mask just smiled at him. He stood on the floor even though he could fly and was about the same height as the boy.
    -"Okay, listen now." He started.
    -"I need your help, since I'm in this state I can't really do anything but you can." He didn't let Leon answer before starting to talk again.
    -"There is a murderer running around free, you surely have seen the weird stuff going on the TV right?" He asked but as the last time didn't let him answer.
    -"Well, I need your help to catch the murderer."
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