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  1. Do you wish to sail the seas for the rest of your life. Spending your days surviving and searching for gold righter than the sun? Then look no further. Captain Nat is looking for a strong crew to help pillage the waters of the Caribbean! Oh, and you didn't hear that from me.

    - This is an open ended plot, so be ready to add whatever you may need to it.
    - GRAMMAR!
    - Common sense. There's no point in having three navigators on one ship.

    Character form:

    Age: (16+)
    Bio: (Not necessary)
    Preferred weapon:
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  2. Name: Natalie Evans
    Nickname:Nat, Captain
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Bio: Will RP
    Preferred weapon: A long sword and two daggers.
    Job: Captain.


    Name: James Fredericks
    Nickname: James
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Bio: Will RP
    Preferred weapon: A Scythe. At the end of a scythe is a sheathed dagger which he uses in emergencies. He is also skilled with a bow and arrow.
    Job: Navigator.

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  3. Name: Finn Grey
    Nickname: Boy, Clumsy fool
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Bio: Will rp.
    Preferred weapon: He's not very skilled with anything so he usually uses whatever he's holding (usually a broom/mop) to fight.
    Job: Cabin Boy
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  4. Oh yay! Accepted!
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  5. Okay so this is my first time filling out a forum. So lets see if I can figure this out...

    Name: Jackson Mitchell
    Nickname: Jack
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Bio: will rp out
    Preferred weapon: throwing knives
    Job: look out (I think thats what they are called)
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  6. That's fine, you're accepted. I'll start the roleplay once I get a free minute.
  7. Name: Circe Weatherly
    Nickname: Sea Witch
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Bio: Will Rp it out
    Preferred weapon(s): a flint lock pistol, a scabbard, and twin daggers hidden within her boots
    Job: First Mate
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  8. A ship run by women. Awesome. Accepted.
  9. I thought Circe would be perfect for this
  10. I think she will be.

    Do you guys want to start?
  11. Name: Jeppetto

    Nickname: No Nickname, his name is Jeppetto

    Age: Physically 24 (But as you will see within the picture, it seems kind of unknown as his apperance shrouds most of it.)

    Gender: Male

    Bio: Will be learnt through the RP

    Preferred weapon: His large greatsword.

    Job: Quarter Master(Shared with his brother to enact out the punishments of crimes, that is all the credit he has in that job) and Sailing Master.

    The mask has never came off..

    Name: Bruce

    Nickname: Shank

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Bio: Will be learnt through the RP.

    Preferred weapon: A hatchet, or an axe of any sort.

    Job: Quarter Master

    As seen within the second photo, the left half of his face has ben sealed shut for strange reasons, as the other shows signs of infection, burning, and scars.
  12. Yes! Thank you. I couldn't remember what that was called.
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  13. Name: Levi Ackerman
    Nickname: Levi
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Bio: Having grown bored of living underground as a thug Levi decided to set sail and see the outside world.
    Weapon: Sword (though he is usual healing others)
    Job: Doctor

    Name: Foxy Fox
    Nickname: Foxy
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Bio: Will RP
    Weapon: Hook hand and knife
    Job: Cook
    Looks: [​IMG]
  14. @Jack Lillie Of course, my friend! ^^ Btw to the RP owner, if there are mistakes made within my own characters please let me know! I've been craving a Pirate/Sailor RP since forever, and I don't want to blow this!
  15. Name:Mitsuki Jones

    Nickname:Suki and Mit

    Age (16+): 16


    Bio: (Not necessary): will rp.

    Preferred weapon:scythe,axe,twin daggers



    Name:Ryuu Jones

    Nickname:R and Jon

    Age (16+): 20


    Bio: (Not necessary):will rp

    Preferred weapon:knifes,guns


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  16. All accepted, except, not the fox. This is a normal pirate roleplay. There isn't any powers or anything in it.
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