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  1. One of the most frustrating--and the most beautiful--things we humans are given are choices. It allows us to find ourselves--to see what makes us individual and insight to our own existence.

    Daily, I find myself discovering and questioning and wondering why I am, who I am, and what I am.

    I want to know the questions you've asked yourselves and why it is important to you. I hope I can gain more insight into myself this way.

    I'll start!

    In my teenage years, I found that I am not straight or gay or bisexual or whatever I might "be." I found myself attracted to males and attracted to females and attracted to those who do not identify as either gender. That's cool with me. I asked myself, "Where do I fall in this classification?" I realized that by labeling myself, I was also inhibiting myself to whatever "classifcation" I feel under. I realize now that I am me, and I am not someone who is gay or someone who is straight.

    Also in my teenage years, I always asked myself, "Am I ready to pursue a romantic relationship?" Until this last year I felt like I wasn't emotionally, mentally, or psychologically ready, so I didn't pursue a relationship. I feel that now I am truly ready, and I think now I have more to offer to a prospective partner.

    My last question I asked myself was this: "Do the friends I have foster an environment that influences me to have integrity, pride, and love?" Whether we realize it or not, we choose the people who we befriend. We are not just given friends. We make friends. When I realized in college that the people who I befriended had poor attitudes, destructive lifestyles, or belittling opinions of others, I realized I had to drop them. And now I could be any happier with the friends who I've made who love me for me. :D

    That's it! What about you? What choices and questions have you made in your life?
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  2. Do you over think everything in life?

    Cause that'd drive me absolutely nuts having to think on every aspect of my life.
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  3. LOL yep. However I find it fun, but maybe that's me. =P
  4. "Is it really worth the risk?"
    A question that's hurt me as much as it's helped me. I've forced myself to suppress feelings, abandon dreams for success, and I've got my fair share of regrets. But, chances are, I would've had more regrets if I'd charged in, shouting "RISKS BE DAMNED." It's a double-edged sword, but one I'm willing to wield.
  5. i learned that in my profession, my actions and inactions have massive consequences for multiple parties.

    too few of my students realize this in time, and this results in irrevocable harm, occasionally fatalities.

    power and authority have their price, and not enough of even my more seasoned colleagues remember this lesson.
  6. Everyday I ask myself two questions.

    Is what I am doing, always doing, bettering the whole?

    And at the end of each day, when all is said and done, will I have said more than I have done?

    Like clockwork.
  7. I suffer from overthinking and sometimes it suffocates me! :D
    Particularly: What am I living for?
    What religion should I be believe, what's most likely? What will I do when I inevitably make the wrong choice and go to hell? What happens if I'm living for nothing, do I even really want to live at all? But if I die and catholicism is real then I'll go to hell for suicide. They make hell sound really bad, I wonder if it's that bad? What is the real reason behind God's homophobia if God and Christianity is real? He works in mysterious ways and whatnot. Maybe it's because the sex is so much better with your own gender and he doesn't want you to have sex before marriage? But wait isn't the sex better with my gender because I'm gay? How do I know that? Am I really gay? Yeah, fuck, I'm going to hell right? Plus having no sex before marriage isn't my thing. I guess that makes me a slut. What about paganism? That seems pretty rad. Like, can I be gay and pagan? But what if Pagan isn't right? What if atheists are right and I'm suffering through life for no fucking reason? That's pretty fucking stupid. So like if Atheists are right do I just disappear? Forever? I guess that's a lot less scary than living forever with myself. But how does it feel to disappear? Does it feel? How am I feeling? What am I doing? asdghjkl;
    Every fucking day. Every fucking day.
    Just sometimes I wish it would stop, but I don't want to chose a religion based on what is easiest to me or makes me feel the best, I want to chose it on which one is most likely. Which you never know. Sometimes I just have to scream loudly in my head until all the chatter goes away.
    And don't get me started into the other after-life stuff like angels and demons and ghost and those existances, I could go on for hours fighting with myself.
  8. Is life still worth living?

    Was if ever worth living?

    These questions plagued me until about 7 months ago.

    Am I really who I think I am? Who do I want to be? Why am I so unhappy? Why don't I want to die? Why can't I let go? WHERE'S SCARECROW?

    Do I like guys or just girls? What gender do I identify as if any?

    I have/had a lot of questions in my time...
  9. Do I really want to go on in school after my AS or do I just feel I have to because of pressure from society/ parents? I really don't know the answer to this and I'm trying to figure it out before I graduate! D:

    Also general, should I get married and have kids verses travel and paint. I'm leaning more towards kids and such but I ain't getting any younger either lol.
  10. 1. What is worth remembering?

    I come from a pretty brutal childhood (if you'd like to call it that even, more like a warzone really). I held onto my hatred for the people I grew up with (save two) and those memories for my entire minourhood. But one day, out of the blue, I decide to ask myself what was worth harbouring, and who it was really hurting. Everyday I thought of this. I woke up, asked this. Daydreamed hat a life would be like if I let go of everything and just opened up, and how free I would be if I allowed myself the gift of forgiveness, or at least the small task of forgetting. So, I did, with time, and it's made me a better person for it.

    2. What is the meaning of life?

    It took years for me to realize that you have to be your own meaning. I thought it'd be with other people, but while they can add to your life and make it pleasant for you, they won't fix you, or make you feel important. At least not as much as you could allow yourself to feel; your self esteem. So I smothered myself before I realized I needed to breathe, crowded and had anxiety attacks, and felt like shit because I was never happy with myself. But only me could give me the respect that I needed, because I was the only one throwing punches. Loving yourself can be hard sometimes, and often is hard to learn in one lifetime.

    3. Are you happy?

    Yes. I am happy through the good, bad and dark times, because I have many friends that help bring me through it all, and I know deep within my own being, I have the ability to get over or pull myself together when I need to, but also allow myself to cry.

    But I am happy with my life, and it took a hard fall to realize just how many friends I've got.
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  11. 2. What is the meaning of life?

    answer: 42.
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  12. So, something I have really struggled with in life is religion. I have thought a lot over religion and death and what waits for us after death.
    When I was younger I had no religion and I was introduced to Baptism later on around fifth grade. As I grew and realized that there were all these other religions one question came to mind.

    What religion is right?

    I couldn't help but think about all these different religions that have different requirements for getting into their version of heaven or hell. I mean, we can't all be right but why does there have to be a right religion. I really struggled with this for the longest time. Then, I read a book that really helped me figure this out. It's called Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander. After reading this book it really put me at ease. I've grown to accept that I can't really believe in any one religion but I can still have my own beliefs and I'm alright with that.

    Another thing that I tend to think about every once in a while is death. I know it is slightly morbid but it really puts life into perspective for you when you are stressing or freaking out over something. I just like to stop and think that one day I am going to be gone. There is no stopping the inevitable. No one will remember all the little things I did like the day I forgot an appointment or the day I got that C or D on an assignment. It helps me to stop freaking out about the little things and realize in the long run all those little things are not going to matter.

    Then of course after thinking about that I usually think about what comes after death. I just sit there and think of all the possibilities that I have heard over the years. Some people I've talked to feel that after we die we just stop existing. They feel that it is our brain that makes us who we are and once that is gone, we are gone. Of course I don't really believe that and that ties in with my statement above about religion. I like to think that maybe when we die we are just at peace finally. I also like to hope that maybe we get the opportunity to be reborn. Those are just my views though and it's a discussion I like to get into with other people. I've actually had this conversation with my grandmother multiple times and it's always just interesting to think about.

    But yeah... that's what I think about usually >.> XD. I mean I do think of other life questions but these are ones that have weighed heavily in my life and have come up over and over.
  13. One of the biggest questions Im debating right now, and probably most of us have been through this or will go through it at some point, is college right for me? Am I ready for college? When I get there, what is going to be expected of me, what am I going to do, and will I be happy doing it? Though I've come to the conclusion that college is the right choice for me right now, I know sometimes it isn't right for everyone, and that it might be beneficial to take a gap year, or to go to trade school instead.

    At the end of the day, you have to do whats best for YOU. Not your parents, friends, sibling, families, teachers, co-workers, etc. What you want in life, what makes you happy, and who you are and who you want to become are the only things you should be truly concerned about. So in other words, f*ck everyone else and just do you, is what I've learned in the past month.

    Sorry that was a bit of a rant.
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  14. Honestly a really serious life question I (and my husband) have asked is... Do we really want kids?

    Society says when you get married, you have babies. I have co-workers ask almost on a weekly basis when I'm gonna have a baby. But to be honest, I've never had the desire to have a child. (Well there was that year after my mom passed but that was four years ago.) In fact, I really don't care much for children, and I can't stand babies. I'm sorry but I can't. Maybe I've worked in the restaurant business too long but when I hear a baby cry, it's like nails on a chalk board. It irritates me. Along with this, I am... well selfish. I like my time and I like wife & husband time. I love spending time with my husband. He is literally my soul mate. My best friend and the one person I confide in. He is everything to me and I like just spending time with him. I like just taking off when ever we like and just having the two of us.

    A child will change everything about our relationship. Too often I have seen a child bring such tension, jealousy and stress that it can rip partners apart. I am absolutely terrified of loosing my husband to the stress of a child. I think if the child tore a rift between us I would resent them. And a good mother would never resent her child. Also the way things are right now with my husband and our life is just awesome. We play video games, go to movies, the beach, where ever and when ever we want. All of that goes right out the window with a child. I am afraid I will also resent the child for taking away my freedom.

    All of this I have talked to my husband about and recently he confided that he didn't have a desire to have children either. That he loved the way things are now and that he doesn't really want them to change. Maybe in the future I'll grow some maternal instincts but right now, I don't want kids. :/

    Hubby and I are happy with our feline babies... Even if they do attack our feet as we try to sleep. D:<
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  15. Most of the heavy questions I've pondered throughout my life are all tied to my insecurities, I've noticed. There was a time I would flip from wondering why everyone I tried to pursue a romantic relationship with would always turn out to have an incompatible orientation, to whether I was mentally stable enough for a relationship anyway (which led to me pushing the few who tried to get close away). I don't know if I'd do that a second time: even if I ended up making some mistakes in my high school years, it would have helped me learn the solution to a number of issues I faced long before they even became a problem.

    Hell, it might have pushed me off the deep end years before I did realize my family was bad for me. They always pushed me to bring home a romantic partner, and would interrogate me over my sexuality when I didn't. I've had to ask myself why they wanted to make all of my decisions for me, why it's so important to them that a magical man in the sky exists and we should all pray to him but only on major holidays, why I should go to uni when something about the financial aspect made me really uneasy (I later learned that the student loan system is a major racket), and later, at the end of it all...

    "Why does society keep pushing people to have more than one kid? The world's in a population crisis, and it'd be better for people as a whole to adopt instead, so what the hell?"

    "If the world is in a population crisis, why are they trying so hard to outlaw abortion?" It's 'cuz the gunnint hates da wimminz, foo'

    "Why do so many women swear by the bible, a religious text that says they should be subservient to men always, especially their husbands? Why do they let it rule their lives?"

    I grew up in a religious family, even if they were informal about it, so my mind often wandered back to that subject that would often be shoved down my throat, often with a second helping of "You're good at math, so you need to become an engineer!" It's kind of depressing thinking about the things that occupied my mind back then, but often an important reminder that I don't need to be getting close to the family again, even if they are being awfully chummy these days. There's a reason I fled halfway across the country.

    But now, there are only a few difficult questions left, and like the other ones that have bothered me, I'm beginning to suspect that the answers are very simple.

    "Should I be glad I'm not fertile? I really dislike babies, sister notwithstanding because she's really cool for a kid, but I also have a weakness for the ones who have nowhere else to go, likely because I've been there. But if I end up with somebody of a gender different from my own, people are going to ask about it all the time. Also, oh crap, I did end up with somebody fitting that description. Can I stick with it? What if one of us gets tired of the other? Why is it that people who don't have to worry about this sort of thing insist on getting back together with people known to cheat on them? It's not like they don't have options, and being alone isn't all that bad anyway, so what's the deal? Is the fear of dying alone that bad? Because everyone dies alone, unless they were in a huge traffic collision, or a shooting or something."

    "Why do movies portray abusive relationships? Why do people like these kinds of movies? I mean, good grace, people thought that one movie about Mr. Sparkle was romantic? Never mind that vampires aren't supposed to do that: those things are gross anyway, not to mention that they're rapists with mind control, regardless of how you pretty the language up. How does a dead body even do that, once rigormortis has gone through?"

    "What is love, other than an emotion people use to manipulate one another? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more~"

    So... yeah, less serious these days. That's probably a good thing: at least I'm not dwelling on whether life is worth living anymore. That poop gets depressing after a while.
  16. Not trying to be controversial in a very insightful thread, but I often wonder why people are so hypocritical:

    Why is it that the bible thumpers and religious fanatics who claim to go to church every day miss the actual meaning of the Bible? These types of people (not saying all of them, but a large majority) are some of the most bigoted, stubborn, closed-minded people I have ever known. The Bible is about love, not punishment!

    Why do parents tell their children to do things a certain way, or tell them not to do something, then turn around and almost in the very same breath break the exact specific rule they were trying to enforce? The "do as I say, not as I do" method of teaching your kids is not effective! Lead by example.

    Related to that, why is that when parents don't know how to keep their kids entertained, they give them an iPad or a smartphone or some other interactive electronic device, then complain that "kids these days" are overly dependent on technology?

    People frustrate me.
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  17. I asked myself a question once.

    My answer was: Because I can.

    As a result, my skill set now includes: insane athletic ability, enough smarts to become a physician without needing to take any breaks between high school/college/med school/residency, enough leadership ability to land the respect of upper-level colleagues as well as administrative positions, Parkour skills, martial arts expertise, an embarrassingly encyclopedic awareness of anime/video games/comics books/other geekery, and enough financial stability that I can provide for my family and still indulge in international travel as a hobby.

    And all before I hit 30.

    Because I was never satisfied with the answer "Because I can't." Screw that noise.
  18. I have to agree with @fatalrendezvous on the religion thing. Ok, I am a Christian, but seriously some of us are so hypocritical. I mean yes, I have been a hypocrite before, but I don't act all high and mighty then act a totally different way outside of church. Once again, I have made mistakes, but I learn from them. No, I do not agree with gay marriage, but you don't see me saying "Gays deserve to go to hell." That makes me really made when other 'Christians' say that. Why must a large percentage of us be like that. It gives us such a bad reputation. So that is my life question. Why must so many religious people be such hypocrites and also bash people?
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  19. What is life?

    That would often be the "jokingly" asked question during the times of cramming in time and productivity in the classrooms of the University I go to-- But then again, I realised that the answer is so complex and nauseating that it might take a while before you can make a proper statement of it. Perhaps it is to make choices, to decide to direct yourself in a road that you either desired or even created for your own needs. You take the risk, you don't, you live your life, you run, you wish to be better, you wish to just stay as is, it all gets you in circles until you find a standpoint of revelation.

    The "Eureka!" moment that'll mould your thoughts into your own. Your capability to comprehend, to use logic, deductive reasoning, to feel the emotions, to learn more as to what it means not only to be human but the carnal want of identifying your being as an individual that can be part of a whole but still different from the rest. You change yourself from head to toe, you retain the little qualities that can be labelled as YOU and then one day you might wake up with the wrinkles of age, grey hair or find yourself dying at such an early time.

    One question that has either altered your life, changed it, or inspired you to think of it;

    Well I have no other answer as to: What is Life?

    Even now we ask this, and even now we get more answers that lead up to endless possibilities as to how you can go about it still.
  20. "What can I do today that is awesome?"

    Then I find something to do that is awesome and do it.

    And it was awesome.

    Thus, I stay healthy, active, young, and generally happy.

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