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  1. Joe Took his shotgun and binoculars and set off to get some food before night comes. He walked into the convieniant store and started to fill a bag with whatever was left on the shelves of food. He then heard a noise come from the counter. He looked to see a zombie! "Shit, if I shoot him it will atract others. Maybe I could avoid him?! No, zombies just keep following humans until they get them. What do I do dammit?!" At that moment Joe didn't hesitate and he shot the zombies head off. suddenly zombies started to gather around the convieniant store! "Fuck this, I'm out!" Joe got to the top of the building and blocked the door. He took out his binoculars and started to look around. "I'm not gonna die here!" "Not today, not ever!" "If only there was someone to save me..........."
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  2. Xavier had been looting a house next to a convince store for a few minutes trying to find something worth while. He had managed to find a decent amount of a good and a few water bottles. In total he had found three cans of soup, a box of crackers, a box of cereal and three water bottles which was a lot out here.

    He then heard a shot and saw the zombies start to flock in the surrounding area. Luckily this place had an upstairs. He managed to get to an attic and luckily there was a hole in the roof already which he climbed out. Once outside he looked at the house next door and saw that it was close enough that he could jump.

    Just before he did though he looked around wondering who had shot the gun and saw a guy a little older than him on top of the conscience store. He kinda looked familiar but Xavier was probably just a coincidence. "Hey over here!" He shouted to the male.

    He then noticed that the other man would never make it across and looked in the attic and found a large board that had fallen from the roof. He then room the board and tipped it onto the convince store so the other guy could walk across. It was his brain not his brawn that had kept him alive for so long and for the other guy he suspected it was the opposite.
  3. "How do you know it's gonna hold?!" "Doesn't matter does it, as long as I make it?" Joe started to walk on the board very slowly afraid it would brake. He got near enough to jump into the building with the young man, so Joe jumped in the hole and stood up and looked into the eyes of the young man. "Thanks, wait do I know you?"
  4. "I was thinking the same thing but we can worry about that later once we're far away from these fuckers," Xavier said grabbing the other male's arm and dragging him to the other side of the house. "Keeping jumping until we run out of houses," he said and then start jumping from house to house.

    The other male kept up pretty well as he was more athletic than Xavier. Once they were at the end of the row of houses he saw a warehouse a few hundred feet away from them. "We need to get there that place it boarded up and will be safe from these zombies," Xavier said before jumping down from the house onto the ground. It wasn't that tall of a house so the drop wasn't too bad, he then started running for the warehouse.

    (If you're not cool with the swearing I can stop, although are you okay with nudity and crude humor and stuff?)
  5. (Sure what evs, I don't really care, you can do what evs)

    "So, my name is Joe, Joe Vricker, so what's your name?" "And thanks again man, I would've been zombie lunch" "So now what? I have a base with lots of weapons and gear, if only we could get it, shit" "Should we just wait for the horde out until it passes?"
  6. "Wait....Joe Vricker?" Xavier said when the male finished. Now he knew why this guy looked familiar, he had bullied Xavier in highschool. Joe had been a real ass to him giving him wedgies daily with a swirly weekly, and one he had taken his clothes in the locker room and shoved him in the hallway. Needless to say this was the last person Xavier wanted to see out here.

    He knew that Joe could still kick hiss ass bus he didn't care. When the male was off guard he kneed him in the dick as hard as he could saying, "it's my Xavier McIntosh you ass hole."
  7. "Hmm? Wait, what's that look your giving me?!" "Don't tell me, your trying to plan to steal from me?!" "Damn, I knew I couldn't trust anyone!" Then Joe pointed his shotgun and The young man and told him to get on the ground. ( OBVIOUSLY Joe is an idiot)
  8. Doing as he was told he said, "okay one did that hurt at all? I know I'm not that strong but that should have at least hurt a little, you wearing your baseball cup or something? Two you really don't remember me? You used to give me wedgies daily, a swirly every Friday and once you shoved me into the hallway naked!" He said pissed off that he had bothered to save this ass hole.
  9. "ohh, that Xavier, MAN BOOK WORM WHATS UP BUDDY?!" "We where like best friends mannnnn, I know I bullied you, but that's the past and right now we have worse problems."
  10. Standing up Xavier was so confused, "Joe are you high?" Joe wasn't making much sense and he still had no idea how Joe had not been hurt when he had kneed him in the dick. He really didn't think he needed Joe to survive as he was the one who had saved Joe. Looking outside he thought about leaving but saw there were zombies all over. It looked like he was going to be stuck here with Joe for at least a few days until the zombies cleared.
  11. Joe laughed. "When you kicked me in the dick you actually kicked a pack of ammo" "hahahahah" "Err, we need to lay low for awhile" "And I'm sorry for bullying you in school, I was haveing issues."
  12. "Fine I'll stick around until the zombies clear out which should take a couple days. Actions speak louder than words so you'll have to prove that you mean it," Xavier said coldly walking back to Joe "Hopefully you aren't wearing your cup," he said and kneeing him in the dick making sure it was it this time.

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  14. "FUCK" "That hurt man!" Joe got up and walked around the warehouse for awhile looking if there was any supplies. "Xavier! Come over here! We got something!" "It looks like a secrete stash or something! There is a box that has a padlock on it!" "It might have something good!"
  15. Xavier walked over to where Joe was but didn't say anything. He couldn't understand how stupid this man was, did he honestly think that after all he did to Xavier he was just going to forgive him, maybe after a few more kicks to the dick. Joe acted like they were friends, but Xavier knew that as soon as Joe didn't need him anymore he would probably feed him to the zombies.
  16. We should break the lock to see what's inside! "Do you have any thing like a crowbar?"
  17. "No a crowbar wasn't the first thing on my list to grab when this mess started, maybe you should just head butt is, your skull is think enough," Xavier said looking around at the building they were in.
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  18. "Shut up!" Furiously, Joe picked up the box and threw it with all his might at the wall. It. Made a loud "Thump" noise and it opened. Joe walked over to the box and found it had amazing things inside, there was a pistol and an ammo container. But then Zombies started to try to break through the boards. "Dammit!" "The noise atracted the Zombies!" "We better get out of here man!"
  19. Xavier glanced at Joe...he had half a mind to leave the male and let him become zombie food. There was no way he could do that though. Grabbing the supplies and Joe Xavier made there was up a flight of stairs at the top were a few heavy toolboxes. "Help me roll these down the stairs it'll stop the zombies from coming up here!" He shouted as he tried to push the toolboxes. Even though they were on wheels Xavier still wasn't strong enough to push the toolbox down.
  20. Joe started to push the toolboxes with Xavier. The went down the stairs blocking an way up."How long do you think that will hold?" "The zombies will be sure to progress"
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