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  1. Life Hack (n): [Līf hak]
    1) a simple means of improving daily life. 2) any simple trick to make chores or work easier.

    A life hack only has a few basic requirements

    1) it has to be achievable using skills that can be learned quickly, or that most people would already have

    2) it has to be achievable using either nothing, or things commonly found around the house

    3) it has to be useful in daily life

    My personal favourites are

    • Soften hard cookies by nuking them for 10 seconds
    • Buy only identical socks and never match pairs again
    • Revive dried felt tips by dabbing a little vinegar on them
    • Make ice cubes out of juice or soda instead of water so they don't dilute your drinks
    • Rub a walnut on wood that has discoloured to a lighter shade
    • Keep asparagus in a cup with some cold water to keep it crisp longer
    • Cook frozen corn with a pinch of sugar instead of salt to get the fresh sweetness back
    • When you unpack your summer/winter clothes, put all the hangers in backward. When you put laundry away, put the hanger back normally. After a few months anything still backward is something you can donate or sell.
    • Use a safety pin to keep the fly up on runaway zippers
    • If you're out of surface cleaner or window cleaner, you can substitute a mix of 2/3 vinegar 1/3 water
    • Put a dry towel in with heavy laundry to get it dry the first time
    • After pulling a weed, dry it on a non-dirt/gravel surface so it doesn't regrow
    • Ask the bartender what he/she's drinking first so you don't bring them one they hate
    • Keep a dish of baking soda in the fridge to reduce odour and excess humidity
  2. washing every glass bottle bought and reusing it for cold teas
    and shoelaces make good belts

    and these looked so awesome I just had to share them






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  3. And I'm not even a guy

    and this

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  4. You've probably been opening bananas from the wrong end. Hold them by the stem and pinch the end with no stem. It will split in half neatly down the middle, and then you have a handle to hold it with.

    On a related note, do you hate orange juice/have an allergy? Chances are it's the oil, not the pulp, you're sensitive to. Try juicing citrus by hand- the oil is found almost exclusively in the peel, and it will taste much better if you don't squeeze the peel into the juice.

    Tired of untangling jewelry? Buy a corkboard and some push-pins (especially ones with hooks). Put the corkboard up on your wall and dangle the jewelry. Never untangle a necklace again, and be able to see every piece you own so matching is easy.

    A surprising number of lampshades are dishwasher-safe, especially if they're not cloth.

    A lot of thrift stores, especially those run by church charities, are staffed primarily by old people. They often have no idea what to do with cords, cables, and other miscellaneous electronics pieces and accessories. If you need something, look there- ask if they have any others in back if what you want isn't on display. Both of the locally-run thrift stores in my area have dozens and dozens of keyboards, chargers, and similar items just laying around because no one knows how to price them.

    Sweeten the water before you brew your tea. Trust me on this one, it makes things much better.

    Want to listen to music before bed, but don't want it playing all night? iPhone alarms have a "stop playing" option that lets you shut off the music a little after you usually fall asleep.

    If your pasta comes out sticky and you don't like it, salt the shit out of the water you boil it in. This doesn't actually make it boil appreciably faster/hotter, but because the water is less hypotonic, it won't be absorbed as well into the pasta and it will come out with a more solid exterior texture.

    Clogged sinuses? Hot peppers make your nose run, and are one of the few things you can still taste even with a bad cold or flu.

    Most confidence is faked. You don't have to be confident to act confident.

    Owning up to mistakes and fixing them without bitching impresses more people than lying and avoiding problems.

    Ask questions about people if you want to be thought of as friendly and a good conversationalist. The one topic almost everyone loves discussing is themselves.
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  5. When cooking spaghetti, take one of the noodles and throw it at the wall. If it sticks to the wall, it's done.
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