life goes on and so does her mind

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  1. london sat her usual spot in the library . how could one person compat with 8 hours of work , 8 hours of school , and 2 hours of sleep , it was hard but just like her brain washing teacher would always tell them that the need to to retain as much information as possible , allow youself to be strssed , allow youself to be over worked , it teaches u to be gratefull of like . then again that teacher was arrested a few years ago for possesion, and even thought she called the teacher simple mindded she was her self , allowing the information to twist around her mind and turn her in the rest of the slaves of america .

    she had her nose in a book taking swift note as the context went along, she read and read , then went back and reread and reread, untill she could read anthing eles , she closed the book and looked around at the old people , the only people who ever came here" to bad no one new came here " she whispered proping her chin on her hand looking at a older lady reach for a book on the very top self
  2. As I approached the corner of the aisle of books, I noticed an old woman trying to reach for a book. I said "Excuse me Miss..." I then reached for the book she was reaching for with no a vile. "Here you go little lady, and keep the exercising to minimum two shelf height." We both chuckled and went our separate ways. I sat down at the table in the middle of the aisle and placed my attention between the written knowledge I have come to enjoy.
  3. London kept her eyes on the older woman , she just looked; not doing anything, as she began to move her body a man came close to the older woman the person reached up and grabbed the book the lady had been reaching for , handing it to her. "how sweet " London thought to her self , eying the guy as he sat down at a table. she looked over at him " he doesn't look so nice " she spat out another thought in her head .

    she reached in her bag and pulled out a binder , looking through the pages filled with notes . she glanced over at the guy reading , "hmm" she thought " new people do came here "
  4. Sitting here enjoying my book, I realized I had a tracked a small audience. I really didn't know what else to say and the I thought what would Holmes do in a situation like this. So I continue to look at my pages and say "It's not polite to stare, would you like to come and join me?"
  5. had he really spoke to her " she wasn't staring" was she maybe she was, she looked over at the guy he didn't seem to be a threat, she thought about his offer to come and him . she thought about if for a moment , then she shrugged .

    she reached around for her book bag and pocket book , standing up and heaving the book from the table , she walked over to the seat in front of him and sat her book down make a little thud on the table , the proceeded to sit and and open the book on top , propping her head onto her hand, " i don't stare " she said with a smile
  6. Still not looking up from his book he gestures for her to come over. She starts to pack her belongings and make her way over to the table;

    that the mystery man was sitting at. Shoulder-length-hairstyle1.jpeg As she walked closer she could see his distinguishing features. His hair was

    cut short into a shoulder length hairstyle, which meant it fell right passed his shoulders, not the bottom of the neck. His hair was the color of

    bronzed wheat with crimson strikes in the front. His skin was an olive color but creamy in the fluorescent lighting. His jaw line strong but

    welcoming as if it was begging for a kiss or to just be caressed. Brown deep pools for his eyes, look up at you and say... "You were staring

    and may I ask why you were staring; I come here a lot? I always see you sitting in the same spot, with your wheels turning of your days

    events. I think it's kinda cute, you have this look as if you have to process everything just to enjoy it."
    As he continued he noticed the girth of

    the book she had plopped on to the table. He taps on it and say... "So what is expanding the wrinkles in you brain?"
  7. London noticed a lot about the guy , he was some what mysterious , not at all strange like she pictured he would be . as soon as she had sat down he asked her many question ,obviously out of curiosity .

    but there was no way he came here a lot, he never saw him , then again she only had time to read and leave. when he finally did look up at her she was a bit shocked he was attractive in many ways.

    " okay maybe i was staring " she said i bit intimidated as he long southern accent came out " iv never seen you here before? , but that's not unusual "

    she eyed him still looking at him in low amazement " inn going to school for the nursing position they are offering , so i come here and teach myself after class' she spoke to inform him , she giggled " i do not enjoy it " London flipped through the pages of the book and stop on the page she had been reading earlier ( rashes ) . she scanned her eyes over the words, then looking back up to him " why do u come here ?"
  8. As he looked at her while she spoke, he could not help but be elated by her thirst for knowledge. She started to flip through her nursing

    book, as he peeked over his pages, he noticed that it was stopped on "Rashes". She then looked up at me and asked me why I come here;

    with a smirk on my face I replied... "I like the quiet but know I am enjoying the scenery." I then placed my eyes back to the leather bond

    book, that had no title on the binder but a symbol.
  9. London gave him a sweet smile at him comment, but other things were nagging at her attention , than the guy sitting in front of her. he wasn't looking at her any longer , now they book sitting in front of him , he was looking at the strangest looking book . London cocked her right eye brow up , looking over at the book, and then up at the guy, " i wonder what his name is " she thought for a short moment

    " why no title " she let her curiosity get to her. she was staring at the symbol , the only words that came to her mind ," how strange".

    London looked up at him eyes full of cuiosity
  10. Before returning his attention back to his book, he notice the pleasing smile to his comment on her face. He continued to scan through the

    pages and trying not to seem to distant but the pages had entrapped him. Concentrating on the symbols, letters and numbers that had

    brought him back to these halls of knowledge. "I must figure out why this was left to me by my Uncle"... he exclaimed to himself. Andy had

    never been much of an adventurer but his Uncle had travel all over gaining knowledge that had been lost or just forgotten. London asked

    the question that was on his mind as well. "I have no clue; this book was left to me by Uncle Frank. But it seems that this symbol is the

    starting point for the various, if you can call it (Structure), of what was inscribed upon these pages."
    He replied. "By the way my name is

    Andy, Andy Roosevelt"
    ... He says with a gentle breeze like smile on his face. "And you are ?"... He says extending a hand in greeting fashion.
  11. london looked over at him with a gental confused smile , how odd, it was like a movie like he was meant to find something , like a treasure map . london giggled at the thought of andy dressed as a pirate tromping throught sand , she smiled a little wider as the stargner she now knew as andy introduced himself.

    london greetedf him back " im london conrad "
  12. As she stared off to ponder the reason for me having this book in my position, I couldn't help but let my imagination go as to what she was

    thinking. I could see the wheels in her head turning; when she responded with the greeting of her name. She was simply enchanting and

    had the well rounded wit and intelligence I admire in most all people who expand their knowledge through higher institutes of learning. I

    pulled myself away from my book; placing it closed on the table, and my hands fold atop of it.

    With a gentle smile on my face; I ask "So London would you be up for a dinner date? So that you can tell me what you were just thinking; in detail of course."
  13. she smiled with a witty smile upon her face , she stared at him , thinking about his offer, " hmm " she made the noise , look up should it sit at home and study or do something fun for a change and go out .

    looking back at him ," when and where " she asked with silky sweet voice.
  14. As London pondered my question; I simple waited for what type of response I would get. I was thinking of either a restaurant or if I should cook. I was trained by my dearly departed Aunt Rose in the culinary arts and she was trained at the Cordon Blue in PA. So needless to say I was very skilled in the kitchen. As I continued to think I hear the sweetest answer coming from London; "When and where?" she says. I could so get use to hearing the soft silky sounds of her voice vibrate my eardrums. I reply by saying... "Okay, pick a number between one and ten. You are choosing rather to have me cook for you or we eat in an established restaurant. The choice is yours...."
  15. London smiled at him game, " from one to ten " she said thinking out loud " hmmm, 5" she spoke as it saying a number rather than the fact of 5 was her favorite number .

    " so u cook " she said again starting conversation , ' not many guys are able to do so?" she said laughing as in teasing him
  16. As she thought of her number I could just see the wheels turning in her head as to what number she would chose. I had made it up in my mind that if she chose even I would take her to Le Meir my favorite restaurant; if she chose an odd number I would cook for her.

    She spoke and chose the number "5" and I replied to her question... "My Aunt Rose showed me "The Way Of Culinary Arts" as she would have said. I have been keeping with the practice even more so since her passing. It makes me feel close to her in some way." After I my response to the joshing of male cooks; I said... "Well it looks like am cooking for you. I will prepare my favorite Italian dish of shrimp and tomato basil fettuccine. I will need to do some shopping but let's meet back here about seven thirty and we can walk back to my place. That is if you don't mind coming home with me?"
  17. London reached for her bags, she slipped her books inside" and she began to speak " that nice of her , my grandmother ran education down my throat, and yours thought you the art of cooking " she smiled " guess a nice meal would be better than take out , that is " she stopped mid sentence to look up at him " that is if i can trust you" she eye stared at him wonder if he was trust worthy , knowing he would say yes even if it wasn't so .
  18. He admire her bluntness in all its fashions. He was engaged in the words that parted her lips as if it was being spoken by an angel. He continued to listen and maintain eye contact of the petals that were her lips. When she asked if he was trustworthy, "I am not as trustworthy as most but all I have is my word that no harm will come to you by my hand nor while you are in my presents this evening. If that is not good enough for you then I am not worthy of you company and I would need to try harder."
  19. London rolled her eyes and smiled sometimes she could catch , the matureness in his voice the way he spoke was one of an older man . " okay " she said with a smooth voice, she stood from her seat , fixing her shirt , where it had rod up her stomach some , her fitted skinny jeans where still as tight as ever. she now looked down at him waiting , to see his reaction, most people laughed at the way she stood, she was always fixing her cloths and hair when she stood, and sometime she paid for it.

    she heaved her book bag on to her back and then with a smile she looked at him ,, how odd it was, to hope some one he age came here and all this time he had been hiding as she was. her thoughts began to think back to the book and a weird look came upon her face, what was suck a big secret about the book , could things like that really happen , like in movies and fairy tales, do people really leave things to there younger kin to find stuff. maybe it was just a lie ,then again what if it wasn't .

    London jumped at the should of a book drop and reality came back to her, "uh-oh , im doing it again " she said with a return of blushed cheeks.
  20. As London stood to head out with me to the local shop; I noticed that the wheels in her head were churning. She seems to always be

    processing something or the other. I wonder what it could be now? I close my book and follow suit with getting my stuff together to leave;

    when a shot rang out masked by a book dropping. I duck to avoid being struck; as the bullet hits the book behind making confetti of it. I grab

    London's hand as she replies something, blush before she shift out of it. As I grab her putting her safety most in my mind we fade into the

    crowded city streets. A promise of dinner; is outweighed by the promise I made to protect her. As we maneuvered through the streets I

    could do nothing but focus on her well being. I should have never grab her maybe they would have left her alone. Or they might have killed

    her and me leaving her would have been the worst of many choices I have made. As we get to the warehouse district I slow down and look

    back for anyone following us; there is no one for miles in any direction. I ask London... "Are you hit and are you okay?"