Life in a Pack.

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  1. [​IMG]

    | name|
    Andrew Cole Bryant
    (or Andy)

    | age |

    | gender |

    | sexuality |
    (Demi)Panromantic Bi-Curious

    | role |

    | other |
    • Happens to be the youngest Alpha in history.
    • Is a nudist/suffers from Compulsive Flashing Disorder (CFD)

    It was a beautiful Saturday morning as Andrew silently made his way through the home that he happened to share with the rest of his pack. Because he was up at such early hours, the brunet didn't have to worry about wearing clothes, striding around in his birthday suit. He was as bare as the day he was born. It was a relaxing feeling, being able to walk without the restriction of clothes. It made the young adult smile blissfully as he entered the kitchen, heading straight for the fridge. Opening it up, he scanned the shelves to see what ingredients they had. Seems like we have everything to make breakfast with, he thought as he began to take out eggs, bacon, and sausage. He took out the pancake mix from the pantry and set to work, wanting to make a big breakfast for once. As he moved around the kitchen, he turned on the radio and hummed, becoming lost in his own little world.

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  2. She had just got back out of her wolf form with a sigh as she bit her lip walking back into the house. It was dead silent until she heard the small pick up of music from the kitchen. She hadn't wanted to find out exactly who was in there since she wasn't yet aquatinted with people in the house. Her parents had just moved it with the pack they had been seperated from so when they found the Alpha and recongized who he was they instantly reconnected and he had offered all of them a place in the home. Taking small steps to the kitchen she gasped loudly once she had seen what she had seen. It was the exact alpha that she was thinking about, in the nude. "G-geez put some clothes on" she squealed and covered her eyes as she felt her cheeks burn a night cherry red.
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    Andrew hadn't stopped his ministrations or went to go put clothes on when he sensed another presence in the house. He had assumed that it was someone from the pack. I mean, who else would be waltzing inside in the house? Under said impression, he knew that his pack was used to his unusual, naked ways. It was something that everyone had to get used to really. The brunet didn't mean any harm or anything by it, so they all let it go. When he heard a high-pitched voice squealing at him to out clothes on, he frowned and turned to face whoever it was, eyes growing wide when he realized. It was one of his newer pack members, which meant that it was someone who wasn't used to his nudity.

    Shit, he thought as he raced to out on some form of clothing. "Make sure the food doesn't burn!" He called to the girl as he took the steps two at a time. Bursting into his room, he tugged on a pair of sweatpants that hung low on his hips before heading back downstairs. He hoped that she wasn't expecting him to be fully dressed, because he wasn't. Returning to the kitchen, the Alpha continued to cook as he said, "Sorry you had to witness that. Thought you were another pack member." He shot her a sheepish, apologetic grin.​
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  4. Aly rolled over in her bed. She wasn't quite ready to get out of bed yet. The scent of food wafted up the stairs and msde it's way into her nostrils. A fee minutes later, a scream jolted her up out of bed. Her bare feet kit the floor with a light thud. She dashed down the stairs, not before tripping over her clothes laying on the floor from yesterday, in sweatshorts and a cami, her mousy brown hair looking like a rat's nest.
  5. He hadn't come back fully dressed but she could put up with a chest instead of everything just out their in the open. Looking at his grin she shrugged and gave him a small smile of her own. "It's okay just warn somebody...but please tell me that I didnt agree to live in a nudist house cause seeing others naked makes me feel awkward" she said and looked over to see what he was cooking her own stomach growling since the last meal she had was two days ago. She hadn't been starving herself but she always are snacks here and there. Plus her eating habits were weird so she never really are bigger meals like she should have.

    But her attention turned as she heard a scream from upstairs and almost ran to see exactly what had happened. It apparently wasn't anything because whoever the scream belonged to was standing right there. And of course that was her cue to get the hell out because she couldn't handle to many people in one room, especially when she had barely known a soul in the house. "I'm sorry about ruining your nude festivities...I better get going" she gave him a quick look and another small smile before she went in the refrigerator grabbing an apple juice and a bowl of grapes. Instead of walking upstairs she made her way back outside the back door so that she could just sit there a while before she went up to get some form of sleep.
  6. Aly ran her fingers through her hair as she stood in the doorway to the kitchen. "Ow, damn." She had caught a snag and was now trying to untangle it. She glanced up at Andrew, who was surprisingly wearing pants. She smirked, figuring why the other girl had shrieked. "Aww, did the new girl make the you put pants on?" She joked. She came further into the kitchen. "Make a grocery list and I'll take the new girl shopping later and let you relax."
  7. Emma shouted from her room, her head under her pillow, "can you guys stop being so damn loud!" She was always the one to stay up the latest and sleep in the longesrt. Ugh I give up! Growling to herself she stood and shuffled from her room on the first floor. Seeing everyone in the kitchen she smiled at Aly, they were great friends.

    "Well well well, look what the cat dragging in?! I haven't seen you since yesterday" she said jokingly as she finger brushed her blonde hair.
  8. "Well, if it makes you feel better, I'm the only nudist in the house. And I'm not really nude all the time," Andrew said as he flipped the pancake he was cooking before checking on the eggs. He began to grab some plates so he could set all of the food out. It was almost ready. He glanced over his shoulder at Aly, who looked like she just rolled out of bed, before focusing on the new girl. Watching her go, the brunet returned the small smile he received. She didn't seem to be half bad.

    At Aly's teasing, Andrew rolled his eyes. "Morning to you, too, Aly," he said as she came further into the kitchen. He began to slide the done pancakes on a plate, doing the same with the eggs and the meat. At her suggestion, the Alpha furrowed his eyebrows in thought. "Do we need anything? I'm not sure if we need anything...," he said, trailing off. He was making a few more pancakes when another pack member of his came downstairs. It was Emma, who usually didn't come down 'til later on. "Someone's up early this morning," he teased glancing at the blonde.​
  9. The sunlight glimmered and danced on the raindrops that lay on the pavement, the rain had started to dry. Karl was planning on going for a run in the forest when the storm came last night. That made him angry, he liked his plans to be carried out.

    Karl leaned his forearm on the ground for support as he lifted his head, rays of sunlight bounced off the mirror to his side and pierced his vision, he shut his eyes with a groan. Karl moved his head, blocking out the rays. His head was numb and there was a buzzing in his ears. His gaze flicked across his bedroom, clothes were strewn across the floor and empty beer cans littered his bed. He wiped a trail of drool from his chin. Not again.

  10. Glancing at Andrew and narrowing her eyes Emma smiled devilishly.

    "Why Andrew! Whatever could you mean by that?" She slid on the tile floor in her pink socks to stand beside him. She always found him quite agreeable and wished for nothing more than for them to be together but seeing as he was the Alpha, she kept her deep feelings for him a secret and they were just friends. Rubbing her shoulder against his she smiled and sniffed the bacon, reaching around his side trying to get a piece but he smacked her hand away.

    "What?! Oh come on I'm starving Andrew!" She growled deep in her throat and slumped away to a chair at the table, arms crossed.
  11. Aly beamed and waved at Emma as the blonde entered the kitchen. "Morning Emma." She greeted her friend. "Can you believe Andrew is actually wearing pants this morning?" It seemed Aly was going to go on about it all day, but it was all in good fun. Anyone who had known Andrew growing up knew her rarely, if ever, wore clothes. She laughed as she wached Emma slide up to the Alpha as she bit into a slice of toast and sat on the counter. Emma's attraction to Andrew was no secret to Aly. She really hoped her bestie the best.
    (I was going to ask what our ranks are.)
  12. "I mean that you usually don't crawl out of bed until later on," Andrew stated bluntly as the blonde slid to his side, standing by him. He felt her shoulder brush against his own and smiled at the contact. That was before Emma tried to steal a piece of bacon. Smacking her hand away, he gave her a stern look. One that a parent would give their child, maybe. "Well, lucky for you, I just finished cooking breakfast. So you can make your plate," he said as he put the last pancakes on the plate with the others, turning off the stove and pushing the pans to the back burners. As he began to fix his plate, Andrew stared at All as she mentioned his sweatpants once more. "You're never going to let it go, are you? It's not like I'm naked all the time! I wear clothes...," he trailed off, pouting slightly.​
  13. Aly laughed as she slid off the counter and crossed the room to get a plate. "It's just rare to see you weating any type of clothing." She said, stacking pancakes onto her plate and topping it with eggs and bacon with a drizzle of syrup. "And she is an Omega. You let an Omega tell you to put clothes on." Aly had always stuck to the ranking system. She had worked her way up to Delta and was pretty content there. She accepted any challenge to her position, not that she got challenged much. Everyone knew how fierce the brunette could be when she became the russet wolf.
  14. Smiling Emma unfolded her arms and laid her head in her hands, elbows resting on the table. She watched Andrew as he interacted with the others in the pack and she silently wondered how he felt about them all. Obviously he cared deeply for everyone because he was the Alpha and that was his job but on a personal level, she knew very little about his relationships with everyone. Her own relationship with his was little to none existent, being the very bottom of the rank chain Emma sat as a nobody.

    Throwing the thoughts aside Emma stretched and scratched behind her ear. "Hey does anyone else have erm fleas? Or is it just me!?" Biting her lip she scratched hard and closed one eye, they were going to eat her alive at the breakfast table. Dammit now I won't get any bacon because I'll die of itch before it gets done!
  15. It always got lonely, not because she was the lowest form of wolf there was but because she didn't feel the need to make friends. People always looked down on her anyway so what would make this house any different. Her parents always stood at the alpha's side with being betas and all and she couldn't even kiss the ground they walked on, or more like never had. The whole ranking system made no sense to her but it as always in tact so she abided by the rules even though she found them idiotic and stupid.

    Kaylie started chewing on her lower lip as she popped a grape in her mouth and took a sip of the juice she had gotten. Her stack growled slightly as she smelt the food that was just finished but she breathed out and pushed the urges away as she stood up from the seat that she had taken and wiped off her jeans heading back into the house. Placing her bowl of grapes back into the fridge and placed her cup in there as well since she could focus long enough to finish either of them. Looking around at everyone that was in the room her eyes ended up staying longer on the brunette alpha as she started to walk back upstair keeping to herself quietly.

    Finally reaching the room that had walls covered in quotes by famous people she looked up to, most of them being by Edgar Allan Poe. Kaylie sighed as she fell back in her monochromatic bed staring up at the ceiling that was covered in her little doodles that she could stretch up long enough to draw. Being lonely wasn't such a horrible thing, but being lonely all the time was never as fun as it seemed.
  16. "Even if she wasn't an Omega, I'd still put clothes on. She was freaked out and I felt bad," Andrew stated as he made a plate, putting a little bit of everything on it. He stopped suddenly when he heard Emma's question about flees. Scrunching up his face, the brunet shook his head. "I don't have any," he responded before glancing at Aly, wondering if the Delta had any. He had a sneaking suspicion that Emma was the only one suffering from fleas.

    The Alpha's focus was broken when said Omega from earlier returned to the house once more. He silently watched her maneuver around the kitchen. He frowned slightly when she went upstairs without getting any of the breakfast that he made. His Alpha—and somewhat motherly, or fatherly—instincts kicked in immediately. "Hey, I'll be back," he informed the others before also disappearing upstairs, plate in hand. With his heightened senses, Andrew was able to follow the new girl's scent straight to her room. He rapped his knuckles on the door gently before waiting.​
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  17. Her thoughts were completely interrupted as she heard a soft rapture on her door. Standing up from her bed with a sigh she walked to the door and opened it to see the brunette with a plate of food in his hand. Smiling softly she looked him over and pushed some of her hair behind her ear. "I'm sorry can I help you?" Kaylie figured that he was here to give her the food and her stomach growled softly. It wasn't that she was starving herself she just knew once she started it se would only eat about two bites.

    "You didn't have to bring that..." She said softly a little bit surprised by his kindness.
  18. Aly swallowed a mouthful of food. "Fleas?" She repeated. "Are you kidding me? You honestly have fleas?" She took her 'are-you-kidding-me' stance, hand on her hip and a slight glare. "You are sooo getting a flea bath. Or do you need a flea collar?" She asked jokingly. "What were you rolling in that you got fleas?"
  19. Karl grabbed a T shirt from the ground and threw it over his head, the wooden floorboards creaked under his weight as he opened his door to the hallway. The smell of Pancakes wafted in the air and he could hear his pack mates idle chitchat coming from the kitchen downstairs.

    Darn, Karl rarely woke up this late. Breakfast was his favorite meal of the day and he didn't like to miss it. He dragged himself to the bathroom and examined his face in the grimy mirror. He ran his hands through his curly brown hair and frowned, maybe it was time for a hair cut. Karl actually cared about his appearance. He took the time to comb his hair back and brush his teeth, today might have started off rocky but it felt like the beginnings of a good day.

    He plodded downstairs and into the kitchen, Karl glanced at the girls sitting in the kitchen.

    "Who's' got fleas," he wrinkled his nose in disgust and scanned the room for leftovers.
    "-and I hope you left some breakfast for me."
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