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  1. Jasmine sat in the kitchen watching the sun go down behind the trees. She were sinken in to deep thoughts, thoughts about her parents. They had been dead for a week and the funeral had been just a day ago. A deep sight escaped her lips, she had barely gone out of her appartment since she had gotten to know about her parents death.

    She remembered the day that it had happened, they were going to have some family time together as fast as they got home. They would start with fishing, everyone in their family liked fishing especialy when they did it together. Then after that they would eat a nice family dinner, hopefully it would be the fishes they had catched during that day, if they didn’t catch anything then they would just buy something on their way home. But they wouldn’t get that far, because when her parents were on their way home there were a traffic accident.

    They died immediately when they colided with the other car, the man that drove the other car had been drunk. He survived, but her parents didn’t. She waited for hours on her parents and tried to call them many times, but no one picked up the phone and no one walked in threw the door. Had they forgotten about their promise and were out together instead? She kept waiting, thinking that maybe there had been a trafic jam. But after hours of waiting she got the call, first she thought it was a prank call, then she got shocked and didn’t understand what was happening. It was first when she had gone to identify the bodies that she realised what was going on, as she saw her dead parents she broke down crying. Jasmine didn’t remember how she got home again after that, they probably called someone to take her home or maybe she were able to tell them were she lived so they could take her home.

    She had been on the funeral but not for long. While the others stayed and talked with eachother Jasmine decided to go home after they had done the ceremony. She didn’t shed even one tear during the funeral, it was as if she were to shocked to feel anything. Even the day after when she sat there at the kitchen table she were still like that, she didn’t feel a thing.

    Suddenly a knock on the door woke her up from the thoughts, she rose and started to walk to the door without being in any hurry. She didn’t care if the person at the door had left when she had arrived at it, it would be easier if the world would just leave her alone for a while. She opened the door and saw a unfamiliar person standing there. “Yes?” She said with a dry voice that hadn’t been used for almost a week, she hadn’t spoken that much since her parents died, not because there had been anyone to talk to, she had unplugged the phone and apparently people hadn’t bothered to walk to her home to see how she were feeling.

    Jasmine (open)
    Jasmine (open)
  2. Alex was a wealthy man, he owned a mansion of his own and he had a string of companies all over that raked in the cash. ever since he was born he had everything he could possibly want, He was spoiled rotten. The only thing he seemed to be missing, was a wife. It was fairly easy for Alex to get a woman if he really wanted, but for the most part he didn’t bother. He didn’t see a point in trying after a couple approached him and his own parents with the idea of an arranged marriage. He wasn’t sure why, but his parents were quick to jump on the idea. At first he could admit that it irritated him. The thought of marrying a woman he didn’t know a thing about. However after some time the idea grew on him, after all it too out all the effort out of dating and trying to impress someone.

    On this day, luck was not on Alex’s side though. Today was the planned day that he was supposed to go meet his bride to be. Today was the day he helped her move her things into his mansion to sweep her off her feet. Alex was no prince charming however, even if he had the looks of one. Most of the time Alex was blunt and to the point. He came off spoiled at times and even selfish, though that wasn’t the real him.

    Stepping out of his limo, a butler was quick to rush out of the car and hold an umbrella over his head to protect him from the poring rain. Alex’s white dress shirt and dark slacks fit him nicely, a casual look for someone with money. His skin was pale and he had deep blue , somewhat narrow eyes. Short raven colored hair framed his narrow face perfectly, his bangs were the perfect length giving him a slight rugged look to his obvious formal attire. Alex, who was in his early twenties, made his way to the correct apartment door after glancing at a piece of paper he had scribbled it down on. Hard knuckles knocked against the door to get this girls attention.

    Blue eyes studied the beauty before him. His poker face never changed in the slightest even though he was intrigued by her mere beauty. Alex was a few inches taller from this girl, and he liked that. The girl in front of him had a nice body with stunning features. Yet, her clear state of mind was enough to keep the mood of their meeting in the dumps.

    “You are Jasmine, correct?” Alex asked, shifting his weight onto one leg while the hand the clutched the paper slipped it back into his pants pocket.
  3. The man before her had raven colored hair, very pale skin and deep blue eyes. He looked so out of place standing at a rusty, shabby apartment building. Jasmine got very surprised when he knew her name, why would someone like him know who she were? She had never met him as far as she could remember, on the other hand if they had met before then he wouldn't have to ask. Maybe he knew her parents.

    "Yes, that's me." She confirmed a bit uneasy. In a movie this was the perfect time for the yakuza to come to the child of the deceased parents and ask her for the money the parent had borrowed from them. But it wasn't a movie so there was no way such a thing would happen. Maybe he were a friend to her parents and of some reason just wanted to come there, but he looked so young, why would he have known her parents? He couldn't be much older than her. She made a few guesses and thought he had to be around twentytwo or twentythree. Of course she wouldn't know if she didn't ask, but it wasn't like she would get to know him so she didn't really need to ask. He probably just were there to say something and then they wouldn't meet each other ever again.

    "And you are?" She asked him. Jasmine had thought that the first person that would visit her would be her cousin or one of her friends but instead it was a complete stranger. It was a bit of a disappointment but it was also a relief. They would only have been worried and would want her to talk about it, make sure so she were alright until she suffocated. She knew they meant well but it could be rather bothersome.
  4. “I’m Alex. I’m sorry to hear about your parents, but in a way I am here because of them. I’m the man they set up the arranged marriage with. Do you have your things packed?” he asked. Surly he had expected her to know all about it. What kind of parents wouldn’t tell these things to their child? Either way, he studied her face after he spoke, watching every reaction she would offer at his words. The butler at his side remained silent, it wasn’t his place to speak though it was clear he did pity the girl. What a terrible situation, having just lost her parents and then being forced into a marriage with a complete stranger. Alex knew very well that her parents probably only wanted them to marry so Jasmine had a bit of money. That really didn’t bother Alex simply because he didn’t care. A wife was a wife, money was never a real issue for him.

    “If your things aren’t packed yet, I suppose we could help as long as it won’t take long” Alex continued. “Or better yet, just grab the things you want to keep and leave the rest behind. I can by you new clothes.” he offered, though by the look of this place he had already been planning on buying her a lot of new things. If she was going to be his wife she would have to look upper class to say the least.
  5. Arranged marriage? Jasmine didn't know if she should laugh or scream at the bad joke. Which heartless person would joke about such things right after someones parent passed away? Her parents would have told her if they had planned to marry her away, no, they would never marry her to a complete stranger.

    "Stop joking around." She said irritated "My parents would never marry me away to a stranger. This kind of sick joke is disgusting." It was weird that he had such expensive clothes, who would get those to take a joke so far? And if he were rich why would he want to do such a tasteless joke? He couldn't be serious with what he was saying. Her parents had always told her to choose her own way in life, why would they all of a sudden marry her away? They wouldn't. There was no way they would do such a thing. Even if they was worried about her they would certainly talk with her about it first before doing something like that.
  6. Alex seemed almost irritated yet he simply held out his hand to the butler. Luckily, they had brought the papers her parents signed incase something like this were to happen. Alex didn’t thin it would but now he was happy to say he took the safe rout rather than the sorry one. The butler had no hesitation yet he took his time digging into the inner packet of his jacket. Carefully taking out the papers he delicately unfolded them. “Trust me, I don’t have that kind of humor. I wouldn’t waste my time coming here for such a bad ‘joke’” Alex explained as his butler displayed the paperwork. A gloved finger pointed to the signatures as he held it in her line of vision.

    “I am sorry to trouble you with such news, but surly your parents discussed something of the sort with you? They could not have left you completely in the dark?” the butler spoke sympathetically to the girl. It was clear he felt bad for her, if he could convince Alex to even come back another day he knew that he would. But for now, he would have to do things the way Alex wanted, or how he had to since this was the planned day after all.
  7. Jasmine had a hard time breathing as one of the men took forth a paper. She could barely believe her eyes as she saw the signature, even if it was faked what would anyone have to gain in tricking her into a marriage? But how could her parents do something like that without telling her? "They didn't say anything to me about this." She said shocked. They had only discussed how little money they had and that it was so hard for them to get enough money to buy food. Also her family had a dept, a pretty small one but it was impossible to pay it off before they had gotten money to take care of themselves first. But even if they barely had any money and some months were harder than others they still were happy with the little they had. As long as they could survive then it shouldn't matter if they had money or not. Why suddenly want to marry her away? So that she would get it better when they were gone? Because they thought she wouldn't make it on her own?

    "Even if they did such a stupid thing like this it's still my life and I don't feel like getting married to someone I don't know." If her parents had been alive then she could have talked with them and convinced them to change their mind. Now she had to change the mind of a stranger instead. "How can you even accept such a thing, wouldn't it be better if you just married someone you actually wanted to marry?"
  8. “the contract is already signed. don’t make this difficult please” Alex seemed to sigh at the girls words. Really, all he wanted to do was pick the girl up and tae her home where he could relax. Did she really have to complicate things? Still though, his butler was right. He really should be more understanding of this girls situation and everything. “Look” Alex began again “I don’t mind this arranged marriage at all. it’s a simple formality to me really. If you com live with me you’ll be set for life. I have plenty of money and a nice home. You are free to do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t directly interfere with my work. Can it really be all that bad?” he said, his head slightly cocked to one side by the time he finished speaking.

    The butler sighed, almost silently as he folded the papers once again and tucked them back into his jacket. “I now times are hard, but surly you must understand that his is for the best. You will be happy I assure you” the butler tried to say words of assurance though he didn’t feel he was really doing too good of a job. No words could fully assure this girl of anything.
  9. The problem wasn't that it was bad to marry a rich person, or maybe that was the problem. People that would hear about a poor person marrying a rich person would immediately think of her as a gold digger. It was also the problem that if she would ever fall in love then she wouldn't even be able to marry that person if the man she had already married didn't agree to a divorce. But that would probably not be reason enough for him, he probably didn't even believe in something like love. If he did then he wouldn't agree to a arranged marriage.

    The butler assured her she would be happy, she almost wanted to laugh. "Happiness doesn't come from money, if it did then my parents must have been miserable and I assure you they were not. The best would be if you two left and didn't come back." She told them as she pulled herself together, she tried to sound polite and now made sure so her posture were somewhat good.

    Jasmine knew very well that without her parents that payed for their home and her food she would soon be thrown out on the street, she wouldn't be able to pay her school either so she wouldn't be able to finish her studies. She had to find a job fast or else she would have a hard time for a very long time forward. If she didn't marry the man before her that is. Only for a second the thought crossed her mind, but she refused to consider it. How could she marry someone she didn't know? No money in the word was worth that.