Life is Strange

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  1. Hey guys, just a quick search thread, looking for either males or females that are willing to play a male character in a m/f scenario, although I might also be willing to do f/f for this to be honest.

    So I was wondering if anybody would be interested in a rp based on the video game Life is Strange. I'm fine with either a game-inspired original idea or the actual storyline, I just really adored the game and would love to explore it a little bit more. Anyways, if latter I'd highly prefer my partner to play either Mr. Jefferson, Nathan or Frank (although a misc character, Warren or Justin could work as well), while I can play either one of the main protagonists like Max/Chloe or a side characters such as Rachel, Victoria, Kate etc. Or just a misc student alltogether, maybe even a disciple of Mr. Jefferson that shares his tendencies. That said though, if given the choice I'd probably enjoy a Mr. Jefferson/Max pairing most. But again, f/f works for me as well, in which case I'd prefer either a Max/Chloe or Max/Victoria pairing.

    For reference, here are a couple notes of how I'd picture a few of those characters:

    - Mr. Jefferson: I'd imagine him to be somewhat more of a grey character rather than purely evil like in the game. He cares about the students and doesn't actually want to hurt hem, but at the same time he's obsessed with perfect art and corruption of innocence. Hence he's more manipulative, trying to coerce his students into his photo sessions and make them willingly submit to him.

    - Nathan: Rick, aloof and cocky yet most of his hard shell is little more than a safety measure to hide his insecure core. He lacks self-esteem and being from an neglective home with very high expectations, he constantly tries to impress his dad and scares fellow students into submission to make himself feel more important. But essentially he just wants nothing more than a true family and friends.

    - Frank: Used to be a pretty promising Blackwell student but due to an abusive family/father, he started getting into drugs, spiraling further and further down until he was dispelled. Cutting all ties with his family he lives in his van with his dog, surviving by selling drugs to the students, wanting to stay close to the school and his happy memories, despite his loneliness. Has pretty much given up hope at life and wants nothing more than to live in the present and dwell in his highs for as long as possible.

    - David: Traumatized war veteran. Has trouble settling down with normal life and turns into control freak, also is suspicious of Mr. Jefferson. Truly cares about the students, but is unable to show empathy, perceiving it as a weakness, thus appears quite harsh and rough around the edges.

    Just a reminder though, those character descriptions are little more than suggestions, feel free to tweak them. *nod*

    Anyways, so where I'd like to go with the plot, well, that's up for discussion of course, but I'd like to mention that I'm particularly intrigued by the time traveling aspect, as well as the whole dark room theme, along with all the unhealthy obsessions and twisted perspective on art surrounding it, especially if we could add some grungy or psychedelic elements to it. I'm fine with both non-con or consensual, as well as a either a romance or morbid abduction scene. So fairly open to anything, even though I have a couple ideas I'd adore which I can share if anybody is interested.

    I don't really have many rules either. Pretty much no limits in terms of content and all I ask is mutual input, basic understanding of the english grammar and about 3 or 4 paragraphs (more are always welcome) per post. Also, I prefer to rp over pms.

    I think that should pretty much cover everything. And of course, don't hesitate to approach with me questions or suggestions.

    Would love to hear from you guys. ^.^
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