Life Is Strange 1x1 Search (Detailed)

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[fieldbox="Introduction, deepskyblue, solid"]Hello everyone. I've created an account on this fantastic website in order to look for people who are interested in a Life Is Strange roleplay. If you've never seen or played the game, I wholeheartedly recommend researching the game online. Beware of spoilers however! Below you'll see some funky boxes created from my inexperience with BBcode. It'll explain a lot about what I'm looking for.[/fieldbox]​
[fieldbox="Requirements, deepskyblue, solid"]Before we discuss pairings and plot settings, I'd like to introduce a few requirements I wish my partners to meet. Although they look unfriendly, they're useful for finding detailed partners who have similar standards. ^^

I ask that my partner is literate and is capable of using proper grammar and punctuation. However, I understand the occasional typo is bound to happen at one point or another.

The bare minimum amount of posts I'd like for us to have per week is three. However, I'm very flexible on this point and understand that sometimes IRL can complicate schedules for extended periods of time.

If you're uninterested in our roleplay, I ask that you please inform me asap. Do not ever feel guilty or obligated to roleplay with me when you're not having fun. I'd hate to roleplay with an uninterested partner. Expect the same courtesy from me.

The length of our posts should be minimum two paragraphs long. My average length is 2-5 paragraphs, but I can certainly go higher depending on the situation of the roleplay. Quantity doesn't always mean quality remember.
(If you've read the requirements and can read this, tell me your favorite color of all time for bonus points!)

[fieldbox="Preferences, deepskyblue, solid"]Below you'll find some roleplay preferences. While these aren't requirements, they are... Well, preferences. If you can meet these, it'll make the roleplay a thousand times more enjoyable for me. But if you can't, we can always discuss it in a PM. Come now, don't be shy!

I'm comfortable with all gender identities and sexual preferences. However, for this roleplay I'd like to stick to an FxF pairing. But don't worry, we can always include an MxM or MxF pairing if you want to double.

Romance is never mandatory and should never be the focus of the plot. However, I'd love to have romance included in this particular roleplay.

When it comes to plots, you can expect me to be 100% adaptable to most settings. I'd prefer to have a partner that can brainstorm ideas with me and move the plot along.

Communication is key for long lasting roleplays. Whether it's discussing the possible death of an important character or discussing theories about the game itself, any communication is something that truly helps the both of us in the long run.

Lastly, I'd like it if we stuck to canon characters. At least for the earlier portions of the roleplay. Just to familiarize ourselves with the setting. We can always introduce OCs later. (If this is a deal breaker, we can discuss it further in pms or you may post below.)[/fieldbox]
[fieldbox="Pairings, deepskyblue, solid"]These are some of the pairings I'd be interested in doing. Anything with a * next to it is something I'm craving. Also, any character that's bolded is the one I'd prefer to play. If there are any other pairings that are not listed here, don't be afraid to ask in the comments or a pm.

Max x Chloe **
Max x Kate
Max x Warren
Max x Victoria
Chloe x Rachel *

Chloe x Victoria
Victoria x Nathan

Thank you again for reading through my search thread. Have a good day!
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