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  1. A high class school in Newyork city, filled with preps, jocks, nerds, and the outcasted emo kids. With bullies, strict teachers and the bitter sweet riswe and fall of highschool sweet hearts. Will you find love? Graduate? Or be bullied? Come make friends in this wonderful slice of life, romance, comedy, drama filled rp!!

    Pleased respect others, do not act like you control other peoples characters. Please at least post a paragraph. No occ fighting. Any ic fighting must be agreed by boh parties. Mature players who can handle son violence and abusive situations. No public sex rp, must take to private, but having your chars find love/kiss/hug/hold hands is encouraged. Please have fun.
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  2. {Lysa walked in silence, ear buds blocking out the sound of the world around her while the song, hearts burst into fire by BFMV played in he ears. She just turned 17, and her only two friends at school bought her a hunter green i-pod. Already filled with her favorite songs, just one more year and she would be a senior in highschool. She would be able to move away from her sorry excuse of a home, she would be free. Her white converse would be covered in doodles, from her and her friends. They too had doodled on converse to interlock the three of them as best friends.

    They didn't know the real pain she felt inside, but it never showed when she was with them because she was actually happy. She didn't have to worry About her dead beat father that left them, or her whore of an abusive mother and her dick husband she just recently married. But when she had to go home, she had to deal with two off them. She never knew er father, he apparently ran out before she was born. And once she was born, her life just seemed shitter then most of the other kids at school. Though what did she know? She was just one of the weird kids, but that don't bother her. Of course it was because of he way we dressed, tight skinny jeans in black, wrapped around her lithe frame. What look like slashes went up each pant leg, a black and white stripped corset wrapped around her torso, and purple zip up hoodie with cat ears finished off her look.

    Its obvious her style of choice is Emo, not because off the whole stupid stereotypical cutting crap you always hear. Anyone could cut themselves, or be depressed and stressed. She loved it for the style And music, what it was really meant for. Her hair is long and straight half jet black the other a bright neon blue green color. She has dark chocolate brown eyes, And snake bite piercings bit into her lower lip with silver hoops. An old ratty messenger bag hangs loosely on her right hip, while her left and flipped through the songs on red i-pod. It wouldn't be long till she stopped to stand in front of her home, an old run down looking place. The lights are on, and the curtain to her living room wide open. She could see her mother and her step-monster screaming at each other, flinging their hands this way and that. She could almost hear the muffled argument through her ear buds.

    A long sigh would leave her! She didn't want to go inside...and she wouldn't. Fuck that shit, she was going to the park. She shoved her ear bud back into place then took off, luckily it wasn't far. She would find a swing open, and plop down setting her bag near her feet. Once she chose the song Bruised and Scared by mayday parade, she would put the i'-pod in her pocket then slowly start swinging back and forth. The swing taking her higher and higher, she would close er eyes and let herself get lost in the music.}

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